Sucker Punch Talks Letting Go Of Sly Cooper

Watch the video below to learn about the early days of the studio, leaving the Sly Cooper series in the hands of another developer, and why they were purchased by Sony.

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MasterofMagnetism1946d ago

No complaints from me. Sanzaru did a great job.

animegamingnerd1946d ago

yeah sly 4 is good (i still need to beat it though) looking forward to seeing what that team does with the franchise

abzdine1946d ago

Sly Thieves in Time is actually my favorite one in the series! Sanzaru deserve all credit for this amazing refreshing game!
I can't wait to see what they are up to next!

pr0t0typeknuckles1946d ago

agreed,i think they did the near impossible and made a better sly game than sucker punch,and i listen to the podcast with kevin miller the voice of sly,and he had matt cramer on there and he said he wanted to make sly4 more like the originals so that people could get used to the franchise again,but with sly 5 hed switch it up a bit and truly make it next gen,so sly imo is in good hands and that hardly happens with past sony franchises that get sent to another company(crash nd spyro R.I.P.)

MasterofMagnetism1945d ago

Sly 5 on PS4 would be awesome.

PlayStation_41946d ago

they are very talented and do not need to waste their skills on a game like Sly (not that I don't like it), which can be made by a development studio like Sanzaru instead.

Alexander241945d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees. I think they should put more time and resources into games like Infamous Second Son and new IP's. I used to love Sly as a kid though.

b_one1946d ago

letters from fans are epic :)

andrewer1946d ago

Didn't like the graphics in Thieves in Time. They are..."good", not the classic cartoon style, and that blew up the feeling of playing a comic book thingy that I had and loved back in the others. Didn't play it yet but will buy it next month to at least know how it really feels.