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Submitted by Plambey 887d ago | article

Throwback Tuesday: A Look Back at Final Fantasy VIII

For Throwback Tuesday this week, PlayStationer take a look back at Final Fantasy VIII which had the very tough task of following PS1 classic Final Fantasy VII. Read our thoughts on how it got on! (Final Fantasy VIII, PS Vita, PSP, Retro, Squaresoft)

Lovable  +   887d ago
My favorite game of all time.
reko  +   887d ago
i still have the game :(
Lovable  +   887d ago
I do too. I got an unopened one as well. haha
Snookies12  +   887d ago
I have a digital copy, the original disc copy (with the faces on each disc), and a newer disc copy with SE on it. So yeah, 3 copies for me.

Lol, I have the same thing going for VII and IX as well though...
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reko  +   887d ago
VIII and VII were the best ones :(
Plambey  +   887d ago
Mine too!
Serg  +   887d ago
I have very fond memories... of Triple Triad.
Snookies12  +   887d ago
BRING BACK CARDS! I'd love cards in FFXV...
Mr_Nuts  +   887d ago
Best FF game

Shame it's always over shadowed by FF7 and then you get those die hard FF7 fans nitpicking the game to death when it reality the game pretty much does everything better then it.

Loved Squalls character development the most, it was amazing.

This is basically why I want a FF7 they will do a FF8 one after
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Xyle  +   887d ago
I don't know I really liked this system
The draw system was great
draw Ultima, ad it to your weapon
Not to mention zell's ultimate limit break
Lovable  +   887d ago
Zell's limit break was one of the best in the whole FF franchise. I love doing those combos
Corpser  +   887d ago
What's everyone's favorite book to read during the unskippable summon animations?
Lovable  +   887d ago
You summon them? They're only good for equipping nothing else lol
Nevers  +   887d ago
I'm struggling with my FF backlog so I'm posing this conundrum to you all.

(History) I was there for FF1 on NES and when FFiv made it to the states as FF2 on SNES but then college and crap got in the way and I didn't play a FF until a buddy got me hooked on XI (free/clear 2yrs now). Now I'm struggling with tying myself over between the XIV Beta weekends cuz I'm jonesin' for FF.

Thanks to a PS+ sale a bit ago, I purchased FF Orgins, FFv, FFvi, FFvii, FFviii, and FFix. I'm only assuming they are all stand-alones so the number sequence makes no nevermind to me.

Which of these should I start playing first?
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Darth Gamer  +   886d ago
Final Fantasy 8 of course. realy is a great game. My favorite of them all.
TheLyonKing  +   886d ago
I would say 8 first but then you played the best so I would say play 9 which is my 2nd fav ff then play 8 last so it will blow your socks off!
kalkano  +   886d ago
Of the one's you mentioned, my favorites were 6, 7, and 8. I also really liked 10. I didn't dislike 1, 2, 5, or 9. But, I liked the others more.
Nevers  +   886d ago
Sounds like 8 is the consensus, so far. I'll give it a go tonight.
3-4-5  +   886d ago
I only ever played FF11 as well.

Just started FF7 as my first Final Fantasy game about 5 days ago. I'm not that far into it...maybe 2 hours or so but I really like almost everything about it so far.

The music is really good, the mood and setting and characters are likable and not least yet.

The only thing I don't like about it is not knowing where to go next. Hard to explain but it's like they expect you to know where to go next for everything without ever really indicating anything.

I don't want it to hold my hand but a few hints or tips or keys or something here and there to let me know I'm on the right track would be nice.

Maybe it's the fact I like the story so I just want to see what happens next, and not get lost in the mean time.

Other than that ( which I blame on it's age..being a 90's rpg) it's a solid game that I'm glad I'm finally getting to experience.
Nevers  +   886d ago
I totally forgot but I gave FF7 a go on my PSP a long time ago. I didn't get as far as you because I felt kinda the same way about not knowing the next step.
kalkano  +   885d ago

If you're worried about that, you'll hate 1 and 2. Very little direction is given, at all. With 4, and everything after, I think plenty of direction is given.
Nevers  +   886d ago
I think I'm going to go with this order:

8 > 7 > 9 ... then I'll be in a quandery again or so immersed in FFxiv that it will be a non-issue.
torchic  +   887d ago
TheLyonKing  +   886d ago
Classic siefer!
FaSCoRP  +   886d ago
My favourite FF game, I'm still trying to figure it out why people love more FF7 instead of FF8...
Dianne  +   886d ago
It might just be because it was the first Final Fantasy game a lot of people played and so it stuck with them.
FaSCoRP  +   884d ago
Could be. I first played 8, then I tried 7 and it looked very ugly for me (I finished it anyways). But the graphical improvement from 7 to 8 was huge
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   886d ago
Had one of the best "traveling" music tracks in gaming history. It actually made moving furniture into my new apartment fun....
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FaSCoRP  +   884d ago
music is great. Last week was Nobuo Uematsu with the Distant Worlds orchestra and it was AMAZING to hear "Don't Be Afraid" from this game.

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