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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshot (6/25/13)

Take a look at the daily Smash Bros. screenshot (for Wii U) - June 25. (Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

bullymangLer  +   669d ago
It seems like this time around the clothes of the characters in new smash bros have physics.
imXify  +   669d ago
Small screenshots can't do justice enough !
a_adji  +   669d ago
If you click on the actual picture it increases to full size. I'm just saying :-)
ChickeyCantor  +   669d ago
Welcome to Nintendoeverything. Using outdated gallery implementations that have never changed over 6 years.
WhiskyWhiskers  +   669d ago
I kind of expected it to look a little better than this. Oh boy people will hate me for saying that.
live2play  +   669d ago
i know what you mean. people expected a more realistic look, like brawl.

but i love this look. everything is more colorful and really pops out. especially watching it on my 55 inch LED tv.

your thinking about the art direction, thats what you dont like.
ChickeyCantor  +   668d ago
eh...It is a lot like brawl. This just looks more cartoony because of the skyward sword art. Other levels are in line with brawl.
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