Rezzed 2013: PC and Indie Gaming Leads the Way With a Unique Brand of Creativity

While we suffer the hangover of E3, where style over substance may have left a bitter taste in your mouth, the perfect antidote to lavish press stands and tacky booth babes is to get right back to the heart and soul of gaming. Right where passionate indie developers can showcase their unique ideas to keen gamers that appreciate the art of gaming.

Step forward Rezzed 2013, hosted by Eurogamer and RockPaperShotgun, and held at the NEC in Birmingham. The event showcases the most exciting PC and indie games, where quirkiness and innovation mean more than any Triple-A title littered with quick-time events.

Some may find it somewhat ironic that the colossal NEC, with its offering of 200,000 sq metres of space, was hosting a small PC and Indie games show. If anything, it shows just how far the indie games market has come thanks to mobiles and tablets, as well as the more conventional PC and consoles.

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