The Witcher 3: "It's perfect for open-world" | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "At this year's E3, CD Projekt Red's John Mamais told us more about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and what we can expect from the open-world adventures of Geralt when the game launches next year.

The series' shift to an open-world setting will provide a big change. Mamais outlined some of the things that will be different. "We wanted to do the same kind of deep story telling, so that side's the same. Combat's a lot different there now, and it's set in an open-world environment so you can basically just go anywhere you want to play the game, so that's a big change."

With big changes come new challenges. We asked what some of these were for the studio: "Depth of storytelling and depth of character. This is important to people and you kind of lose that when you have a huge world to populate with so much content. So what we're trying to do is push the genre forward a little bit by really focussing on story and character, and I think that's how we're going to make our difference.""

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310dodo1970d ago

This game looks awesome I just wish they had create a character.

I do not like the look of that old guy with white hair.

Ill just wait for CyberPunk I hear you can create a character.

Mariusmssj1969d ago

I do understand but witcher is based on the books in which geralt is described in good detail, and there is a story reason for his white hair

310dodo1969d ago

I didnt know that at all.
I meant no disrespect to the franchise.

I just love create a character RPGs