Call of Duty 4 "Game of the Year" TV Spot

Activision has released a new tv spot showing off their Game of the Year awards. The advertisement has aired on ESPN several times as well as other media channels.

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simplemetry3646d ago

it better be the game of the year... not HALO... hahhahaha

Close_Second3646d ago

Halo 3 Lobby System + COD4 on-line gameplay.

the COD4 lobby system is a real let down and should have been something that was surfaced in the many reviews. You should never join a game where your connection is 1 red bar and you should never be returned to a game you quit. 2 extremely simple things that were addressed last gen but can be the cause of so much frustration.

Crazyglues3646d ago

It should also try to put people with a close rank for you to play, because I have a gold cross and so does all the people I play with online in my friends list, so when we play headquarters people just leave as soon as they see the gold.

-or even worst as soon as we start killing they just start quiting. And we get host left game.

Gamer luv3646d ago

Crazy, sorry i dont believe that.

I am only a level 54 but since ive been around level 25, it doesnt matter who i play, they do not beat me.

infact i cannot remember the time ive been in a room and not got the highest amount of kills, whether on the winning or losing team.
Ranks do not prove how good you are inless your on halo, where you lose rank for losing.

I could win 1 in 10 games, and be the highest level on the game, because the rank does not affected by loss.

Were as on a game like halo, if you see someone who is a level 44 for example, you know they will be good. They win 4 times as many games as they lose.

On Call of Duty 4, rank is pretty pointless when matching skill.

kwicksandz3646d ago

+bubbles to you

COD4 ranking system is time played and not player skill. any scrub can lose their way to prestige 6+