'Hotline Miami': PlayStation 3, Vita port pales in comparison to PC

Digital Spy writes: "Hotline Miami launched on PC late last year to critical and commercial success, and now a PS3 and Vita port hits PSN this week.

"The keyboard and mouse is the perfect setup for this game. Holding down the shift key allows you to look ahead, while not limiting your ability to simultaneously move, aim, pick up weapons and shoot.

"You can perform all of the actions on the PS3's DualShock controller with your two hands, although using multiple left and right triggers isn't completely intuitive.

"The Vita fares worse, though, as it demands that you drag the touch screen to look around.

"It's an inconvenience as you're sacrificing the ability to do anything else - one hand to move the camera around, the other to hold the Vita firm so you don't drop it."

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Xaphy2002d ago

according to the reviews its an amazing game. Also its been out for only one day? give it a chance. Im downloading it. Love those retro games.

Veneno2002d ago

Yeah it doesn't add up. Many are saying that the ps3/vita versions are superior, so to say that it "pales" raises some suspicions. Could be another pc elitist who is frustrated that PlayStation is getting pc hipster games.

kwyjibo2002d ago

"Many" are saying? You don't add up.

Because the reviews generally acknowledge a degradation in the controls.

Really like the black-white-and-red visuals though. It's like a psychopath's Game Boy.

Veneno2002d ago

Yeah you could be right. There's just too many self proclaimed experts on games out there that you just can't believe a lick of anything they say. Like Polygon for example.

Also I think controls are something reviewers complain way too much about and only when it's convenient to them so they can sound like they know what they're talking about. This dweeb probably does like the pc controls more but that just makes his view on ps controls more impaired as he is compairing everything to pc when he should just be focusing on the platform it is on.

Dir_en_grey2002d ago

I don't have the game yet but I'd imagine you can use the back touch screen instead of taking your hand off and "drag the touch screen" like the article says.

Sounds more like a nit picking article just for the sake of complaining

bigfunkychiken2001d ago

You can't use the back touch pad.

ElementX2002d ago

I'm actually tired of retro looking games. They were fun back when those 8 and 16-bit graphics were the norm, however my tastes have changed and I prefer the better graphics of today's games. I do have a few retro-looking games and Hotline Miami is one of them. (I'll buy anything on sale on Steam) I almost think that retro graphics mean no talent. Anybody can do pixel art, however real talent comes in the details which retro games can't display.

ifritAlkhemyst2002d ago

Anybody can do pixel art, but giving that art a sense of identity and style is not something anybody can do.

Further, your claim that real talent comes in the details which retro games can't display. Try playing Dreamweb one day. Or any text-adventure. They tend to be more detailed than any graphically impressive game has ever been.

sdozzo2002d ago

I Hope It Works Well. It Was Alright With Xbox Controller.

despair2002d ago

Sounds like bitching for no reason.

r212002d ago

Oh ok. Still going to play it on my vita though.

B_Rian892002d ago

Me too. I just bought it this morning

WeAreLegion2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

It's literally the exact same game.

ifritAlkhemyst2002d ago

With inferior controls. Supposedly.

wenaldy2002d ago

What? Using a kb/m in manner of 'twin joysticks' gameplay is frustating.

bigfunkychiken2001d ago

They are inferior. But the controls are not the total piece of shit that the article suggests.

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