Xbox One Cloud: A Renaissance for Online Gaming

So, when I bring up the term “Cloud-based gaming”, a lot of you will pretend to understand what I am talking about, but a lot of you are still very confused on what the Xbox One’s touted cloud is, and just how important a step it is for gaming.

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Automatic791994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Many people on this site are writing off Xbox One cloud based technology but with an incredible service like Xbox live they should not underestimate the One. I guess until they see it for themselves and start to appreciate it that is when most gamers will come around.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1994d ago

Whatever Michaellito79 ... POWAH of DA CLOWD

AngelicIceDiamond1994d ago

If you don't like it fine, but there's no need for unnecessary trolling.

I guess its a bad thing that MS is doing something to enhance games. Or doing something GAME related.

Which is ridiculous because we as are gamers should be looking forward this kind of thing, instead of hating it.

Dacapn1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Ok here's how it is for me:

I have a PS3, 360, and a Wii. I play the 360 & PS3 primarily and the Wii has collected dust for the past 5 years.

PS4: I'm already sold on and have my preorder set.

Wii U: I'll get for Smash...maybe.

Xbox One: The DRM thing would have sucked for a lot of people, but realistically I have internet so it wouldn't have mattered for me. Now until the spybar is somehow not required, I will not be buying an Xbox One...ever. That simple. But even if they somehow made it optional by launch, I'm still not getting one right away, mainly because of this cloud thing. Until I see it, I will not put $500 down on something that may or may not have a significant impact on my games. Right off the bat the PS4 will be more powerful. I don't have to base my purchase on hopes and dreams. People can keep spewing Azure and 8 bazilion servers blah blah blah. Show me and I'll believe.

That's my reality as a gamer.

theWB271994d ago

Since you aren't basing off hopes and dreams and you say the PS4 is more powerful. Show me one game that looked better than any X1 game shown. You can't, which means you're buying a machine on the hopes that future games will look better.

There isn't a single PS4 game that shows that power impact so many people talk about. People keep spewing 1.8 teraflops..8gigs GDDDDDDDR5 RAAAM...the GPU and this and that. But not one game shows it.

Isn't that kind of the same thing as the cloud? Until it's proven, why buy a PS4?

CrossingEden1994d ago

if you have a facebook then you're reality is deluded, because social networking sites are much more likely to give our info out and ALSO have more of it -_-

Dacapn1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


Killzone looks better than any Xbox One game shown. Done.

Now I'll humor you. If all the games look the same, you're doing an asstastic job of convincing me to buy the system that costs $100 more. I guess that wasn't really humoring you was it?

@Crossing Eden

Facebook is the weirdo opening your mail before it gets to your house. Xbox One is the peeping Tom taking pictures of you when you get out of the shower.

Apples and Oranges son.

MRMagoo1231994d ago


If anyone was to point out a game to you that looks better than anything the xbone has and probably will ever have it will be infamous second son, it looks miles better than any of that sh!t MS showed at E3 and it isnt even finished yet, you are either blind or just plain ignorant.

theWB271994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I'm not trying to convince you of anything. 100 dollars more...I think most people understand the Kinect is bumping that price up...not the actual system. Killzone...whodathunkit.

Ryse is on par with that but Im sure youll disagree. It's ok we can both see.

Infamous looks really good. Here ya go...with that many zombies onscreen at once...the draw distance. But Im sure youll disagree too, but it's ok we can both see.

To the both of you those games have already been proven to be running on the X1 hardware. I'll leave you with this

Im not bashing the PS4...but they need to show a game that boasts how much more powerful it is. Cant believe Magoo said Second Son was miles better. Wow that name is fitting.

Blankolf1994d ago

@theWB27 You think Quick Timus Eventius is better graphically than Killzone, even Microsoft doesn't agree with you good sir, they decided to advertise for killzone instead of Ryze in some shops :P

I do agree it has been a even fight in graphism power, but I wouldn't expect to see that just now, if you remember PS3 early games weren't all that great in graphism compared to the ending cycle games.

But the problem here is that the difference is so great that we see some glimpses of difference right off the bat, as shown by Killzone, in a few months old how it would be?

They say they have a lot of servers, but US servers probably? Do you honestly think that every american will be able to have its own server? And the whole world? The clouds are an early concept, we have internet connection but we haven't tapped to such technology at least to load full games on the other end without lag, the limit on this is Xbox1 will put minor stuff like load some car, load some stats, nothing too great.

But in the long and short run PS4 is a much more appealing system.

Automatic791994d ago

Half of your reality does not make sense.

Kinect spying on you? really

Cloud alone should be one of the reasons for enjoying Xbox one.

Especially, since online is not a problem for you.

Seems like you made your decision already. LOL

Dacapn1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


You're right. I will disagree. That screenshot looks like you could have taken it from God of War: Ascension. Yes, a PS3 game. You should have shown the gameplay trailer which is a much better representation. You know...the one where you get to press a button every two minutes. Seriously, the game looks like a tech demo. And quit bringing up kinect. I. Don't. Want. It. I literally have zero interest for it on my 360 and at least there, I have option to leave it on the shelf at best buy.


Do you watch the news? I'd post the link, but apparently it looks like spam. Do yourself a favor and google the recent NSA & FBI privacy invasion discovery. Yes the one with an American citizen fleeing the country. Microsoft, along with other companies, has given the government full access to their servers. Skype and everthing you've done on your computer NOT private. They were the first company to sign off on spying on you back in December in 2007. So no, I don't believe microsoft when they say no we won't be monitoring you. Welcome to the desert...of the real. Seriously, do you live under a rock?

Thomper1992d ago

Does your reality as a gamer not make you want to play Killer Instinct, Titanfall and Forza 5? I couldn't not preorder and XB1.

As for the "spybar".... Put a bag over it if your gonna be kissing your dad or something equally weird.. ;0)

Belking1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

When you show me Gaikai streaming all of past PS titles worldwide then I'll believe that. I continue to see games still running at 1080P and only 30FPS on PS4. That isn't a power edge. There is no advantage in power. Final specs haven't been released yet for xbox-one. There will be minimal differences in each console. power and performance are two different things.

That's my reality as a gamer.

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MRMagoo1231994d ago

why is there no down bubble for "doesnt have a clue", MS cant do what they are saying they can do with "the infinite power of the cloud" it cant be used to make game look better its cant be used to make live game play better it can only be used for static assets and that is all get a clue ffs.

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MRMagoo1231994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

I dont think it wont work i know for a [email protected] fact it wont work i work with pcs for a living jack ass. And what are you talking about that it is working on those games all but one was running on a pc about 4 times the power of the xbone and none where using cloud, if you really believe this cloud pr bs you are gonna be in for a shock come release my sad lil friend. Titanfall running on xbone looks nothing like the demo they showed and i cant wait to rub it in when you guys get it.

headblackman1994d ago

its clear that you really don't know what yours talking about and its obvious that you'll vomit any kind of bull sh*t out of your neck just to big up the ps4 when your argument is based off of total fanbot b.s. speak with facts and not blind fanbot emotions. study the azure cloud technology and its full functions and how it will work with the Xbox one. then compare it with all of the statements that you've clearly read from multiple game developers about the cloud, its benefits, and its power. if you can believe the developers about the ps4 specs and how easy it is to develop for and how strong it is, than why can't you believe it when a developer says that the cloud is the future of gaming,the cloud is like having the power of 4 Xbox ones,the clouds processing possibilities are limitless? why can't you believe that? oh let me guess? because Microsoft paid them to say that huh (but the same sh*t can be said about the ps4)? lol. you fanbots kill me with some of sh*t you say with no thought what so ever. if you can't read,if you have no technical knowledge on how computers, servers,software, and games consoles as well as software goes, then either learn or stfu and let the grown folks talk who do understand this kind of stuff.

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Belking1992d ago

Get a grip dude, MS never made the claim of the cloud making games look better. It gives devs more resources so they can squeeze more out of the console with putting a load on it.

Belking1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

double post.

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RedHawkX1994d ago

The cloud crap is bs

ps4 is the new xbox live

headset check
better versions of games check
cheaper psn price check
cheaper console= more people owning it check
more powerful console= more people owning it check
more people will own the ps4

xbox one is myspace and ps4 is facebook. in this transition pase a few fools will try and stay with myspace but in the end facebook is just better and is where everyone will be going to. ps4 has already won.

dont be that last xbox one warrior wasting 600 dollars on that xbox console.

Blankolf1994d ago

My good sir, you just won the internet.

DeadlyFire1994d ago

Using the cloud for dedicated servers is smart. Sony also has a cloud setup. Could do the same thing. Many games this generation will be hosting a larger player count. So its not unlikely that Sony isn't in line with a similar proposition. Data centers are not hard to find.

Using the cloud for AI learning is trivial at best. It might be able to study, but it won't be able to fully replicate human interactions for another decade at the minimum. It can simulate it, but not replicate it without error for awhile.

Project spark is just built off of Sony's Littlebigplanet. Which Sony has done last gen with the PS3. Same idea. I like Spark. Looks good. I don't see how the Cloud does anything different for it than what is already represented on the PS3 with LittleBigPlanet.

PS4 has every feature of XBL built into its system this time around. The Cloud is also in the background. If you can tell me one thing that is different. I would love to hear it.

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Whitey2k1994d ago

y invest cloud when ps4 has gaikai to have lobbies and that online comeee oon i mean xbones bragging about 256 players on titan fall and funny enough ps3 already had that with M.A.G and ps4 is getting planetside 2 which is like 2000 players so xbox cloud means nothing

koolaid2511994d ago

Who plays Mag that game is irrelevent I don't see it at mlg events or anything like that and PlanetSide has been out for pc it's free 2 play but pay 2 win!!!

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Whitey2k1994d ago

i recking they are copying sony again buying servers and doing what sony is doing

buying servers not cos there doing for consumers like us but bringing in xbox and pc games on apple and android phones

Thomper1992d ago

LoL... Seriously...?

Microsoft, the multinational software corporation are copying Sony buy buying servers??

Step away from the meds kid. The Azure platform has existed for over three years, Sony bought Gaikai 12 months ago.

Today's episodes was bought to you by the letters F, A, I, & L


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