PSP… Potential thats ready to explode

Since reading the news that PSP sales have increased 85%, Sev1512 started to do a lot of thinking about the Sony PSP… Here are some things everyone should be thinking about, and may just tip the scales toward you making that purchase of a new shiny PSP.

The PSP was ahead of its time, and is coming into a renaissance.

The PSP has proven to be a different beast than the DS. The DS, like the Wii, is geared mostly to casual gamers, who like the pick up and play quick type games. That is what has made the DS shine. While the PSP has recently started to shine in the wake of very deep, time intensive games more on scale with the PS2 games of the past, while dropping the push for casual games.

This all started with the recent major hits being released such as Monster Hunter 2, FF Tactics, Patapon, GOW, and Crisis Core. There was only few titles as deep and as epic as those games the first 3 years, and all of those hits have been in the last 3-6 months.

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pwnsause3675d ago

it is going to explode, it all comes down to a huge price drop that can equate to the DS's price.

The Killer3674d ago

many people r not ready to spend money on psp because it cost about ps2.
its for sure worth the price and i am keep thinking if i should buy one or not, but the lack of games and high price stopped me, well... the games r coming now, with god of war,final fantasy 7 CC, metal gear solid, killzone, jak and burnout etc, i say there is plenty of game to play on it now, but i want more JRPG's!!
so for me am waiting till a price drop!

Montrealien3674d ago

so i'm starting to understand that half of this site's submissions are of some dude blog with something to say. Is there a way to filter this at all. I'm getting tired of opinions pieces. other titles that would work for this site..

O4G "opinion for gamers"
E4G "editorials for gamers"

I'm not dissing the PsP, i'm loving mine in all the right ways and sure, it still has legs. But these opinion pieces submitted as news pieces is rather boring.

JsonHenry3674d ago

I bought one about the same time it launched... and sold it 6 months later because of no games. Years later... there are some great games. I might have to pick one up again when it gets cheap.

MikeGdaGod3674d ago

i just beat GoW and now i'm starting Crisis Core.

i'm trying to get the PSP games out the way before the big PS3 games come.

Sev3673d ago

Dont click on the story then.
Dont comment on the story then.

You dont like reading opinions yet you come on here and post your opinion about not liking to read opinions.

Just because its a blog doesnt mean it isnt an article. I wrote the article to spark some conversation and even more interest in the PSP.

It some how got to one of the hottest stories this week, which even I cant understand since it is only my OPINION.

But hey since it got so hot, I guess people enjoyed reading my opinion, so that leads me to believe that people (just not you) are interested in hearing OPINIONS.

Funny part is, I really think people just liked the explosion picture and clicked on it.... LOL

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ruibing3675d ago

It never ceases to amaze me how great its graphics looks blown up at 480p on a HDTV.

Sev3675d ago

What price do you think is the sweet spot for the PSP to really take off?
Do you think it has to be $99.99 or will $129 suffice? Just wondering how much everyone thinks the price should be for it to "explode"?

Sev3675d ago

The value would be amazing if it was priced @ $99.99

pwnsause3675d ago

i mean think about it, when the PSP was revealed for the First time, people know it was going to be the strongest handheld in terms of hardware at the time, but it was too expensive especially for the package that sony released with a 32mb memory stick and headphones and strap. the games where lacking at the time as well, compare the PSP games that launch till today, big difference, if the games that came out so far this were were to launch with the PSP in the first place, it would of been in a different situation, possibly competing with the DS, toe to toe, if the console had a massive price drop now, it would of been dominating the handheld market. but its not they now have to be trailing unless they drop the price. its all there, the games are there. the hardware is there, heck even the battery life as well, lol. a price drop at around 130-150 with at least a 4gb memory stick on board (which i think should of been packaged instead of a 2gb/1gb memory stick) then people who were thinking to opt in to a DS will turn heads towards the PSP. i mean just look at all the high points of the PSP, especially the one thing that going to help it sell even more in the Future, the ability to rip your BD movies legaly to the PSP via the PS3. thats win win, not to mention a lot of console to handheld interaction.

Amanosenpai3675d ago

Following some basic market rules and considering that sony already recovered the psp initial budget, $$130 can be possible guess.

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HarryEtTubMan3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

DUDE I JUST GOT A PSP TODAY!!! The silver Daxter PSP!!!

I'm gonna buy a couple more games.... I just dunno which to get... I can get about 3.

Should I get GTA(which one)... Silent Hill or Syphon Filter??? If you help thanks!!

O yea..... Xbox 360 is a FLOP and will be DESTOYED Holidat season 2008..... by the Playstation 3. HAHAHHAHAHAH Dumb BOTS.

Edit: isn't Gow: CoO too short though?? Thanks alot

Sev3675d ago

My recommendations for PSP games would be God of War: Chains of Olympus, FF Tactics: War of the Lions, and Patapon. However Syphon Filter is also a great game. Download the demo online...

pwnsause3675d ago

GOW:COO is short, but its worth your every penny, due to the quality of the game, the story, and gameplay, if you Played prior GOW games, the first thing you're going to say when you play GOW:COO is "WTF, am i playing a PS2 game or a handheld???" thats how suprising it is, I have never seen a handheld get so close to the level of fidelity of graphics that a home console offers. oh yea, get crisis core too, if your a fan of FFVII, you should get this.

Pain3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Welcome to the PSP club ^^

and have fun with your PS3 too~

Set Eye-toy (camera) up and put PS3 to Remote play then Log on with psp from internet or lan the go to Message's press talk with self and see what your Eye-toy see's ^^ mine see's my Bunny's :P

spectyre3674d ago

recommended by everyone here. Here are some more to consider. Metal Gear:PO,Hot Shots: Open Tee, Killzone:Liberation, Jeanne D'Arc.


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ChrisGTR13675d ago

alright this has nothing to do with this but i would love a ps3 slim. imagine a ps3 the size of a ps2 slim :0

pwnsause3675d ago

well its bound to happen, but its not gonna happen anytime soon. possibly 2-3 years from now when the hardware gets smaller and cheaper to produce.

Sev3675d ago

Well Sony has done a great job with reducing the size of the cell, and Blu-Ray drives. So I believe that a "slim" PS3 is possible now, but Sony is just now really starting to pick up steam with the PS3. Releasing a "slim" model too soon would just alienate the existing PS3 owners.
Plus releasing "slim" models has always come around a time, when sales start to slow, using the new slimmer look, to re-ignite sales. This was the case with both the PS2, and the PSP.

The PS3 hasnt reached that point yet.

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