PS4 and Xbox One high volumes no problem for AMD

Sony has allowed GameStop to take "unlimited" pre-orders on the PlayStation 4. asked if AMD was prepared to handle the demand for both consoles on the manufacturing side.

"From a manufacturing perspective, in a year we ship tens of millions of units,"AMD said. "So we have a very strong manufacturing base for our APUs and discrete graphics. We leverage the same manufacturing infrastructure to develop for game consoles. So the volumes were not something that actually raised an eyebrow for us, because we're already in high-volume manufacturing."

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wishingW3L1938d ago

if it were Nvidia they'd be crying and asking for more money.

sengoku1938d ago

AMD stock's should be looking good.

cunnilumpkin1938d ago

lol...not really

its been in the tank for a while, this will help, but not much

for comparison, here's NVidia,

they are KILLING amd on every from

while its good exposure for amd to be in consoles, ultimately their cpus and gpus are weak to the competition

more so their cpu's, WAY behind intel

b_one1938d ago

coz nvidia has some gov contracts...with "you know who".

JewyMcJew1938d ago

AMD has been famously deemed "uninvestable".

They are doing well lately but they are drowning in debt.

GDDR6_20141938d ago

Not really, if amd barely make a profit on each APU, while that's good for Sony, not so good for AMD

Reverent1938d ago

Even if AMD isn't making a lot of money from the next gen consoles, it's still definitely good for their reputation. And having a good reputation is one step closer to getting out of debt.

Kleptic1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


I wouldn't say 'way' behind Intel...its true AMD's processor selection for 2013 isn't exactly ground breaking, as they're all still built on the years old pile driver architecture...but new stuff will be available by the end of summer, with some major changes.

but they're also a good bit ahead in terms of apu''s ivy-bridge is definitely a more powerful cpu, but their integrated graphics solutions have always been...and always will be...trash...AMD's integrated graphics can be matched with crossfire compliant dedicated gpu's, for sli configurations at a 1/4 of the cost...i know thats cheating it a bit, and not the performance of two true stand alones...but its affordable, developers say 'its the future', and getting more and more popular...

We'll see...

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buynit1938d ago

Sounds good to me... All i need is one ps4 on launch day!

Polysix1938d ago

"Xbox One high volumes no problem for AMD"

No, Xbox One high volumes are only a problem for Microsoft.

JackOfAllBlades1938d ago

Lulz, funny because its true

ricochetmg1938d ago

Funny how everyone is talking about GAMES, GAMES, GAMEs...When has MS ever been known for games ? Just about 4 solid franchises I would admit outside halo,gears........there is ?

RedHawkX1938d ago

i agree xbox 360 doesnt have many exclusives outside those 4 franchises. halo/gears/forza, etc but who needs forza when theres so many other racing games and gt6. all x360 had was the popularity in american and was cheaper so everyone got it. everyone is getting a ps4 this time around so those few trying to hang on to the xbox one dream need to give it the f up and jump on board the ps4 before you looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

i mean what exclusives are you guys playing on the x360 right now? thats right it has no games.

meanwhile on the playstation 3 you got blueray movies . you shouldnt even own an hd tv if you dont have a blueray player also people are playing god of war ascension, the last of us, pupeteer, soon beyond 2 souls and gt6 and theres more but id rather not all exclusives.

swerve1211938d ago

Your behind schedule RedHawkX. Where talking about this Gen coming up. And they both have blu ray. And did you know M$ was one of 19 companies backing blu ray with there money

threefootwang1938d ago

@ swerve121

MS never backed Blu-Ray lol. They had their own version called HD-DVD which failed horribly and they couldn't go back to DVD for next-gen, leaving Blu-Ray the only other viable option.

adorie1938d ago

[email protected]

MS was trying to put Blu-Ray in a premature coffin by coughing up a billion or two to back HD-DVD.

PS3 trojan horse overruled that. Now, irony at it's best. Xbox One will have the "blu-ray" logo on the box.

pete0071938d ago

unless you live Under a rock and go out just to buy your blurayz, we can allready Stream flawlessly in codecs much better than blurayz all the movies you can dream of,
and dont worry about games cause we may have less exclusives but at least we have better multi plats, not sub hd ports with no AA and lots of screen tearing not to mention a far Superior online service

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swerve1211938d ago

Look how many more there adding bro. This will really be a battle when it all said and done

Wikkid6661938d ago

X1 cpu has been in full production since last fall.

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