Did Microsoft Suddenly Fix the Broken Xbox One?

Microsoft is a contender again.

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jaredhart1997d ago

You can't deny they fixed the major problems and now they are trying to court indies. All of this is a reaction to the PS4. If not for the PS4, these changes would not have happened.

vishmarx1997d ago

well itll survive now thats for sure
it looked like a wii u death otherwise

The_Con-Sept1997d ago

They fixed the red ring of DEATH!?????? Oh.... Apparently they didn't...... Oh well we tried.....

LoydX-mas1997d ago

Yes, MS did fix the RROD after the "Jasper" chipset came out in the last curvy 360. The 360S does not RROD and its failure rate has to be near all electronic device norms now.

donman11997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Yeah... a contender for second place. Plus, Xbox 360 failure rate were above 40% for a long time. I am curious to see how high the Xbox One failure rate will be and for how long.

AngryEnglish1997d ago

to be honest the xbox one casing is huge and im sure they did that to make sure of correct ventilation, id be very surprised if they have another Rrod scenario... to be honest id look at the small form factor of the ps4 and be more concerned, i know this will get disagrees but it does make sense to the no fanboy

donman11997d ago


That will never be an issue with Sony or Nintendo for that matter as they are known for making hardware with minimal failure rate. I am not worried. Xbox One (as huge as it is) I would be.

CerebralAssassin1997d ago

Dispite all the hate im about to receive, it wasnt going to fail. It had promise.and the features were great. The problem is that they werent an option. We were taking a step toward the future but microsoft was going faster then we wanted. I get that a lot of people didnt like their "restrictions" on used games but it wasnt like they were locked out all together.

The problem is and will always be the gamers. Always wanting more for less. Thats not how the world operates. When a person is gifted something, that person should not be able to make a profit off it. And thats exactly what MS would stop. They allowed you to trade your game. Let people borrow it as long as you knew them.

most people jumped the gun and screwed up a good thing. If gamers had it their way, games would be free along with online and even the systems. It takes money to keep these servers up. It takes money to employ the people to make the games. This community is made of a bunch of kids that have their hands out waiting for free stuff. I apologize to anyone that this doesnt pertain to but thats the truth and id like to hear someones intelligent opinion.

in a wrap up to this, things may have been different if we let microsoft explain themselves and demand more details instead of crucifing them and wanting to shut them down. Again I do not include everyone in this since I know people do more complaining the complimenting.

Parapraxis1996d ago

Can I borrow your crystal ball?
I love the fact that people can quickly forget the Dreamcast, Gamecube and Jaguar.

izumo_lee1997d ago

I still find it hard to believe that they fixed everything. This is Microsoft who were so adamant about their policies trying so hard to convince us that their vision is the way to go.

They probably built all that DRM into the Xbone & to so quickly reverse their policies is hard to believe. Who is to say that when the install base is big enough or they are the industry leader like they are with the 360 in the US that they won't implement this DRM again cause it has to be still in the system.

jaredhart1997d ago

You have a point but there are such things as consumer protection. If they decide to reverse policies and Xbox One Owners aren't ready, there's going to be tremendous outrage.

Anon19741997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I think it's a huge step in the right direction but there's still too many negatives about the system in my opinion. I may consider it later on down the line but I think Microsoft did the right thing by listening to the feedback coming from consumers and the media. They tried to convince us, it didn't work, so they rethought their position. It showed flexibility that I wouldn't expect from Microsoft but was happy to see.

I'm also concerned with Microsoft's actions later on down the line when they have a a bigger install base though. Who knows what they'll try? Feeding ads to paying customers of their service later on down the road always just seemed small town cheap to me, and we know they have that patent to use Kinect to check your moods and target ads to you. Not saying Sony hasn't made some bad decisions themselves, but Microsoft certainly doesn't exactly have a history of having consumer interest at heart. They also knew the 360 was faulty coming off the line and still rushed those out the door, for example. That's a decision that directly affected me, multiple times, and one I won't soon forget.

It certainly changed my views on buying any gaming console day one. However, if my wife puts a PS4 under the tree this holiday season, I certainly won't complain. :)

AngryEnglish1997d ago

They could your right but also remember every developer apart from 1st party Sony could also implement DRM as its a door that was left wide open by Sony, im fully expecting DRM to be the norm within the next couple of years, sad but true

Anon19741997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

But they've already been able to do this the past 7 years and it hasn't turned into an apocalyptic, DRM nightmare. Why would you believe this is suddenly going to change when even Microsoft and EA are backing away? If they were all going to do it, wouldn't every developer jumped onboard when EA was doing this with their online passes?

What's more likely is we'll probably continue to see publishers and devs adding content to games with one time use codes to entice gamers to buy new. Gamers will respond far better to the carrot than the stick, which they've proven recently in no uncertain terms. Who in their right mind is going to poke that bear again when they could offer incentives to buy new instead?

komp1997d ago

"Fix" is not the word I would use. Maybe "Panic, over" or "BackTrack"....

Transporter471997d ago

It wasn't broken from the start, they just wanted more of your money by implementing DRM, and nobody wanted to buy their DRM Crapbox so they were FORCED to 180 if not it would of been a TOTAL LOSS for the X1.

1nsaint1997d ago

Alltough im not a fan of the drm, it was there for a good reason, if you were able to share all your games without these checks people would exploit it

from the beach1997d ago

Yep, it wasn't a money-spinning measure. If anything they'll take in more money by not having controversial DRM policies.

Transporter471997d ago

People were already thinking of Exploiting their so called "Family Plan" which btw was only a 1 hour demo of the games. M$ denies this because they can change their minds from one day to another.

Simon_Brezhnev1997d ago

More like there so they can control. No matter how nice you try to say it Microsoft wants control and wants to tell the consumer what to do.

sdozzo1997d ago

Both systems will still sell like hot cakes. We can't get enough of the toys.

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