Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 review by GameSpot

Like its plucky eponymous hero, Ultimate Ninja 3 gets by on sheer charm. Unlike the boy ninja, its ninjutsu is weaker than watered-down ramen. No, it isn't much of a fighting game. But it's so faithful to its source material, it should nevertheless provide hours of good entertainment to fans of the series. It has two short single-player modes, pitch-perfect writing, flawless voice acting, spit-shined graphics, and a surprisingly entertaining dating system. All of this is stuffed with the usual long list of unlockable characters, item collection, several terrible minigames, and of course, the wimpy combat. If you're looking for a good fighter, look elsewhere. But if you're looking for an interactive and sweet-tempered trip to Hidden Leaf Village, this is the game for you.

The Good
* Awesome production values, from graphics to voices
* Good original storyline
* Quirky and authentic character interactions
* Very entertaining for six hours.

The Bad
* Not entertaining at all after that
* Horribly shallow fighting system
* Bad minigames.

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Qbanboi3710d ago

Come on, it's a game for fans only. It' Not Halo.

BTW, i just got the game, to find out that it frezze when i try to play it on my Ps3 (80GB). It's just me? it's something wrong with the disc? is there a way to fix it? Does Sony Hate me? Should i kill myself?