Quantic Dream Hiring For Mobile

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls studio Quantic Dream could be moving into the mobile space. The Paris-based studio has posted a job listing for a UI artist/UI designer that suggests the company is at work on something for mobile platforms.

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MrSwankSinatra1938d ago

well all ps4 games supposed to ubiquitous with vita and other mobile devices for streaming hence why they need people. i don't think they're moving into making mobile games though.

Anon19741938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

You never know. The Walking Dead was on everyone's game of the year lists last year and was ported over to iOS. If you believe the reviews, it made the transition with ease. It might be for something like the Vita, but I don't think the notion that Quantic may be looking at developing for mobile platforms like the iPad is that far fetched.

strigoi8141938d ago i see a vita game coming

minimur121938d ago

ps4 games uses some mobile sh*t. Guaranteed.

playhouseent1938d ago

most likely just hiring for a companion app to a ps4 game. like nearly 99% of the other PS4 devs.