Don Mattrick: The New Adam Orth

Microsoft is getting its fair share of hate, and even their recent policy change is causing a new wave of disapproval. This goes to show that gamers have a voice and apparently a strong one. Don Mattrick unfortunately has a voice too, and one that no one wants to hear. We know that Microsoft is not a dumb company or they wouldn’t have created such an outrage. So maybe it’s not Microsoft as accompany that infuriates the consumers, maybe it is those they choose to speak for them.

We already saw the backlash behind Adam Orth’s idiotic Twitter escapade and how that ended. When you decide to voice your opinion as an employee of a large company, you give the impression that the company you work for shares your opinion. It was only a matter of time before the higher-ups saw the controversial tweets Orth made, and how they immediately were met with negative attitudes. His [Orth] firing was all but inevitable. Then things got really interesting when the Xbox One was fully in the public...

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Godmars2902000d ago

Still, if it weren't for Orth and leak, how much about MS's policies would we know about now? How many people would have to "deal with" and discover them come the XB1's launch?

KillrateOmega2000d ago

Exactly. It ticked off a lot of people, but it also made a lot of people aware. I never thought I'd say this, but thank you for being a douche, Adam.

nix1999d ago

dealwithit was pretty much MS' answer for a month then the preorder sales figure hit them.

papashango1999d ago

Orth is a yes man to the core. He comes off as out of touch with the gaming populace and when he speaks I don't feel like he's talking to me but to shareholders.

It's blatantly obvious how he rose through the ranks.

Why o why1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Not sure mattrick could tell the difference between Double Dragon and doing a Triple Dragon.

Orth inadvertently became an accidental hero. He's fallen on his sword but he set the snowball in motion.

JoySticksFTW1999d ago

Gamers owe A LOT to Adam Orth.

He unwittingly clued us in on what was to come.

MS was going to hit us with a three-minute internet check-in before Orth-gate made them back-peddle to the 24 hr check-in.

But Orth "left" MS over spilling the beans and costing MS control of their message.

I wonder what will become of Mattrick.

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3-4-51999d ago

Guys......stop praising that Orc guy..It's annoying

oof461999d ago

If Microsoft wants to recover in the eyes of the hardcore, reassign Mattrick to Siberia. There, or the mail room.

Dude is damaged goods.

die_fiend1999d ago

Same. Can't imagine he'll be around too much longer. But this article is appallingly written:

'So maybe it’s not Microsoft as accompany that infuriates the consumers'

You really shouldn't be writing articles when your linguistic skills are so appalling

TCompton41999d ago

I made one minor flub which I normally don't do and I'm quite sure it was my Mac's auto-correct that is responsible for that flub.

die_fiend1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Somehow I doubt that. Have you read your article? It's like it's written by a child.

TCompton41998d ago

I have read my article and besides that one spelling error there was nothing wrong with it. You seem to be the only person that has a problem with my writing. I will not fret though since my degree in formal writing trumps any opinion you have.

Elem1871999d ago

Why oh why did Microsoft choose this guy to reveal this console?? He's not a gamer at heart.... Sony hired Cerny to reveal the ps4 (developed/created Marble Madness) and Nintendo, well the entire company in Kyoto are pretty hardcore gamers from the CEO all the way down to the broom closet clerk.

Don Mattrick is completely a suit, nothing more.if he worked in Hollywood, he would be type casted as a slimy lawyer. I would not feel comfortable buying a video game console from a lawyer.

Are people seriously crazy enough to buy the XBone? Microsoft has only changed direction because of the uproar and the pitiful presale orders, it shows what's in their minds regarding the future direction of console gaming. I wouldn't put it past them to reimplement their DRM at a later date after they build up a large install base.

Sony isnt completely out of the woods. I can't believe they are charging for online play. I refuse to purchase a console that puts multiplayer games behind a pay wall. It's the sole reason I never bought a 360, and it would be hypocritical of me to upgrade to the ps4 at this point. Sony lost me as a long time customer. Looks like I'm going PC/Wii U this gen (besides these two systems is the only way to guarantee 60fps gaming, not a single PS4 exclusive ran above 30fps)

oof461999d ago

How did Mattrick rise to power? What happened to J. Allard and the other gamer centric execs at Microsoft who championed the original Xbox and the 360? All I see are suits, suits, suits.

JoySticksFTW1999d ago

Agreed oof.

I said it before. This Xbox division is not headed by the same guys that sought out core gamers. Most have "left" around MS' change in direction (casual / Kinect push) this generation.

die_fiend1999d ago

Have fun playing your Wii U. I'm sure that will satisfy your craving for console gaming.

At least with PS Plus, they give you games as part of the subscription. I think you will see value in your $60 unlike Microsoft who just nickel and dime to play online

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