Who really benefits from Microsoft's change of DRM policy?

Gamasutra: Just last week I wrote a post in the wake of Microsoft’s arguably lack lustre performance at this year’s E3 event wondering if the company had broader plans for the future of their new console and controversial policies. Now, with the surprising news of a complete u-turn on these their used game and online connectivity plans following public outcry, it seems we have an answer.

Don Mattrick’s written statement released shortly after the news broke presents a picture of solidarity and an insistence that this change was a result of the company wishing to deliver to its loyal customer base. Whatever Microsoft’s reasoning, this decision is sure to have an impact on all parties concerned with the future of the Xbox One, and not all of it may be positive.

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FrigidDARKNESS1971d ago

Businesses like GameStop and GameFly.

headblackman1971d ago

GameStop, game fly,blockbuster, pawn shops,yard sales. and the list can go on.

Roper3161971d ago

basically every customer / game shop and not MS. So in my eyes that is a win win.


Gamestop (dislike their used games policy)
Craigslist users
Less fortunate gamers

Cam9771971d ago

Just about everybody (excluding devs and MS).

hesido1971d ago

Why? If MS believed these changes would be the worse for them, they wouldn't have changed at all. They saved their own backs.

They've not "listened" to users, they've just looked at the pre-order numbers. If the pre-order numbers were healthy, they would go on with their program, and air that detailed description of their system by Major Nelson.

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The story is too old to be commented.