Likeness Rights In Gaming: All Your Face Are Belong To Us

Ellen Page has commented on Sony's use of her likeness in The Last Of Us, but this isn't the first time likeness rights in gaming have caused a commotion.

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Excalibur1995d ago

All Your Face Are Belong To Us?

Kran1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Please read this and you shall understand :)

And no N4G, this is not spam. Stop saying it is when im trying to post this!!!! >:O

EDIT: Thank you :D

Angeljuice1995d ago

Thanks Kram,
For a moment there I was wondering " Are my face am belong with to yours?"

Excalibur1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

LOL silly me, I've never heard of that. LOL

wenaldy1995d ago

What? That's like the oldest meme ever..

FamilyGuy1995d ago

Almost literally, it's gaming history and culture.

Guess we're getting old :/

Pisque1995d ago

Thanks OBAMA because of you the last of us used ellen page's face!

Shazz1995d ago

is this really the straw haters are grabbing to try bash sony after a 399 ps4 and goty candidate in last of us ? WOW

kwyjibo1995d ago

Yes, Ellen Page, who's working on a PS3 exclusive is also working for Microsoft.

Angeljuice1995d ago

It doesn't look that much like her, she just has a generic 'boyish' look about her.

Roccetarius1995d ago

Yeah, she does look a bit generic in that way. I don't think she looks that great, but that's just me.

kwyjibo1995d ago

The best/worst ripping off is probably Michael Biehn on the front of the original Metal Gear.

wenaldy1995d ago

And Sean Connery as Big Boss on MG2: Solid Snake.

LightSamus1995d ago

I think it was more an homage than a rip-off. It's not like he appears that way in-game.

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The story is too old to be commented.