TeamXbox: Dark Sector Review

TeamXbox writes: "It's been a long, hard road for Dark Sector. First announced way back in 2004, the game was originally a sci-fi epic set in deep space and taking aim to be the first major title to take advantage of the upcoming "next-generation" of consoles. Now, four years later, the "next generation" is now the current generation, and Dark Sector has kept its sci-fi feeling, but dropped its deep space setting in favor of a more Earthly tale of espionage. So the question facing gamers today is can a title originally meant to herald the coming of virtues of next wave in gaming still shine through after that wave has long since passed?

In Dark Sector, players take on the role of Hayden Tenno, a government cleaner sent to the fictional Eastern European city of Lasria to eliminate a rogue agent named Mezner. It seems that Mezner has gotten his hands on a mysterious biological agent, called Technocyte, which can cause a variety of mutations and abilities in those infected. For the most part, this means turning them into rampaging killing machines. While trying to stop Mezner's machinations, Hayden is captured and infected with the Technocyte virus. Escaping from his captors, Hayden retains some measure of control over the virus coursing through his system, and ends up gaining a few new abilities of his own to help bring down Mezner once and for all."

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KidMakeshift3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I'm about halfway through it and I don't know what to think. It's just kinda average at best. Controls could of been a lot better (I hate the tank running and turning). The glaive isn't all that great (it isn't the showpiece they made it out to be). It's got some tearing issues, but runs quite well. The combat and enemies doesn't mix up much. It's basically the same gun fight over and over in a open space every couple of minutes. The load times are practically non existent. The graphics are quite good, but the color palette wears on the eyes. And the story becomes just plain stupid once you're infected

I wish they kept the original Splinter Cell in space theme

arakouftaian3676d ago

its really fun single campaign is great fun u enjoy killing each one of the guys or monster and bosses the story is cool, the online is fun fast and i enjoy it a lot, but it has some glitches at lease on the ps3 ( but i guess it can be fix whit a update )

in other words is u like re4, dark's , geow, its a must buy, if u enjoy the bumeran from zeldas games and know u growup and wnat 2 kill bad guys its a must buy if u get scare by silent hill but enjoy it its a must buy, if u wnat 2 have fun is a must buy...