Ouya Retweet Tacitly Endorses Piracy On Android Console

GR: "Ouya launches today and to celebrate, the console's official Twitter account retweeted this message from a customer using the open source Android console to play emulated versions of classic Nintendo games."

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dbjj120881946d ago

I say Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony let users download Ouya games in retaliation.

Wedge191946d ago

I like how the only people that care about the Ouya are the ones who wasted mo- errrrr I mean the ones who backed it...

Wedge191946d ago

"Endorses Piracy" - I thought this meant they were getting Assassin's Creed 4... lawl

Foxgod1946d ago

Emulation is not piracy.
Playing roms without owning them is piracy.

barb_wire1946d ago

Emulation is piracy, just depends on the company if they allow you to use their ROMS without fear of legal action.

A good example is Amstrad (owner of the Sinclair Spectrum brand) they fully endorse the release/use of the Spectrum ROM kernal for use with emulators.. now games are a different matter but many old software houses have released many full version games into the public domain.

One of my fav programmers from the day, Jeff Minter has pretty much released all of his old 8 bit games - you can download them from his website.

But honestly, who really cares.. don't think anyone is gonna bust down your door cause you happen to be playing some old speccy/c64/genesis/snes/nes games.. just enjoy the memories.

Play On..

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The story is too old to be commented.