GameInformer- Deadpool Review: Slayed By The Merc With A Mouth

GI:Deadpool knows he’s in a video game. After refusing to read the game’s script – opting instead to draw pictures of Wolverine and busty women on it – he dives headfirst into the experience High Moon Studios crafted, but he isn’t exactly a willing participant. He frequently breaks the fourth wall to communicate with the player, barking complaints about the gameplay, level designs, and mission objectives. When Deadpool loses interest or sees something he doesn’t like, his imagination takes control. The game changes to fit his immature, offensive, or twisted whim. In one stage, he replaces famed X-Man Cable with a big-breasted woman who is his biggest fan. Some of his changes draw the ire of High Moon Studios; the game director calls him on the phone to complain about spending too much money on a scene filled with explosions, death, mass destruction, and effects galore.

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DivineAssault 1969d ago

NOOOOOOO!!! I was really hoping for this to be a great game.. Oh well

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RedHawkX1969d ago

where is the gampeplay?

blackstrr4111969d ago

This game looks like a ps2 game

webeblazing1969d ago

they will never get a deadpool game right the movie is going to be the same unless the get the people who wrote the comic to help them. read the comic to know what i mean. i dont even like comics but deadpool is the only one i found worth reading.


Deadpool comics have been written by a bunch of different writers, one of them is Daniel Way which is the writer of this game, not my fav Deadpool writer but atleast they got someone who had worked on the character

webeblazing1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

yeah i know but i feel like the game and even the movie that is coming out it will be hard to portray his humor and insanity deadpool is the most interesting and bada$$ character and the marvel universe to me