Call Of Duty: Ghosts – can a new engine help Infinity Ward leave Modern Warfare behind?

EDGE: "Compared to next-gen showcases such as Konami’s Fox Engine, the tech driving Call Of Duty’s future is more modest. Infinity Ward admits that Call Of Duty: Ghosts will run on the old engine, but overhauled to such an extent that it’s calling it a new one."

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Majin-vegeta1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Not a new engine peeps.Just same old worn out crappy engine.

Mr_Nuts1971d ago

It's unreal, I work in Asda and thats all you hear off the announcements in the shop


I keep shaking my head and end up talking to myself in an aisle

Roper3161971d ago

only the newest hi-tech engine could pull of that amazing fish AI! /s

Crazyglues1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

What you have to understand is the average gamer does not understand what a new game engine is..

They just know they are tired of playing the same old crap, and that a game making so much money and has so much support from consumers (as far as buying it every year) should have a new game engine..

-But since people don't really understand how a game engine works or what it does, they don't realize that this is not a new engine..

-This is same engine with updated graphics for new consoles, but same mechanics and same engine that ran every single COD for years.. It's the same MW2 engine.. used yet again, to make another Call of Duty game...

-Same Ugly Pig, but with a new fresh coat of paint-

They will never stop using this engine because most gamers can't tell the difference.. All they know is it looks a lot better..

-(Activision and Infinity Ward really think the average gamer is pretty dumb) So much so they had the nerve to tell you the game has new fish AI... LoL

-And they actually stated that as one of the new amazing features of the new engine... LMAO...

Something that's been in games since the late 80's

||.........___||............ ||

LonDonE1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

that is whats ironic, last generation the cod developers used the excuse that on the current gen the only way to maintain 60fps at this level of fidelity is to use their ancient engine, but that argument wont work any more, battlefield 4 running on frost bite 3 is 60fps now, and boy does that engine LOOK AMAZING!!

And so why has activison and the cod developers been so lazy? they have more then enough money off of the last 3 cod games which were re skinned versions of their best, and so now with all that extra power on the next gen consoles, are you telling me activision didnt have the hind sight to pay a group of 200 so called top engineers to develop and make a new engine for them for when next gen hits?

Thats total bull crap, they are just lazy, and the typical cod fanboys are too retarded to demand more,hell they couldn't even be bothered to implement dedicated servers, LOLOLOL instead we get garbage compromises like lag compensation which in my opinion ruined call of duty for me, MW2 had the perfect nat coding, if your internet was decent then you didn't lag, and got 4 green bars, and if you internet was cheap and nasty then you lagged, simple, why should i, who pays allot of money for good internet be punished for the sake of some guy playing in the middle of the jungle with dial up?

In mw2 i always got host, and most of the times when i was, everyone would get 4 bars due to my ping time being great, but after mw2 EVERY COD i have played has been a laggy mess, and its not my internet or settings, its that damn lag compensation crap which punishes people with good internet, which is ludicrous, anyway after getting into battlefield i have never been able to go back to cod, it just feels like a simplified kids game, while battlefield takes more skill, team work and tactics, also the destruction and vehicles is yet another layer of depth, don't the cod devs feel embarrassed? i remember i once thought after playing MW2 AND MW1 ONLINE, that infinity ward were at the top of the online fps genre, oh how they have fallen!

3-4-51971d ago

What a crappy title, because they are currently making another Modern Warfare game.

either way they are ripping on COD....they might not be intelligent enough to know it though.

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dazzrazz1971d ago

What new engine ? This is the same base quake technology... what a joke

gazgriff2k121971d ago

Its not a new engine they should start using bungies destiny engine

MizTv1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Same shit different year

buynit1971d ago

Crazy.. All the money they make off that game and they cant start the new gen with a new engine? And then have the nerves to say its a new engine?

They are simply not trying at all, but why would they they get better sales every yr..

Akuma2K1971d ago

Good point about the money, because you'd think they'd have a new engine by now (it's not like they can't afford it) but if they think just by dressing up and old engine and calling it new will be accepted and because its a "new cod game" then they're taking one hell of a gamble and one that can surely backfire on them because we all know when the final versions of COD:ghosts and BF4 are released they will no doubt be compared side by side on everything (graphics, gameplay, features etc..).

buynit1971d ago

I hope they get a swift kick in the mouth like ms... Thats what these idiots need to get it back together..

Imo the cod franchise isnt as bad as a lot of ppl make it seem but it can be a lot better due to the kind of support it gets from gamers..

Its like activision has an obligation to make sure that all their huge games die a horrible death when its been completly milked..

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