Gran Turismo 6 demo launches next week

Next Tuesday, 2nd July, at 9.00am BST you will be able to get your hands on the demo for Gran Turismo 6. It promises to be a tantalising glimpse at what we will see when the game takes to the starting grid later this year. The even better news is that the demo is free and doesn’t require ownership of any Gran Turismo product.

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dedicatedtogamers1999d ago

What. WHAT? Next week?!? Freakin' awesome! I'm definitely going to check this out.

Goro1999d ago

Yeah i can't wait to check it out...i wasn't expecting a demo for at least another month or two yet

JackOfAllBlades1998d ago

Too bad I got rid of my PS3 after beating The Last of Us and have my PS4 preordered. But I have my gaming PC to hold me over till then, and Driveclub will be sick on the PS4 as well as GT7.



sengoku1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

oh man sony keeps rolling on the good stuff.
barely have enough time to digest it all.

stage881998d ago

@Rowdius You only played The Last of Us once? I'm on my fourth play through already. It gets better with every run!

Larry L1998d ago

Sounds like non-sense to me. Why would someone get rid of their PS3 when not only are there still HUGE games coming exclusive to the hardware, but also when PS4 has no backwards compatability and is so affordable? It doesn't make sense. All the digital purchases and free Plus games just going to waste? Not to mention physical purchases?

I know when I move on to PS4, I'm going to try an purchase the biggest SSD I can get for the money and put everything digital and all my installs on it, and just put it aside for postarities sake. I'd never want to get rid of it with things like HD remasters of ICO/SotC, Killzone 1 and FFX, and the whole GoW saga on it. These remasters aren't going to happen again, and I'm certainly not going to buy these games YET AGAIN for PS4. PS3 I think is the only console in console history I won't be trading in for new hardware or indeed ever get rid of.

On topic- I'm SOOOOO psyched for this GT Academy/GT6 demo. The GT Academy segment sounds great, the way they're doing it this year. Almost like progressing through GT Academy instead of just random GT license style challenges. And I really hope it's just like the E3 GT Academy demo, where outside of the GT Academy time trial, there also just a straight up demo with like 20 cars and 6 or 7 tracks. It sounds that way by the way it's described on the Blog, where you can keep playing the demo after the competition.

I just can't wait to feel the new physics, and see 1st person how much better the game looks over GT5 on my own screen, instead of just through sub-hd quality youtube videos and screens on a phone/Vita screen.

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Knushwood Butt1998d ago

This is GT Academy 2013, not strictly speaking a demo of GT6, although it is supposed to be running on the GT6 engine.

So, Google GT Academy 2012 if you want an idea of what to expect. Namely, a trial using a Nissan car, released every couple of weeks for a month or so.

I hear the Deltawing is in it.

MooseWI1998d ago

This will be good. I haven't played a GT before so this will be a good teller for me.

C L O U D1998d ago

Can't wait...played GT5 enough to know how the physics are. It is going to be interesting to see the differences...

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