Razer Releases Razer Surround, a Free PC Software that Turns any Stereo Headset into 7.1

Razer just sent in a press release announcing Razer Surround, a software that is allegedly able to add virtual 7.1 surround to any stereo headset. Sounds Incredible? It surely does.

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JackOfAllBlades1631d ago

It'll be nice to personally see how it sounds

Abriael1631d ago

I'm trying it right now, and it's quite awesome. It actually sounds better on my old stereo headphones than on my 5.1 headset... and now it's making me feel stupid for buying it >_>

1nsomniac1631d ago

I'll have to give this a go & see if its any good

JackVagina1631d ago

if you already have a 7.1 virtual headset, will it amplify it?

NarooN1631d ago

Gonna download this and give it a go... Pretty cool that it's free software.

Kennytaur1631d ago

Sounds to be worth a shot.

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