What We Want from Animal Crossing Wii U

Animal Crossing: New Leaf finally moved into our 3DS's this month, and there it shall stay as it once again injects itself into our everyday life. New Leaf has dozens of new features and small tweaks that extend its day-to-day gameplay, making it even harder to turn it off. We've become the mayor, designing our own town and home is now possible, and a shopping district full of bustling businesses to spend your hard earned bells await you. These additions and more are just the tip of what New Leaf brings to the beloved series. So, the question then, is what could we possibly want for the eventual next game?

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Xof1937d ago

I'd like to see more "gamey" activities you could organize. Like, I don't know, letting the player host fairs w/ carnival mini-games, ski-races in the winter, little things like that.

I'd also like more depth in the town-management aspect. I want to decide where to put new houses when new people move into town.

BullyMangler1937d ago

This Animal Crossing franchise is the reason most games now adays do what they do?

yes .. yes indeed .. .

o-Sunny-o1937d ago

Time travel disabled...