Smashing Failure: Another fiasco for the Nintendo Wii's pitiful online gaming service.

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl: a great game-and another fiasco for the Nintendo Wii's pitiful online gaming service.

The current gold standard of online gaming services is Microsoft's Xbox Live. Xbox owners can download classics like Paperboy and Street Fighter II, games that include the option to compete against other players online or compare high scores. It's easy to keep track of your friends via their "gamertags," online identities that include a profile photo and a list of game-related achievements. The Xbox 360 also has a wireless headset that lets players communicate before, during, and after every online match.

Nothing can replace playing against someone on the same couch, but Xbox Live comes close.

Nintendo actively discourages its fans from enjoying each other's company. Hop online to play along with your Wii-owning friends, and you're guaranteed to be disappointed." writes

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neogeo3644d ago

I'm sure every owner for Wii and Smash Bro's will go return everything to the store and get a 360. If u read it on n4g it must be true!

mazirjones3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

And no, simply writing lol or haha wouldn't suffice

Looking down, maybe I'm wrong...

tethered3644d ago

They would go for the PS3 before the 360. They wouldn't return a Japanese system for an American system. lol

I kid, I kid.

TheDarkHado3644d ago


ruibing3644d ago

Wouldn't they much rather sell it on eBay rather than return it?

JsonHenry3643d ago

I love my Wii. But have to admit that the online part is an abysmal failure in my eyes. Exchange friend codes? No voice chat? WTF Nintendo?!

Of all the companies that want to bring you the best and newest game experiences the big N should have been the fore runner of online play.

thewhoopimen3643d ago

Why'd you get it then? you knew it was for kids the moment you laid ur eyes on it XD

foodbox3643d ago


I agree with you somewhat. But Nintendo is really resting on their laurels. Another Metroid, Zelda or Mario game and I'm going to scream.

Frankly, Super Mario Galaxy is _vastly_ over-rated (IMHO). I cannot understand why people raved. It was just another 3D mario game. I was very disappointed. Now, my friends like Play and Sports, but outside of that, there is nothing that attracts me to more Wii titles. I'm a sucker, I'll probably buy the next Mario game... :)

Now as for "new", its pretty clear that Microsoft's software experience, and constant bigger-better-faster-more innovation is really driving the industry at this point.

Nintendo really is in the Game business, but "the battle for the living room" is between Sony and Microsoft.

And, outside of the BluRay in PS3, I cant see how Sony's going to be able to keep up with MS's experience with backend software. LIVE, IPTV, Messenger, XNA Community, XBLA and on and on.

Sony's really trying hard to keep up in the Big Budget Title department, and not really _shipping_ much otherwise.

Lets hope they make up some ground in 2008 this year in the AAA-title Match and the "everything else"-match too.

ChickeyCantor3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

" but "the battle for the living room" "
Even though i'm in EU, i do have a copy of Brawl....and we ( my brothers and me) don't really play online, not because the Service is to primitive, but simply because its best to be played with people in the same Room.

From this perspective, i would say: Nintendo is battling for the living room.
Like Mia Fey would say : Think outside the box, Phoenix.

Enigma_20993643d ago

That there are more people enjoying this game than there are people biotching about lack of online connectivity that would allow them to trash talk others from millions of miles away with their potty mouths...

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Skater3644d ago

The game rocks. Yeah they could've done more for the online but the game still kicks ass. Stop the hate.

TheHater3644d ago

for everyone that approve this, can you not read. This article has nothing to do with the ps3, and I don't see why I should be in the PS3 section.
This article is mostly about Xbox live, and Nintendo lack of an online community.

thewhoopimen3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yeah the millions upon millions of Wii owners who really care about Xbox live and want an online community for what they paid for.

So tell me with the power of xbox live, why are there more wii owners?

ajeben8093644d ago

this guy compares everything to his xbox. i got news for him. this is nintendo wii not a friggen xbox! so go and enjoy your wireless headset and payed online service!

MadMax3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

[email protected], nintendo knows what its doing and thats why its the leader and always has been. Hell, part of the reason i dont go on xboxlive is because of all the retarded kids trash talking. Its stupid, weak and bugs. Other reason is because of the ridiculous fee, ive got better things to blow my money and time on. I rather play single player games and against friends over here who enjoy drinkin and puffin some trees whilst playin some Wii!

TheDarkHado3644d ago

Wow, slow down there madmax with the drug use reference on N4G...........You must share!LOL

btkadams3643d ago

last time i checked, nintendo hasnt been the leader in consoles in over a decade.

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