Executable Evolution: Is Releasing A Broken Game Acceptable?

The model for releasing a game is evolving, and this change is giving players, more power than ever before in deciding how a game will turn out. Although, if abused, this also sometimes leads to broken games that desperately need a patch (Dead Island, Skyrim on PS3) being released prematurely.

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Jourdy2881938d ago

Frankly? If somebody tried releasing broken games back before games were patchable, guess what? They would've wound up going out of business. I don't think that releasing a game that's broken is really acceptable, even though they can be fixed.

Why? Because we're paying $60 for a finished product, that's why. We're not paying for a beta.

andrewer1938d ago

Patches and updates should be a solution for many problems, but it has become a excuse to launch unfinished games. Of course, there are game companies how use them properly, but most of them, just abuse of it. Deliver a no-bug game is absolutely impossible, but games have been released more and more broken, and normally the first impression is what counts most.

Hydralysk1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

There could be some debate on what the term 'broken' means, but the Skyrim PS3 situation was despicable.

In online games, or games advertised as being in open beta like DayZ it makes sense. The game is promoted as being unfinished but you can still play and give feedback even if everything isn't perfect.

It's a whole other story when you purposefully don't send out review copies for a specific console because you don't want those pre-release reviews to warn people there's a game breaking bug. It was clear Bethesda knew about the bug and just wanted to sell as many copies on release day as they could before people actually started finding out about it. That's possibly the slimiest business practice I've seen from a publisher, and that's saying something.

Wni01938d ago

farcry 3s multiplayer has been broken since day1. not a single patch in 5 months now.

UNGR1938d ago

No, no it's not. Broken games should have it reflect in the review. The "we'll fix it later" crap doesn't fly anymore. It hasn't for 5 years, and still developers do it. Boycott broken games this next generation, no developer has an excuse to release a broken game.

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