The Ouya is a nice idea ... at least

Impressions on that the little console that almost could

"The Ouya is on sale today, and I've spent a few days with the final retail unit. For $99, you can get your hands on a cute little cube that runs a selection of Android games, a handful of apps, and is designed for amateur developers to create from home to their heart's content."

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Parapraxis1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Not really, it's trying to fill a niche that doesn't exist.
People who play mobile games don't care to play those games on a big screen.
End of story.
That's all she wrote.

NihonjinChick1818d ago

Games on emulators don't look as good as I expected. That was my only reason for being interested in this and it's not even that smooth of an experience.

M-M1818d ago

A nice idea that's executed way too soon.

level 3601818d ago

Buyers will definitely get what they paid for.. and maybe more.. and more that they did not expect.

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