On The Topic Of Used Games

A very extensive look at every possible side of the used games debate. This is about as comprehensive an article as you're going to get, on the subject.

Quote: "To that extent, let’s call this an educational tool on the topic of used games. We are all gathered here today to witness the marriage of concepts that have been thrown around, as well as criticisms which negate those concepts, at least for the current gaming market. With this in mind, we’re going to be talking about things from the perspectives of the consumer, the developer, the publisher and the retailer. Pretty much every stakeholder in these transactions, then. As a result it’s going to get long, it’s going to get detailed, but on the bright side, it’s going to get extensive and cover pretty much every current side of the argument so that nobody gets left out and nobody is misrepresented. Hopefully. "

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NegativeCreepWA1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I got 3 cents for Kinect Adventures a few days ago, didn't notice until I got home and looked at the receipt.

I wonder how much Gamestop will sell it for.