Is Toukiden the PS Vita's answer to Monster Hunter? I Rice Digital

With the Japanese launch of Toukiden fast approaching, has Tecmo Koei's answer to Monster Hunter on PS Vita got what it takes? Rice Digital takes a closer look.

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DaveyB1946d ago

Glad I'm not the only one looking forward to this. It's so obviously a clone of Monster Hunter - but from what I saw of the demo - it's a very good one! :) This has been confirmed for Q4 this year for EU too! :)

Xaphy1946d ago

and people keep saying ps vita has no games tsc tsc. I dont even know how to finish all the stuff I have.

IMightBeRetarded1946d ago

Especially with ps+. I don't even know what to begin playing.

archlejarde1946d ago

i think so. you can tell from the trailer.

G20WLY1946d ago

It's one of them, that's for sure.

Seems to me if you're a fan of Monster Hunter-esque games, you need to be gaming on the Vita.

Some out now, others on the way - and Soul Sacrafice has had free DLCs, with even more coming next week! ;)

ThanatosDMC1946d ago

Wish there's armor crafting. I want to wear the monsters i kill.

sherimae24131946d ago

this game is almost a 99% clone of MH and for me its nice
oh its also got a pretty visuals too as far as i know according to neogaf its in native res and have a 4xAA

Patashnik1946d ago

Yeah, Vita's growing into a really nice little platform for fans of Japanese content. I just wish Phantasy Star Online 2 localisation would hurry up! >_<

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The story is too old to be commented.