Should GTA V Fans Worry After Saints Row 4 Ban In Australia?

Techtorial: There are some concerns over the release of Grand Theft Auto V in Australia after the country's classification board didn't allowed Saints Row 4 to pass.

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DarkBlood1972d ago

So the 18+ rating i heard they finally have is pretty much pointless?

Cam9771972d ago

Also, I think that with a title as big as GRAND THEFT AUTO: V it would've been announced by now that it had been banned. I wouldn't think it's going to be banned.

Nafon1972d ago

rating boards probably haven't gotten copies of the game to test yet

Ulti921971d ago

Oops sorry! My mistake, I thought Australia finally had an R18+ rating. So I guess they couldn't have just rated it that. My bad. OH WAIT!

TheSuperior 1971d ago

Good question. Personally the reason why Saints Row was banned as for its own stupidity but GTA should be more real meaning more violent making a ban possible. idk its a thought to think.