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Side-by-side: PS4 gamepad vs PS3 gamepad

TechRadar: "There's no question about it, E3 2013 was a win for Sony. In addition to finally showing off the PS4's hardware and dominating Microsoft when it came to price and features, the company improved upon its older-gen controller tenfold.

The DualShock 4 gamepad is better than the PS3 controller by leaps-and-bounds. It's so much better that we may like it more than the Xbox One controller and its "40 innovations" over the already time-tested Xbox 360 gamepad.

To get a better perspective of why we're all for the DualShock 4, we brought along our DualShock 3 controller for a side-by-side photoshoot." (E3, Microsoft, PS3, PS4, Sony, Tag Invalid)

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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   882d ago
Like i thought.That "Gamechup" submission was a picture taken with a wide angle lens, making the controllers look massive.

This looks right and like all the other pictures.
Looks so good.Wasn't sure about the light bar at first but it's growing on me.
Smurf1  +   882d ago
That was to show the details closely. This doesn't have the Xbox One controller though.
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SwiderMan  +   882d ago
I played with both (meaning One and PS4. I saw little difference other than I thought Sony did more improvements with DS4.

They're pretty even now, as far as I'm concerned.

Also: It's all about comfort.
gaffyh  +   882d ago
It probably feels wider because there is less dead space around the face buttons and d-pad. They've tried to make it as wide as possible, without increasing the size of the overall controller too much.

Well at least that's what it looks like
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zeee  +   882d ago
I am loving the new DS4 controller! Can someone please confirm if there is any way to turn off the light bar in the controller?
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SwiderMan  +   882d ago
@Zeee. Sony hasn't said either way yet and probably doesn't want to seeing how even games will Killzone are going to use it. They will probably want to push it until they need to respond to the will of gamers (see: Microsoft last week) in a firmware update 3 months in.

I'll check on official confirmation in a story update for you, though.
starchild  +   882d ago
I really like the new DualShock4. Can't wait to use it.
Thomper  +   882d ago
This whole subject is subjective.

I prefer the xbox controller, some people prefer the Sony offering... Horses for courses, and all that........
badz149  +   882d ago
Why do you want to turn the light bar off? It's not distracting by any means and it's made to be used with the PS4 EYE if you have it. I personally love the innovation of on DS4 over DS3 where they changed controller number from LED indicator to light bar color like the MOVE.

Have you used MOVE before? The light is brigt enough even in a well lit room and the battery life is still pretty amazing. 1 full charge for several hours of continuous gameplay and in game like Sorcery, the light changes with the type of magic you are using which add to the immersive gameplay.

And have you seen how they use the DS4 in the gameroom demonstration? All I can say is...like the Minority Report, Tom Cruise will be proud!
pixelsword  +   882d ago
So, the article is the picture.
Boody-Bandit  +   882d ago
Sony appears to really be bringing their A game for the next generation. A powerful and super easy to develop for console with all the improvements we could hope for with their controller.

Being honest I was never a fan of the analog stick design. IMO they felt tall (convex design probably added to this feeling) and light to the touch. I always felt like I had to feather the movement on the sticks while playing shooters. Not a huge problem because anything can be adjusted to with time and practice. The DS3 handles I felt need to be wider and more rounded / ergonomic. Sony has not only addressed those two personal gripes of mine but added a ton of other options, features and overall upgrades.

Looks like it's a damn near flawless design. I can't wait to get my hands on one to see just how close to perfection it is.
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zeee  +   882d ago
@SwiderMan: Thanks man!

@badz149: Good question and yes, there is a reason. Actually, I like to play games in a dark room and so I wouldn't want to see a blue/yellow/pink light reflection on the TV screen. That's the reason I turn off the lights. I don't like real world objects reflecting in video games. I have an LCD which doesn't have the kind of reflection that Plasma TVs had but still, it's quite distracting and takes away the gaming experience a bit.

I mean, I don't want to see light reflection when I play The Last of Us (hopefully part 2 with a new story) (amazing game!). That'd be annoying :(
ZodTheRipper  +   881d ago
Huh, first world problems ...
titletownrelo  +   882d ago
Whenever I see the touch pad on the PS4 controller I picture myself sliding my hand across it to throw ninja starts i some Ninja game, dunno why, lol
sexybeast69  +   882d ago
Not a bad idea.
Pixel_Enemy  +   882d ago
Like the WiiU?
Cryptcuzz  +   882d ago
It should be possible without a doubt for something like that to be done in game.

Just like Killzone Shadow Fall, you can slide the touchpad to shoot out the owl amongst other abilities.

I am loving the new DualShock 4. It looks like a fighter Jet when looked from the front of the lightbar :)
strifeblade  +   882d ago
sounds like you have been watching nintendo's conference one too many times lol
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Lior   882d ago | Immature | show
komp  +   882d ago
Here it is morphing

Shane Kim  +   882d ago
Looks damn sexy.
Lockon  +   882d ago
Thats cool.
lento  +   882d ago
Awesome man
blennerville  +   882d ago
you can still see from this pic that the DS4 is a quite a lot bigger than the DS3.

perspective: look at the distances and spacing.
CrimsonStar  +   882d ago
lol the ds3 has been hitting the gym. the ds4 looks a lot bulkier but some how more comfortable ...... weird huh?
tarbis  +   882d ago
The DS4 is glowing on me.
RedHawkX  +   882d ago
the ds3 to the ds4 is like a new iron man armor. mark 4 controller edition. now this is a controller you use for gaming boys and girls
SwiderMan  +   882d ago
I took these photos. The controller definitely looks to be sized just right and, better yet, feels like butter!

I can also report that the light bar also wasn't obtrusive.
360ICE  +   882d ago
In fact, the original brand name for Dualshock was "I can't believe it's not butter"
The more you know.
360ICE  +   881d ago
The person who disagrees: "That's not true"

Haha, no. Either that or because it wasn't that funny.
CrimsonStar  +   882d ago
I like the DS4. I've always preferred the Xbox controller because the bulk kept it from slipping out of my hands( gamer sweat a lot ) and the bulkier look might help with the slipping problem . Plus I like the glowing bar ,looks like how a futuristic controller should look .Its badass to the max, one might say.:D
S2Killinit  +   882d ago
looking good looking good
CrimsonStar  +   882d ago
Yea dude . thicker build , glowing futuristic lights , and a touch pad . Man I like the xbox controller but compared to the ds4 , it looks like they didn't even try .
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PositiveEmotions  +   882d ago
Wow big differents
SwiderMan  +   882d ago
After playing with both, the PS4 had vast improvements. I need more time with them, but while I would've given Xbox 360 a slight edge (for most games) last gen, I may give PS4 the edge for next-gen titles.

The reason is the contoured handles (seen in the last photo comparison). Big difference. Doesn't feel like a toy.
PositiveEmotions  +   882d ago
I never been excited for a controller like i am with the ps4 controller all tho its a bit big but its ok
Rowdius_Maximus  +   882d ago
Can't wait to get my hands on a DS4
o-Sunny-o  +   882d ago
I didn't know Nintendo made another DS? 3DS now DS4... O.o .../sarcasm btw
I want DS4 also! ^~^
Rowdius_Maximus  +   882d ago
Lol, your disagrees for that

fsfsxii  +   882d ago
Guess people can't take jokes around here.
GiggMan  +   882d ago
The more I look at it the more I'm starting to love it. Seems a little wider and thicker. I never had a problem with the size of the DS3 and I'm 6'4 with large hands.

Great job on the pics. Also glad to know that the DS4 can charge while the system is asleep. Glad Sony is paying attention to little details like that. Anyway I can't wait to try it out myself.
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torchic  +   882d ago
I knew a few girls who preferred DS3 to Xbox controller because it was smaller and was a perfect fit for their hands.

wonder how those kinds of people will take to DS4

I never really minded the size. what irked me was the slippy material that the controllers where made from, glad it's been revised!
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   882d ago
No, man. You were hanging with chicks with dicks.
killacal13  +   882d ago
He was hanging with torchics
Relientk77  +   882d ago
Can't wait to get my Dual Shock 4
RedHawkX  +   882d ago
yeah dual shock 4 looks amazing i cant wait for the dual shock 5 though its probably gonna breaking into mutliple pieces like the iron man 3 suite and then come back together so you can have your controller fly anwhere you are at even if you forget it at home.
Pillsbury1  +   882d ago
IMO the dual shock is one of the most comfortable controllers ever. They are just improving on an already great controller. Can't wait for next gen.
ThyPizzaGod  +   882d ago
DS3 was fine for me since i have feminine hands lol but the 360 was fine too. The DS4 looks very comfy, as for X1, it looks smaller and sleeker, i really want to hold both controllers.
ShwankyShpanky  +   882d ago
But will it balance on top of my TV as nicely as a DS3? Looks like it won't. :-(
sAVAge_bEaST  +   882d ago
I have a feeling, that dual touch pad will be used alot, after a few years,,. esp. for item swapping, moving things around, I don't know , it just seems right.
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Pillsbury1  +   882d ago
@Savage beast

It's another input method like when dual joysticks where introduced years ago.
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Sm00thNinja  +   882d ago
Looks MUCH BETTER THAN that monstrosity show earlier! Very sexy god the Xbox One controller is tiny. Not sure which I prefer yet but lit up with the led light the DS4 may take the aesthetic looks department
buynit  +   882d ago
I like how now you can charge while on sleep mode, great!
ASH_ufo  +   881d ago
disagree(1)??? who is it? go f**k with battery(
likeaboss302  +   882d ago
Without a Start button how do you pause a game?
The_Klank  +   882d ago
It has an options button.
JudyCrews35   882d ago | Spam
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1trillindividual  +   882d ago
i can't wait until the controller is set up at best buy, wal mart, target, or gamestop to try it out myself.
RE_L_MAYER  +   882d ago
It will be ripped out or broken as usual with any other thing on display
1trillindividual  +   881d ago
stigmurder  +   882d ago
DS4 is looking good
I'm excited to get my hands on the DS4. That being said, the antonym of the word concave is convex. The DS3 analog sticks are convex not concave :-)
Zefros  +   882d ago
looks bigger and much more comfy than ds3. will be great in my hands.
redtideone11  +   882d ago
sony plz switch the anolog stick back to the orginal look
Dogswithguns  +   882d ago
Looks awesome.. still I liking DS3 as of today.
seepamann  +   882d ago
Ps3 controller was same as ps2 controller but ps4 controller look very very stylish love you ps4
GunsAndTheBeast  +   882d ago
The days of "Press Start Button" is over, and now we have the crappy "Press any button" :(
Khronikos  +   882d ago
PS4 looks like pure sex. The most perfect controller I have ever seen tbh. SO much better than the DS3.

Also pure sex-two penises lol.
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strigoi814  +   882d ago
I want a little weight to the DS4..coz the ds3 feels a bit light for me..
RE_L_MAYER  +   882d ago
I probably going to tape share button and speaker-light seems to be bright as well/might bother people playing in dark room, speaker is just I dont care about and hope I can turn it off
mrmarx  +   882d ago
the first sentence says it all..
DivineAssault  +   882d ago
PS4 LIFE! Love the new DS4!
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