DICE: Battlefield 4 on PS4 Will Use L2 & R2 for Aiming and Shooting

GR - "The PlayStation 4's controller triggers are 'much improved'."

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Mr_Nuts1995d ago

Using the L1 and R1 buttons a lot this is going to feel weird.

Maybe we can change them who knows.

Saying that we don't know what the new buttons on the DS4 will feel like

Majin-vegeta1995d ago

I'm used to L1&R1.But i haven't used my remote for it since i got K/B mouse for it mid 2012.

Hopefully there's K/B mouse adapter for the PS4 soon.

a_squirrel1995d ago

I like L1 and R1...

As far as a keyboard and mouse goes... that's practically cheating if you aren't in a vehicle.

maiden4life1995d ago

Whatever!! You would be surprised how many people use a K/B mouse in BF3 and COD. I hope my Xim Edge will be supported on PS4.

ThanatosDMC1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I prefer L1 and R1 too. I hope they have a different control scheme. Who the heck uses their middle finger to shoot a gun?

L1 and R1 buttons on a Playstation controllers is not tiny compared to the Xbox controllers.

vallencer1995d ago

As far as i know i think the ps4 supports just a straight keyboard and mouse. Not sure if that translates to games though.

kneon1995d ago

I also prefer using r1 over r2. The shorter button travel makes it easier to rapid fire

BattleAxe1995d ago

It might feel proper for the new PS4 controller, but to use L2 and R2 on the DS3 just ain't right. We're going to see lazy development for current gen consoles from here on in.

thechosenone1994d ago

That's not the good part...this is the good part. Two DICE devs just made the claim that DS4 is the superior controller for next-gen gaming. :D

"Is it that much better than the 360 controller? I don't like the Dual Shock."

"@Demize99It's better shape, size, features, texture, triggers, sticks. Everything."

Statix1994d ago

Those people using a mouse adapter on consoles aren't as good as you think. There's a reason they have to use a mouse adapter.

dantesparda1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

people are funny, i agree the mouse aims better thana analog stick, but the keyboard? the kb sucks for gaming!

As for the switch, fine, who cares, its actually the way its intended to be, you'll get used to it quickly

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Cam9771995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Medal Of Honor: Airborne did the same. It was admittedly odd at first, but when I adjusted I can actually say that it is better. This is because they feel like they have more control over the front triggers. I don't know, that's my opinion and I welcome change!

To those questioning this, did you read the source? Firstly, it wasn't confirmed, the headline is just hit-fishing, what was said is:

'PS4 version of the game will "likely" use the L2 and R2 buttons for aiming and shooting'

and then he went on to say:

'they are "so much improved" over the PS3's triggers.'

So there you go. This isn't confirmed and even if it is going to happen it'll be for a good reason! This isn't the PS3 version, it's only the PS4 version due to the superior triggers.

Look at the triggers for yourself and see why they're better:

1995d ago
Dirtnapstor1995d ago

I remember MOH:A...traded it for the 360 version because of the trigger issue, just felt wrong! Same with Bodycount (such a poor game but trophies were easy).
The current controller is perfect for L1/L2, can't imagine the change unless the slope the controller differently...hands-on will determine. It'd be great if options to change up controller settings are available.

hesido1995d ago

I think there's no reason to worry. I never had an Xbox but the controller's bottom should buttons just feel natural as triggers when I grabbed one at the mall. If DS4's handling is anything like it, it should be fine. All PS4 hands on articles say good things about the DS4.

KingKevo1995d ago

I'm just guessing that this might be their standard setting and we get the option to change the layout, that's pretty much a standard and BF did always have such options as well. Or they might keep it to old way and make L2/R2 an additional option. But yeah, I'm used to how it it today (of course, lol) but I'll check out which one does actually feel and play better.

MizTv1995d ago

I hope so!
I love r1 and l1 to shoot

teedogg801995d ago

Since the triggers are redesigned and feel more like real triggers, I think L2 & R2 will be the way to go.

kneon1995d ago

They will have longer travel so it's more difficult to fire rapidly that if you were using R1/L1. I guess those that like to use fully automatic weapons won't care by I tend to use pistols in most games.

Statix1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )


Actually, I've heard from a couple people who have played Call of Duty on both 360 and PS3 that they can shoot faster using the triggers on 360. For example: quick, repeated shots using the FAL in Black Ops 2. Probably because the triggers naturally have less resistance at the actuation point, and is more ergonomic to place your fingers on also.

Personally, I prefer using the L2/R2, so this is a welcome change to me. I've been using the L2/R2 "triggers" on PS3 since COD4 back in 2007. But that's probably due to me coming off the original Xbox, and being used to using triggers.

moparful991994d ago

@statix I own BLOPSII on both the 360 and the PS3 and I do much better with the L1/R1 setup as opposed to the triggers on the 360.. 360 triggers have a lot of travel and they're stiff..

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1995d ago

L1 and R1 for shooting and aiming down the sites? LMAO, that shows everything wrong with the dualshock 3 for FPS games. Those buttons suck for FPS games on that controller. Not to mention the suck positioning of the analog sticks.

Glad they're fixing that for the better controller this time around. Good thing they fixed that mess.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1995d ago

How do I have 6 disagrees? Are the Sony fanboys that hard up that they can't agree with what they've been saying. They're talking about how much better this new controller is, and how they fixed the bad parts about them.

You'd think by the disagrees that there was nothing wrong at all with the DS3. If there was nothing wrong, why all the changes and why people saying they're happy for the changes?

Oh Sony only owners. You guys are wild.

princejb1341995d ago

In my opinion l1 and r1 felt more natural to me
I'd didn't like the xb360 controller since it felt so bulky

However I did have a problem with the l2, and r2 buttons on the ds3
I felt my fingers slid of very easily since it wasn't curved in the end
And I also felt those buttons were very sensitive to the touch

I hope ds4 is awesome
Love the playstation controllers the button placements just feels right

kneon1995d ago

There is no logical argument for the positioning of the sticks on the 360.

My hands are symmetrical so why aren't the sticks? If moving the left stick to the upper position is better then why not do it for the right stick? I'll tell you why, because there is little if any difference. They just designed it that way so as not to look like a DS.

As for using the triggers people only think that's better because they look like triggers. If you want to rapid fire then you want a button with as little travel as possible, the triggers move several times further than the R1/L1 making it much more difficult to rapid fire.

Even if you don't press the trigger all the way down for each shot it is still worse. You have to partially press rapidly which is more difficult than with the r1/l1 that have a hard stop when you press them.

ShabbaRanks1995d ago


I’m a gamer, I think it is you who is the fanboy here cuz It’s obvious you never used a DS3 in a shooter. Almost everyone prefers L1 and R1 because like @kneon said : "The shorter button travel makes it easier to rapid fire"

And it’s very true.

sourav931995d ago

The world was a much better place when you had just one bubble. If you've ever used a ds3, than you'd know that the L1 and R1 buttons are MUCH better than the 360's LB and RB button. The triggers on the 360 are better than those of the ds3, though. I've had friends who said it's much easier to use the L1 and R1 button for aiming and shooting than to use LT and RT. The LT and RT feel more natural, but L1 and R1 are just quicker, giving you a slight edge. But you wouldn't care for any of this, because you were born a troll.

AliTheSnake11995d ago

You got disagrees because
First, A lot of people prefer the L1 and R1 for aiming and shooting.
Second,Analog sticks on the DS3 are placed the right way. Not the retarded way like the X360s.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1994d ago

@shabbaranks... go ahead and check my PSN tag.. same name as my 360. I've played COD and KZ2. also Uncharted MP.

I guess everyone that's stoked on the changes are crazy.

moparful991994d ago


I own both a PS3 and 360 as well I own a copy of BLOPSII on each and I fair MUCH better on the PS3 version due to the L1/R1 setup as well as the better joysticks.. The triggers on the 360 pad have way to much travel and they are stiff, the joysticks have "dead zones" and they are stiff additionally I really don't like the offset layout.. All in all I'm a huge proponent of the current DS3.

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titletownrelo1995d ago

hopefully its changeable because honestly...


asmith23061995d ago

Yeah I'm so used to L1/R1 but GTA IV used L2/R2 and it was ok (I had the trigger clips though!). Im sure it will be configurable.

Mounce1995d ago

Yea, like this should allow customization to the degree that PC, I don't get this. PC gets keybinding customization where you can hit any fuckig key you want. Want MOVE FORWARD to be 'U' for some reason? GO AHEAD!

But by all means, consoles? Nope, it's pre-determined setups! If none of them meet your fancy! TOO BAD!...

I prefer L2 being Sprint, R2 being Grenade and of course L1 being Aim/Ironsight and R2 being to shoot.

^The perfect R1/R2/L1/L2 setup in my honest opinion -_-

sourav931995d ago

Whatever floats your boat, buddy. That's why everyone has their own preferences. I personally prefer L1/R1 for aiming/shooting. L3 for running. R2 for grenade. L2 for secondary grenade. But I don't mind the way Bf3 uses R2 for knifing and L2 for grenades either.

Mounce1994d ago

Of course it's what floats my boat - as is everyone else who'd want customizable buttons on a gamepad...

I don't like L3 for sprinting because as I used such a thing on COD4 when it first came out and I got it free on PS3, it literally fucked up my analog stick so that the button would get stuck and the analog stick was always pointing more 'Upward' than rest in the became QUITE bloody annoying because then in future games, my characters would always slowly move forward because of what COD4 did to my analog stick, needed to get it replaced (And I didn't even play COD4 that often at all) but the sprinting certainly did fuck it up and make it need a full replacement.

LAWSON721995d ago

The problem with r2/l2 is that they are terrible on the ds3 and I would prefer the l1/r1 also, but if the triggers are improved to be similar to the xbox controller then I would much prefer using the triggers.

ShabbaRanks1995d ago

Well Sony said they also improved the springs in R2 and L2`, not only the convex curve. If the sensitivity is improved I won’t mind using the triggers on PS4, but I’m going to miss being able to rapid fire "à la" L1 R1 style

moparful991994d ago

I seriously don't know why people think the R2/L2 buttons are terrible.. I love them and have never had issue with them... I love that they have a nice light feel to them and they don't have half a mile of travel like the 360's triggers...

3-4-51995d ago

L2R2...those are the triggers right ? makes sense then.

Nafon1995d ago

It will make all of the xbox fans switching to the ps4 happy. It doesn't make sense to us that guns have triggers and the dualshock has triggers, but you shoot with the bumper things lol

Statix1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Yes, I would imagine a lot of Xbox fans switching sides would have trouble using the R1/L1 shoulder buttons for shooters. They'll be like, "What the hell is this weird shit?"

I'm hearing some Playstation diehards claim that there's "zero advantage" to using triggers instead of the shoulder buttons. This just isn't true. I've been playing shooters for decades, on every platform and controller (Xbox, PC, Playstation), and having your trigger finger resting on the trigger instead of the shoulder button is just a more natural and ergonomic position. Just my two cents.

moparful991994d ago

@Statix Again this is OPINION considering that I do much better on my DS3 in regards to shooters then I do with the 360 pad... If there TRULY was an advantage you'd think I would do better on the 360 but I don't...

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mrmarx1995d ago

what kind of bulshitis this!? wow just lke gta 4 and borderlands 1 for ps3.. at least have an option to change it to L1 and R1 smh

ThatCanadianGuy5141995d ago

he said "likely" use it.Nothing is set in stone yet.And no mention of custom layout which they will no doubt have.

Just another misleading headline on N4G.
C'est la vie.

MilkMan1995d ago

Any reason why they are doing this? or is it just to [email protected] with us?

mushroomwig1995d ago

Probably because of the improved L2/R2 buttons, if they're supposed to feel more like triggers then why wouldn't they make use of them?

Minato-Namikaze1995d ago

Why cant i choose? Using my middle finger for FPS's is the weirdist feeling in the world, lol.

MilkMan1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I see BOTH your logics....

TheFallenAngel1995d ago

Ewwww no!!! Hopefully we can customize the controller to OUR liking.

Mikeyy1995d ago

I've always preferred L1 and R1. Triggers are useless for semi auto weapons. And battlefield is a burst fire kind of game for max accuracy.

Any pro would switch there settings back to L1 and R1.