Throwback Tuesday: A Look Back at Final Fantasy VIII

For Throwback Tuesday this week, PlayStationer take a look back at Final Fantasy VIII which had the very tough task of following PS1 classic Final Fantasy VII. Read our thoughts on how it got on!

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Lovable1970d ago

My favorite game of all time.

reko1970d ago

i still have the game :(

Lovable1970d ago

I do too. I got an unopened one as well. haha

Snookies121970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I have a digital copy, the original disc copy (with the faces on each disc), and a newer disc copy with SE on it. So yeah, 3 copies for me.

Lol, I have the same thing going for VII and IX as well though...

reko1970d ago

VIII and VII were the best ones :(

Serg1970d ago

I have very fond memories... of Triple Triad.

Snookies121970d ago

BRING BACK CARDS! I'd love cards in FFXV...

Mr_Nuts1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Best FF game

Shame it's always over shadowed by FF7 and then you get those die hard FF7 fans nitpicking the game to death when it reality the game pretty much does everything better then it.

Loved Squalls character development the most, it was amazing.

This is basically why I want a FF7 they will do a FF8 one after

Xyle1970d ago

I don't know I really liked this system
The draw system was great
draw Ultima, ad it to your weapon
Not to mention zell's ultimate limit break

Lovable1970d ago

Zell's limit break was one of the best in the whole FF franchise. I love doing those combos

Corpser1970d ago

What's everyone's favorite book to read during the unskippable summon animations?

Lovable1970d ago

You summon them? They're only good for equipping nothing else lol

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