The Art of Tease: Why publishers should stop telling us everything about their games

IncGamers' Tim McDonald maligns the games industry's habit of spoiling games before they're even in the shops.

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WorldGamer1971d ago

This could be said about many things, but the fact of the matter is that the whole information landscape has changed.

Today, we have the internet and the cost of these games, create a situation where people seek this information out. Pandora's box is opened, no going back.

sweetSWAGGER1971d ago

I remember when Kojima was trolling everybody with the early footage of Phantom Pain. People started piecing everything together immediately after the game was showed off. For me it felt like he gave us a puzzle and expected us to solve it. That, or he was planning on surprising us at GDC, which would've been sad.

But good on Kojima for trying to keep a lid on everything. I know everything I'll need to know about this game: beautiful graphics, open-world strategic freedom, fluid gameplay, and new MGO (online multiplayer). It sucks that devs/publishers need to spoon-feed us absolutely everything just to ensure we buy the game, but that is the age we live in. Internet + desperation = spoiled game

And anyone who doesn't think Kojima will use Hayter in some capacity either doesn't know the Kojima, or is on something.

Donnieboi1971d ago

The only info I want is a release date for MGS 5 and MGO. Less talk, more release date exposin'

Agent_00_Revan1971d ago

$60 is a lot to spend on a game. I like to know if it'll be worth it before I buy it.

Its a little different with sequels, especially like MGS. because you can kind of gauge a series as a whole. But with new IPs, it can be a crap shoot unless you have a lot of info.

I remember eating up Every single article printed leading up to Star Wars: KOTOR. And even before release I had a good idea that it was going to be one of the most amazing games I have ever played, and it was!

But even with all the info I read, nothing of the game was spoiled.