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OUYA launches on Amazon for $99, sells out immediately

OUYA has sold out at Amazon immediately after it launched in the U.S., Canada and U.K. today, with the retailer listing it as “Temporarily Out of Stock.”

A good sign for the Android-powered console, gamers hoping to snag the Kickstarter-funded console will have to resort to buying the $99 OUYA at other retailers in the U.S. and Canada like Best Buy, GameStop, and Target. (Android)

Update GameStop is now out of stock of OUYA too.

TheLyonKing  +   840d ago
great piece of kit for both devs and gamers alike.

I presonally don't see the appeal but I can understand why this has sold out so quick.
SwiderMan  +   840d ago
Agreed. I would certainly get one to pass the time if I wasn't saving up for One/PS4.
SwiderMan  +   840d ago
Looks like GameStop is out of stock, too
ziratul  +   840d ago
It's fun cause you can publish game on OUYA without any special approval and large chunk of $$$
guitarded77  +   840d ago
That's the best use I see for the console. It could be a great tool for those wanting to get into the industry, and also a good teaching tool at universities.
givemeshelter  +   840d ago
This "console" will do well
Sarobi  +   840d ago
Well that's cool to hear.
creeping judas  +   840d ago
Never under estimate the power of the casual gamer!!
Neixus  +   840d ago
well, most casual gamers will think;
''what's the point in buying this? i can already play those games on my iphone / galaxy''
Baka-akaB  +   840d ago
I doubt it's casual gamer buying it , they dont even know about the machine yet
SatanSki  +   840d ago
Great, for $100 only i can play games that look like 15yo pc tittles. Is it some entertinment for the poorest of us?
Fishy Fingers  +   840d ago
Perhaps. If your close minded that might seem the obvious demographic.

When in reality it's a great launch pad for small Indie developers. It's a cheap user friendly gaming platform for the family and of course will support a ton of other useful android features like a media hub, Internet browser etc etc

For $99, your getting a pretty useful bit of kit.
SatanSki  +   840d ago
Ahh i see. I forgot its not about games only. I prefer tablet which i can use anywhere though.
sarcastoid  +   840d ago
I just feel for this to be relevant AT ALL it'd have to sell millions. I just don't see that happening. I think this is a fad from gamers who think they want a bunch of indie games, when the reality is they get an OUYA, play a few throwaway games that last a half hour and realize they regret buying something so cheap, yet so expensive.
andrewer  +   840d ago
I don't get it...
What is wrong with 15 yo pc titles????
I mean, 90s games are so freaking awesome, just look at Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein 3D, Blood, and those awesome point and click games.
Ahh, good times.
JBSleek  +   840d ago
$99 is impulse buying territory. Not surprised at all that means it will be supported.
Kurt Russell  +   840d ago
It costs $153 over here in the UK.

They simply changed the $ to a £ and stuck it up for sale... I'm passing just because I think that's bull.
BattleTorn  +   840d ago
Yup. I have absolutely zero interest in the games Ouya plays.. but I'd consider buying one for $99. lol
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deepio  +   840d ago
Not that I'm bothered about one of these Ouya devices, but why oh why do us Brits get screwed on the price again and again! $100 = £100! What a joke. If you happen to be in America you could pick this up nearly half the price (£66). Speaking of which, you could save yourself £100 on the Xbox One and £85 on the PS4 (if you can fit them in your suitcase!!). Its outrageous.

PS. I know, some other countries/continents get screwed even more.
BattleTorn  +   840d ago
I seriously have never understood this.

(funny cause I have always thought I've understood why stuff here in Canada is always like 10-50% more expensive)

But for UK/EUR it's like 50-100+% more expensive!!!

It's like corporations can't do conversions. (or they're happy to treat foreign consumers like shit)

unfortunitely it seems like both are true..

Example: I went to France in Gr12 (2007), and I had a video iPod at the time, the billet I stay with was astounded that I could afford one, I said "well, their only $400..." He said "$400!! They're 400EUROS here!"

BTW, back then the Euro was between 2-3x more than the my (Canadian) dollar.

I'm surprised with the way things are, that companies don't do the same in return to NA, like Sony charging more for US sales just for a example.
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MakiManPR  +   840d ago
Its only because the price. Cuz even if it has like 1 million games. All looks like SNES Games. And I know is about the fun and stuff but they also looks boring.

I'm not hating cuz i'm heading to get my copy of Project X Zone and I'm also thinking to get one OUYA.
SatanSki  +   840d ago
Theese games are good when you can kill some time playing them on a phone or tablet sitting in a plane or on vacations. I cant imagine torturing myself with them on a big screen though. I wonder what is the bigest reason behind Ouyas popularity?
andrewer  +   840d ago
I would spend a whole freaking day just playing Contra, Dig Dug, Bubble Bobble and Elevator Action, so you are the guy that don't get it. The guy that don't need it.
JackVagina  +   840d ago
now i can play my IOS games on my tv...yay
Rezka  +   840d ago
This system has potential
sarcastoid  +   840d ago
This console.... or.... an extra launch title for ps4. Hmm. Sorry, OUYA.
MilkMan  +   840d ago
I helped kickstart this project and I have had my OUYA for 2 months now. The ideas behind it are sound and that's what got me excited. The concept is that a triple A game dev as well as a guy in his garage should be able to make the games they want to make. Say for example the makers of Battlefield always wanted to make a strategy game, well EA wont finance that, but with minimum funding they can try this experiment and not tarnish or ruin their good names, and spend millions of dollars of EA's money for a game that may flop. This is exciting.

I hope quality controls are implemented because you don't want a see of garbage on the platform, but to qualifying process is not that stringent.

I'm looking forward to some creative, fun, innovative games.
Lets see what happens.
BuckyBarnes  +   840d ago
Have fun playing iOS/android games. This system is an absolute joke. I can run everything it runs on my phone. 'Nuff said.
solidt12  +   840d ago
I see the Appeal. For instance I don't like playing any games on a phone period but there are some great games on Mobile I would play with a controller and tv. I might get one.
UNGR  +   840d ago
The less the have made the easier it is to sell out. Don't worry this thing is going to flop, it has no support. It's completely reliant on hackers to bring games to it, or indies to put their titles out. (in which case they'll get pirated) This thing was dead on arrival, selling out on the first day doesn't mean much.
ziggurcat  +   839d ago
There's a sucker born every minute, I guess. I feel bad for those who thought this was a good idea. Piracy will run rampant, ruining it for everyone, and people will just use it to emulate old, antiquated games.

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