Inside Infinity Ward: how the house of COD was rebuilt after its foundations crumbled

EDGE: "There’s a common assumption online that Infinity Ward no longer exists, that the team behind Call Of Duty 2 and the Modern Warfare games walked out in mid-2010, took a cab a few miles down the road and founded Respawn Entertainment. This, says head of production Steve Ackrich, is not the case."

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allformats1974d ago

EA had one chance against Call of Duty this upcoming generation but EA being EA had to make Titanfall an Xbox One exclusive. lol.

HammadTheBeast1974d ago


Then again, if its good I'll play it on PC. So much for exclusive :/.

2pacalypsenow1974d ago

Its on xbox 360 xbox 1 and pc . Hardly a Xbox 1 exclusive

aceitman1974d ago

well those walls aren't built up just yet , we have to see how good ghost looks and plays next gen . and that will tell. between fish and dogs I wonder if its cod fish or cod dog is this cod the animal game lol. some of this is serious with I kid a round in it.

BattleTorn1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

In my opinion EA has two chances at beating COD now - Battlefield and Titanfall.

(both which I already think/know I'll like more than COD)

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KwietStorm1974d ago

I think maintained or refurbished is a better word than rebuilt.

josephayal1974d ago

men i'm tired of call of duty games

itBourne1974d ago

It doesnt matter either way, the damage was done. CoD was the worst thing to happen this console generation hands down. Its infection spread like wildfire to places it had no business being. Respawn and Infinity Ward can both burn in hell.

ape0071974d ago

negativity at its finest

UNGR1974d ago

The decided to rebuild the house without the foundation, surprised everyone? Now it's just an ugly house, sinking into the ground.

ape0071974d ago

"sinking into the ground"

u mean sales and "most played" charts??

dude u need to invert your Y axis

UNGR1974d ago

Quality obviously, how do you miss that?

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