AMD's Latest Commercial Goes Up Against Nvidia, Claims To Be THE Best PC Graphics Solution

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, AMD has balls. I mean big, big red balls. The red team has released a new commercial in which it goes up against Nvidia. This commercial shows a PC gamer who bought a new graphics card and is facing some technical issues with his favourite games. And then, out of nowhere, a guy appears to help him out with his problems. Naturally, instead of lowering some settings, tweaking his PC or overclocking his GPU, that guy suggests him to get a new AMD card, as those cards are said to 'be the best for PC and console gaming these days.' Naturally, that's not the only thing that happens in this commercial, so make sure to watch it. "

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Narutone661971d ago

Hahaha.. It's on, the graphic cards war. That's more intense than the console war going on here in N4G.

Allsystemgamer1971d ago

Yea. ATI v NVIDIA fans are ruthless. Although AMD won the console war so chances are all ports will run better on AMD architecture.

NioRide1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Stop living in the past, No one has called it ATI since 2006.

Of course I bet you also think "hurr durr no drivers" too.

Allsystemgamer1971d ago


I have an AMD/ATI Radeon 6970 2gb and my drivers are plenty up to date too. And you also just proved my point completely.

NioRide1971d ago

Proved what point?

you didn't even make a point.

_QQ_1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Nvidia cards are better than AMD,Intel's CPUs are better than AMD's, but AMD is better for a budget PC. Other than that this comercial is beast.

WarThunder1971d ago

No Intel is not better than AMD and same gose to Nvidia.

Anyway! Double post

joe901971d ago

my Card is an AMD 7970 OC and CPU Intel 3770k OC, i prefer my video card over Nvidia,

BUT to say AMD is better than Intel in the CPU department is insane.

kwyjibo1971d ago

AMD's single threaded performance just isn't there. You pull one video to show AMD CPU superiority, but a quick Google for that CPU will show lots of reviews where it loses badly.

If AMD were pressuring Intel at all, I'm sure the latter would have made more of an effort with Haswell on CPU performance.

NioRide1971d ago

Owner of a FX-8350 here, I know that intel is much better for single core performance.

But considering I don't do things on a single-core I went this route.

Which has been great because I'm able to do video redinger, capture and gaming all at the same time. Which is nice because I hate leaving my videos to render at night only to end up with a error for some silly reason or another.

WarThunder1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@joe90 - @kwyjibo and @ ignorant disagrees

In the vid i linked: teksyndicate compare AMD FX 8350
to Intel 3570K and 3770K

- AMD FX 8350 $160
- Intel i5 3570K $220
- Intel i7 3770K $310

In their test showing AMD FX 8350 beats both i5 and i7 in most games for less money.

The only intels that actually beats the FX are the new i7 4th gen one of them is i7-4770K but cost around $360 twice as much....

"BUT to say AMD is better than Intel in the CPU department is insane."

Yes AMD is better than Intel, most people don't own a bank to buy Intel ($300-$400) to be faster.

AMD wants to make a CPU that has great performance for less money so everyone can enjoy games on the highest settings..

If you think buying a $100/200 more expensive intel CPU for 5-8 FPS bust. Than your insane or a brainless Fan.

Best value/price/performance

joe901971d ago

so you're saying AMD is better because of price?

on performance i7 spanks anything AMD has, im not an intel fan i just bought it becuase of the chip bundle i bought.

also the 8350 is cheaper because it not as good, its not because intel are over charging.

kwyjibo1971d ago

@WarThunder - when I said do a quick Google to find counter-points, actually do that instead of shooting your mouth off with "ignorant disagrees".

Because reviews such as Bit-tech, anandtech, tomshardware, hexus etc disagree.

They ignorant too?

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marchinggamer1971d ago

That's why the best GPU thetek is is the 7990 not the Titan not the 690 not the 780

svoulis1971d ago

7990 shouldn't be compared to the 780 because its is multi-GPU solution.

Pisque1971d ago

Of course AMD is the smartest solution for PC gamers... It's cheaper and has the same performance games wise.

Plus this time all the games will be optimised AMD like Battlefield 4 because multiplatforms will be developped on Xbox One/PS4 which are all-AMD manufactured.

Who buys Nvidia nowadays is getting scammed.

GodGinrai1971d ago

"Who buys Nvidia nowadays is getting scammed."

HEY! I happen to like my 560Ti! lol

Pisque1971d ago

Of course you may like it now, but Nvidia is overpriced and almost every next gen multiplatforms will be optimised for AMD. So it is not a long term solution for you. :P

TedCruzsTaint1971d ago

Developing console games on an AMD apu says nothing in terms of PC games being more easily optimized for an AMD gpu/cpu.

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