Xbox One’s $700M Data Center Should Help Combat The PS4's Onslaught

In the wake of Microsoft backtracking on some of the draconian online requirements for the Xbox One, the company has been hard at work preparing the world for its next console.

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allformats1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Oh Lord, people talking about what they don't know.. The cloud MS is taking about are just servers... Nothing more than servers. Servers. Servers. We've had them for years! Servers! Battlefield has them! Killzone has them! All MP games have them! Servers! Nothing more! Don't get fooled by MS's PR talk. They're lying and using it as a way to combat PS4's superiority.

2pacalypsenow1969d ago

dont forget Youtube, netflix, hulu are all cloud based programs

xHeavYx1969d ago

I'd rather not depend on a cloud for my gaming experiences.

BitbyDeath1969d ago

[email protected] is a better example as that ran complex algorithms, not sure how it'll improve gaming though.

FlameHawk1969d ago

[email protected] is used to solve diseases and similar things like that, it has nothing to do with gaming.

shoddy1969d ago

Still it's same idea use a server computer to help with the work load.

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TheHybrid1969d ago

I was under the impression that most MP console games do not have dedicated servers, but instead, have player hosted servers. Am I wrong?

RenegadeRocks1969d ago

We have had Dedicated servers fow Warhawk, Kilzzone 2, Even Metal Gear Online and All Battlefields too on the ocnsoles. Its just and only the COD which doesn't have dedicated servers and MS seems to be playing on that. Dedicated servers are nothing new for consoles. All PR Bulshit to mislead people.

Reverent1969d ago

I don't disagree with you, but there are a ton of console games that use dedicated servers.

Belking1969d ago

What superiority? You guys are only saying that because it's MS cloud servers. If it was sony it would be the greatest thing in the world. Sony only has a cloud streaming service which won't even be ready at launch. Even when they get it up it will only be for US only initially. MS cloud computing servers are just superior.

tarbis1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

If those 300k servers can improve my internet bandwidth then I'll buy an Xbone. Else, it's just 300k servers of trash.

shoddy1969d ago

MS said it themselves.
Xbox360 have 30 thousands and xbox one have 300 thousands"server".

Well it's easy to trick people that don't know how things work.

You say hard drive not needed for next generation gaming and people will believe you.

Reverent1969d ago

The thing is, Sony DOES have that cloud technology. It's called Gaikai. Do you see anyone spazzing out about it as if it's "the greatest thing in the world"? No, because we all know that cloud based gaming, while being a great idea for the future, just isn't reasonable this day and age.

Jdoki1969d ago



There's a lot of unanswered questions.

For example.. Lets say the cloud does make some sort of improvement... in AI processing for example, which could be potentially offloaded using current cloud processing techniques.

What happens if I'm playing co-op and I have awesome internet bandwidth, but my co-op buddy has a much slower connection?

How would that impact AI on the enemies we are both seeing simultaneously? How would that impact all these things that people are claiming the cloud will improve?

Cloud is a fine idea - but I think it'll be toward the end of this console life cycle that we'll see the advantages (if any) of it. Certainly not on Day 1 in anything but PR BS, or gimmicky marketing bullet points.

Muigi1969d ago

Fanboy much? If that's what an extra hundred bucks and $60 a year gets me;I'll pass.

nukeitall1969d ago


gakai cloud and cloud computing is very different. The former is very specific and narrow, and requires for the most part specialized hardware.

It is likely costly, and the resource isn't easily found, but rather has to be invested by Sony.

It is strictly used to render video game feed and stream it over the internet.

Cloud computing on the other hand is the act of offloading computations. This is best done with computing tasks that takes a lot of processing power, but isn't "too" time sensitive. It requires instead an infrastructure to do the computation and a language of sorts to tell it what to do.

In short, the power of this for MS is it is creating a way to specify this computation along with the servers needed.

You may ask, why can't Sony do this? They can, at a huge cost. Their best bet is to partner with someone like Amazon or Rackspace, but their cost will still be much higher than MS. For MS it just an addition to their existing investment into data warehouses. In addition, MS uses CLR which is commonly used on Windows platform.

That is why you will see either almost nil or very limited support for cloud computing from Sony. Sony would rather have the developers carry the cost and do the work as is their history.

That is why I firmly believe Gakai will most certainly be a monthly cost. Keeping those servers and streaming video is costly and very bandwidth intensive.

Cloud computing on the other hand tends to have very little bandwidth need, but be latency sensitive.

I invite you to read more about it here:


First of all, you design these games to be fault tolerant and offline mode i.e. the game reverts to reduced experience when there is no access to cloud, but once you connect it upgrades the experience by offloading computation and focusing more power on rendering similar to how some games have dynamic resolution switching.

It is just common sense, nothing rocket science about it.

Jdoki1969d ago


My question is about how the system works online with two or more people playing together with differing network speed/quality. There can only be so much fault tolerance.

If MS picks a number, like 2Mbit as the baseline requirement for cloud features to work it limits what can be done.

If it picks a number such as 10Mbit, then few devs are going to bother taking advantage of it because few people (at the moment) can experience those speeds.

And if they actually say the baseline is offline mode, then why bother at all implementing cloud processing.

Unless you can guarantee comparative performance in online games then cloud is not a feature worth implementing right now.

Also, what about lag in MP games. There's only one pipe from each users console. And that capacity will have to be shared between enabling the MP and transferring cloud data.

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AngelicIceDiamond1969d ago

"Xbox One’s $700M Data Center Should Help Combat The PS4's Onslaught."

Riight its gonna take allot, ALLOT more than MS throwing money at something.

SpinalRemains1381968d ago


Heaven forbid they give their users a AAA exclusive that isn't a fps.

That's all they have to do. Just have their studios create new ips that really push the envelope, and broaden their base ( Christ I just sounded like Sarah Palin).

Doing that will most definitely give the machine more appeal. Right now it's known as the shooter box and ppl are getting sick of shooters.

Mounce1968d ago

Just tell people that it's comparable to Sega and Blast Processing, see the similarities?

Cloud Processing / Blast Processing < Glass Processing.

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WorldGamer1969d ago

Interesting article. I think the key phrase here is "price sensitive consumers". At the end of the day, $100 difference is $100 difference. The economy is getting no better and as Christmas approaches, the prospect of saving $100 is going to appeal to many parents and gamers on budget alike.

The amorphous nature of this "Cloud" concept that MS is trying to sell is a bit risky and I doubt it will make a difference to many as the benefits of such a network seem to be highly hypothetical at this point. Concrete examples of the benefits of the "cloud" have not been demonstrated to a degree to really say that you should spend the $100 dollar premium on an X1, plus $60 for live.

MS has positioned themselves in a very tight position even before this new generation has started. Not to mention the DRM issue that has dominated the conversation for the past 2 weeks.

Will be interesting to see what approach MS ultimately takes prior to the release of their new system. PS4 seems to be riding high on MS' wave of despair.

kewlkat0071969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I sorta said the same a couple of years back when PS3 came out, but it didn't hurt it in the long run with sales.

This is not a sprint.

The manufacturing process will shrink. Smaller, and slight redesigns will come out cheaper.

I bet MS throws in some subsidized SKU for which you can pay monthly with an XBL commitment, sorta like cell phones. At the end of the day both companies want your money, now or later.

When you look at what you get with the XB1, your getting the full package on what they system can offer. With the PS4, you would have to add other accessories to complete the package which will cost more. You have to buy PS eye, Move thingy and PSVita to take advantage of all the extras Sony raves about. With less people having these things, devs won't be inclined to support it much. Of course these are optional.

ltachiUchiha1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

You could say the same thing when the ps3 launched. It had bluray, wifi, usb cord to charge your controller, & was free online but despite all its advantages over the 360. The 360 triumphed in the US because of the cheaper arcade sku which had no wifi no hdd & required batteries to use the controller & guess what happened, ppl bought into it only to fork out alot more at the end of the day. Atleast the ps4 comes with everything u need out the box & even if u buy the camera seperate, it is still cheaper then the xbone so the ps4 is a better value.

S2Killinit1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

thats a very biased outlook there. I could say the same thing about xbox. Watch: with PS4 you get the whole package, with xbox you have to buy overpriced Live (even if all you want to do is watch Netflix), you have to buy smart glass, you have to buy a microphone, you have to buy batteries or else the cables to replace AA batteries. Most importantly at least with Playstation I know I get a full generation's gaming instead of only at the beginning of the generation and the eventual drop off of support for core gamers in favor of applications and casual kinect gaming.
PS: you know I find it funny that you're taling about the value in xbox. I guess some people have forgotten who it was that pretty much saved the industry from going down the path Microsoft had planned for us. It was the gamers that decided they wouldn't buy the BS microsoft was catering with the Digital Rights Control. Next time you go to your local Gamestop remember who put value back into the games you bought.

devwan1969d ago

Both companies will streamline manufacturing down the line, it's not goign to be exclusive to ms... but they will always have the Kinect 2.0 millstone keeping their price higher.

"your getting the full package on what they system can offer. With the PS4, you would have to add other accessories" - OK, where's the headset in the xbone box? Nobody "has to buy" what you call "pseye and move thingy". And seriously... you *have* to buy a Vita? If that's the case, surely any potential xboner would *have* to buy a smart glass phone or tablet by your logic? Nonsense.

ThatCanadianGuy5141969d ago

This cloud nonsense cracks me up everytime.Cloud is just a fancy word for server farm.Which hundreds of companies have and have had for years.This is literally doing nothing new and is not even in the same ballpark as what Gaikai is capable of (Gakai has Guisness world record by the way)

ltachiUchiha1969d ago

I dont see why ppl are disagreeing with you. Sony bought gaikai to give ps4 an overhaul from what were getting free now with psn. It will definitely help the experience for online be alot smoother then what we have now with psn. Atleast sony isnt boasting all this bs that the cloud is where real power comes from not the hardware lol. Microsoft needs to get back to reality. You can think of all this cloud hype as kinect hype.

MysticStrummer1969d ago

"I dont see why ppl are disagreeing with you."

Because they're holding onto this cloud fantasy as their last hope for MS having a technical advantage. It doesn't seem to register with them that the connection between the user and those servers is more important than the servers themselves.

MasterCornholio1969d ago

What interests me the most about Gaikai (from your article) is when they talk about input lag which seems to be a lot better than Onlives. I have a 100 MB internet connection but the input lag from Onlive is extremely noticiable and it ruins the experience for me.

dazzrazz1969d ago

... at the end of the day I'm still not interested spending $100 on some garbage camera I hold no interest in, yet it still is required just to have your console in working state... no thank you M$

SilentGuard1969d ago

$100 extra for an accessory I have no interest in using but is required to hook up...not for me either. For that extra $100 MS could have thrown in a headset (wireless should be standard next gen) but unfortunately they are having Kinect replace that too. I wish MS would quit their Kinect fetish; they're so obsessed with it it's consuming them.

1969d ago
ZBlacktt1969d ago

That's two years of PSN Plus which is A LOT of content you get with that.

RandomDude6551969d ago

Maybe it can calculate how to make Xbone cheaper