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DualShock 4 Has A Deceptively Large Size, Side-By-Side Comparison

According to an image, the PS4 controller's size seems to be pretty big. (PS4, Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

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Cam977  +   680d ago | Well said
Wow! I saw people holding the DS4 in videos and it looked quite small, so it seems the Xbox has the smaller controller this time, not Playstation. I wonder how this will play out among those who complained about the PS having a "tiny" controller?

It is my personal opinion that the DS4 has the nicer aesthetics as I firmly believe that the ONE's controller resembles a brick (this is MY opinion, I know some people won't agree so apologize if I offended you).

From this it seems that the DS4 is superior to the ONE's controller, no? If this is the case, then a superior controller is yet another area that plays in Sony's benefit for this upcoming generation. The DS4 also doesn't require a battery pack and is more fit for those with larger hands, however, I have to credit Microsoft for making the XBOX ONE's controller look more mature and less like a child's toy as the XBOX 360's controller seemed to be with its bright colours. Moreover, I have to credit them for removing that stupid mound that was on the underside of the controller in which the battery lay, that was ridiculous and uncomfortable.. It seems that Sony have learned from their mistakes made on the PS3 and improved significantly by individually addressing them. For example:

- The sometimes slow XMB during games - they've tackled this by stepping up the RAM

- The controller that received lots of hate (the DS3) - they've blown the new controller out of the park in term of upgrades.

As well as more upgrades. Sony really are stepping up their game for the new generation, let's hope they return to the height of glory seen during the PS2 days.
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CRAIG667  +   680d ago
Both pretty ugly IMO, the DS4 looks like a MASSIVE step in the right direction though...
justastranger10  +   680d ago
X1 for me. The dual shock controller looks ugly with that gimmicky touchpad and share button.
SuperLupe  +   680d ago
I prefer the Xbox Ones controller design and feel. Looks less toyish too.
InTheLab  +   680d ago | Well said

gimmicky touch pad and share button...

gimmicky kinect and tv "features"...

You clearly have no issue with gimmicks...
The_Con-Sept  +   680d ago | Well said
Dualshock 4 looks like a great improvement. The Xbone-80 controller looks like a bat man throw toy.
ANIALATOR136  +   680d ago
xbox one controller looks hideous to me. original 360 one looked great. This looks horrid
Salooh  +   680d ago
You really hate the ps do you . Why did you choose the share button instead of the option button ?. lol

Buuuuurn with your own hate muahahahahahaha . I apologize , I'm evil when i get excited >.< ..
NewMonday  +   680d ago
the large footprint on the Xbox One controller makes it look bigger.

what I like most about the DS4 is that it has subtle curves that make it fit the hand grip more comfortbly
pete007  +   680d ago
Sony fans keep your ds 1/2/3/4 even 5. It ll allways be better, for you.now Xbox and Pc only players prefer by miles the Xbox controller. I had both, xb and ds3 Wich i sold With the PS3 cause after 1 hour playing my fingers hurt real bad.
Now letz see, from a ergonomic pov Xbox has the edge. But i keep my reservations.
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kayoss  +   680d ago | Well said
"...Wich i sold With the PS3 cause after 1 hour playing..." I maybe taking this out of context but if it means what i think it means then I know you are lying.
How many people go out of thier way to buy a PS3 (or any game console) and a video game and plays it and sells it after and Hour? A person with common sense would at least beat the game first before selling it.
Crazyglues  +   680d ago
All of that won't matter, (the fact that it's big compared to an XB1 controller) All that will matter is how does it feel.. http://bit.ly/11Y2AE5

-And from the reviews I've been reading the new DS4 is very comfortable... can't wait to start gaming on my PS4

What they really should be comparing it to is the DS3 and when you do that it's really about the same size as the old controller - http://bit.ly/1211R64

So really nice job Sony...

||.........___||............ ||
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AlphaTauri  +   680d ago
@InTheLab - If you're an NFL addict and love fantasy football (like me and many of my friends that do a $1000+ championship pot every season), then XBone's "gimmicky" TV features with exclusive NFL license and doing instant fantasy highlights are as cool as it gets.
HammadTheBeast  +   680d ago

More like a massive waste of money. I can do those same things on my phone.
MoveTheGlow  +   680d ago
The enthusiast press pretty much sums it up this way regarding controllers:

"Everybody wins."

Giantbomb tends to side with PS4 on the controller, but both of them are great. I can't wait, the DualShock looks like it really went through an overhaul, even if the functionality's the same.
komp  +   680d ago
Watch it morph from DS3 to DS4
FamilyGuy  +   680d ago
The X1s controller looks like a square box with winged tips at the bottom, it doesn't even look like a controller. It's got a lot of extra space for no reason at all. Visually, I think it's XYBA buttons are sexy and the glossy top with the X look good too.
On the DS4 the rubber grip handles make it look comfortable like a steering wheel cover. It looks durable, less like a plastic toy and more like something made to never slip from your hand.

Gaming wise, I've been with Sony forever and never understood why anyone would play with a controller that wasn't symmetrical. Some of you guys may like it but I just can't sand it.
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andibandit  +   680d ago
Holy sh.t, why is the ds so gigantic??
abzdine  +   680d ago
microsoft need to hire designers
Denethor_II  +   680d ago
pete007 "Sony fans keep your ds 1/2/3/4 even 5. It ll allways be better, for you.now Xbox and Pc only

I play PC with my DS3. Thank god for DS3 Tool.
CarlosX360  +   680d ago
So what if the controller is bigger? Actually, those with big hands won't complain anymore. :)
MoveTheGlow  +   680d ago
Also, I think this may be the end of the "Video games are toys for kids / Video Games are mostly played by Japanese people" preconceptions in Japan. There's a reason the Nintendo 3DS XL's controls are still cramped together on that big system - they design it for kids.

Sony's obviously looking west (bringing Cerny along to develop the architecture, for instance), and having a bigger controller suits the global audience far better than the "Wait, what if 6-year-olds think this is too small? Eh, who cares? *We* don't have gigantic hands, so whatever!" kind of design ignorance we'd seen in the past. It's something Xbox360 got right, and it's the reason I have that controller... for my PC.

On a side note, someone had better make good use of that touchpad. It's ugly. There needs to be a really good reason for that to exist.
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starchild  +   680d ago
They both look great,
dale_denton  +   680d ago
PurpHerbison  +   680d ago
Aesthetically, the Xbox One controller has a better flow to it.
Syntax-Error  +   680d ago
You complain about X1 having the ability to keep track of fantasy football equivalent to what you can do on your phone? I can easily compare the sh!t you do on your phone can be done with a tablet or laptop, so what's your point? If inventors thought in a box like you obviously do, the iPHONE would never have been invented. Cellphones were made for wireless talking, but we can access music, web, video recordings, still pictures, texting, and games from them. WHY? What's the damn point? The point is INNOVATION. Everything at your fingertips. MS created a console that does more than games, so whether you like the features or not...ITS STILL INCLUDED. Grow up!
Heartnet  +   680d ago
Agreed... Dislking the X1 controller for some reason but the Ds4 looks way worse... it does look like a toy.. touchpad is coming out of the controller not nicely embedded, speakers below that... to much going on to look nice just a mess of thrown together features imho

You're comparing apples and oranges there fella!
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hollabox  +   680d ago
I was never a fan of the DS controllers, analog stick placement is horrible for FPS games. I think the X360 is the best controller I've played. With that said I'm not a fan of the XB1 controller design or the PS4 DS4, but time will tell when I hold both for the first time.

I do wonder how the Japanese are going to respond to the DS4 since they complained about Xbox (original)controller size. But yet the Japanese love the Wii U tablet/controller which is the largest controller since the Atari Jaguar and N64 so it will probably be neutral.
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superkidcupid13  +   679d ago
i prefer neither ds4 still looks like ds3 but bigger and so does the x1c...no major changes..guess i still wont b playing fps on ps4 and im stuck with this annoying bigger lookin piece of stupid...both controllers lost IMO
Fez  +   680d ago
The DS4 in this pic looks absolutely hideous and deformed! Could just be the lens used but the Xbox controller looks a lot more stylish and sleek to me. In the marketing pic from the behind angle I like the DS4 but the front is not my cup of tea.

Just on looks, I would say the Xbox has nicer thumsticks, dpad, start/select buttons and is overall a nicer shape. The DS4 handles and share/options buttons are eyesores imo.

It all comes down to comfort really though, and I'll probably be more comfortable with the DS4 after so much use of DS1-3.
shivvy24  +   680d ago
my only complaint was that the DS3 was small and the triggers were slippery ! both fixed :)
G20WLY  +   680d ago
Would you really put 'form' before 'function' for something as important to gaming as a controller??

It has to be tactile, it has to feel right and be easy/intuitive to use. 'Looks' are way down the priority pecking order, and rightly so.

With that said, I like it - but I haven't seen or held one for long enough to know how right they've got it anymore than you have, so let's be patient and fair... ;)
omi25p  +   680d ago
Yep i agree, 360 controller is easily the best this generation and the X1 controller will be the best next generation
brave27heart  +   680d ago
From the article:

"As you can see the controller feels very comfortable to hold..."

Heartnet  +   680d ago
not taking into account personal experiece, Logically the X1 is more ergonomic in terms of shape and analog placement so that will be more comfortable naturally... and yeh the ds4 looks gimmicky and horrible... more like a 3rd party controller than an offical and that light thing on the back could make it awkward to hold, like with the battery pack on x360
RE_L_MAYER  +   680d ago
How do you know if xboxe one controller is not simply smaller than 360 thus making ps4 look bigger
titletownrelo  +   680d ago
PS4 controller looks so huge in comparison

Hows the little sackboy supposed to reach and grab both joysticks? D:

lol, LBP FTW
Dee_Cazo  +   680d ago
I can never get used to the thumbsticks for FPS games. Anything like that I can't play on the playstation its too uncomfortable.
pkb79  +   680d ago
yeah its a real grind having your thumbs symmetrically placed...
Kurt Russell  +   680d ago
I think the slightly larger controller will improve the thumbsticks (especially for us with man sized hands)
RedHawkX  +   680d ago
i agree xbox fanboys really have no excuse or really anything to say about the ps4 or the ds4 because both are just superior to anything on the xbox one. there are some people that work at microsoft though that are on forums trolling and spreading bs though. thats how they opperate. they are scum bags. just dont be fooled by them.
strifeblade  +   680d ago
and then there are fanboys that spread just as much if not more bs. "ds4 and ps4 is superior to anything on the xbox one", spreading stuff like this makes you look like a scumbag, and im not going to bother telling you the redeeming points on xbox one or the negative points on ps4- trolls like you are better left in the dark.
hellvaguy  +   680d ago
Both have some great features aside from personel comfort preference with the stick layout. Xbone has wifi direct and tactile triggers. Ds4 I like that share button and larger size.

Other changes like improved d-pad and touchpad, don't add anything for me.
Ace Killa 08  +   680d ago
LOL xbox employees trolling ... funny. This whole comment section belittles xbox one controller and anyone who defends gets a massive disagree bomb.

"i agree xbox fanboys really have no excuse or really anything to say about the ps4 or the ds4 because both are just superior to anything on the xbox one." this is completely stubborn as you have no validity to this claim. Just your fanboyism.
Zhipp  +   680d ago
I'm not a fan of Sony or M$, but the most comfortable controllers for me are the 360's and Gamecubes. I think the One's controller is aesthetically gorgeous, and the slight adjustments they've made to the size and shape sound almost as though they were tailored specifically for my hands. Honestly, I'm eagerly looking forward to the day I can use it with PC games.

The fact of the matter is, though, that controller preference is the very height of subjectivity. To pretend that anyone's opinion on the matter can be absolute is delusional.
BitbyDeath  +   680d ago

Will you still be saying you don't like the touchpad if RTS and Sim games start taking advantage of it?
tuglu_pati  +   680d ago
This is a good thing IMO, I always thought the PS controller was to small.
OcelotRigz  +   680d ago
"It is my personal opinion that the DS4 has the nicer aesthetics as I firmly believe that the ONE's controller resembles a brick (this is MY opinion, I know some people won't agree so apologize if I offended you)."

If people actually get offended by something like that then they need to take a good long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Then headbutt that mirror.
Cam977  +   680d ago
I've been temporarily banned for posting things like that (believe it or not!), so to reduce the chances of it being marked as "trolling" I added that.
Polysix  +   680d ago
I agree - the DS4 looks great, can't wait to hold it. The xb1 pad doesn't look as good at all, same crap plastic, same hard buttons.
Gardenia  +   680d ago
This is just like the famous magic trick. Put 2 half moon shapes of the same size, one above the other, and the one on top will look bigger than the other
boldstarr  +   680d ago

u dont need it, because u r the controller lol
SniperControl  +   680d ago

Whoopy do!!!

It's called "da internet".

I can do all that with my T.V and laptop/tablet.
pimpschitz  +   680d ago
Size matters MS! Go home!
ZBlacktt  +   680d ago
This is what it looks like in a users hands. Note, not that big at all.


OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   680d ago
LOL it looks tiny in that pic, cant wait to get my hands on the DS4 and see for myself.
overrated44  +   680d ago
@SuperLupe Have you actually held the controller/controllers? Just curious.
Doctor_Freeman  +   680d ago
I still like the joystick layout and triggers on the Xbox controllers better.
kickerz  +   680d ago
So with your Sony fanboy eyes PS4 controller looks better LOL who woulda thought. How about you read what lensoftruth says about each controller rather then just looking at pictures.


Oh would u look at that, Xbox one is better
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Dark_Overlord  +   680d ago
Yeah the totally unbiased LOT :/

I'm not even gonna list how many times they've been called out for their blatant fanboyism. I'll take the opinion of far less biased sites.
kickerz  +   680d ago
Well personally I like the look of Xbox one controller better BUT I do think pS4 looks awesome too, and will get the job done
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showtimefolks  +   680d ago
i am fine with bigger design but i for one didn't have a problem with dual shock 3 either

but i know many complained so now its bigger and better, in a way sony listened to all its critics and improved everything they could from system,price and controller

yet keeping up with ps3's tradition of being more powerful, now ps4 is more powerful
Krew_92  +   680d ago

Yes because you speak for the whole community. I myself use MotionJoy and connect my PlayStation 3 controller to my PC. I have no issues with it, and it's better than buying attachments or a whole new wired 360 controller just to play it on the PC. All you need is a USB cable or if you want a Bluetooth dongle and of course the (free) software.

I also don't understand how people get pain when they play on controllers, I only get pain when I play on portables for a long time. My hands get numb on those after an hour or so.
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RenegadeRocks  +   680d ago
I like DS 4 over th eXBone one. Xbone controller looks a like chinese product or something
VR-4nic  +   680d ago
The offset analogs are pretty stupid if you think about what a controller is meant to do when playing games. Its meant to be an extension of the body that one doesn't even think about when use, its just natural and like my body needs to be symmetrical just like my arms, eyes, legs, ect..... Maybe there's a lot of inbreeding in the Xbot community and that why they all like asymmetrical lopsided retarded sh**? Lol! PS4 > xboner 180
Lwhit6  +   677d ago
I used to be one of those people complaining about the size of the controller! (Thats actually what swayed me to buy the xbox 360 over the ps3) This time NUH-UH! not making that same mistake again. Definitely going with the PS4!!
The Meerkat  +   680d ago
Mmmm, Chunky.
Fil101  +   680d ago
That's what she said.
Hellsvacancy  +   680d ago
I wanted a slightly bigger controller, I havnt got 16 year old hands anymore, theyre bigger
SjaakHaas  +   680d ago
U guys never heard of a wide angle lens? Closer looks bigger and further away looks smaller trough a wide angle lens. Not newsworty... but hey... it's N4G!
despair  +   680d ago
lol, people believe anything on the internet or haven't you heard.
Smurf1  +   680d ago
Both controllers are placed together, the wide angle lens would affect them both.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   680d ago
explain to me what advantage a wide angle lens would provide one controller and not the other? THEYRE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER.
SjaakHaas  +   679d ago
Well, the lens is taking the picture right on top of the PS4 controller. So it will look bigger than when the PS4 controller would be on the X1 position. Try searching teh googles for wide angle lens and even fisheye lenses. Like this: http://bizzara.deviantart.c... ...

OMG that cat looks soooooo fat. And those trees OMFG i can't believe they are so crooked!
bub16  +   680d ago
i hope it still feels the same as ds3, i dont think i could handle a different xbox like controller :(
sAVAge_bEaST  +   680d ago
naw,, don't think you have to worry there, the sticks are asymmetrical(:
It seems that it just fits in the hands better while using the triggers, more ergonomic for shooters and such.
ybadr  +   680d ago
In the image, DS4 buttons are near the edge, wich makes them easy to access, and if you swap the two controllers positions you will have the impression that Xbone controller looks bigger. The image is a little tricky.

And damn i hate the D-pad of the Xbone controllers, just a nightmare in combat games such as: the King of fighters or street fighters.

And it is not a reason to buy an arcade pad because splitting a D-pad like the DS4, makes it more accessible for combat games.
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Ace Killa 08  +   680d ago
so you tried the newly improved D pad on the xbox one controller?? You surely haven't tried it in KoF as only killer instinct has been announced for a fighting game.
ybadr  +   680d ago
Read the description off the D-pad from microsoft, does it look like improved to you ?

Once the D-pas is not splitted to 4 distinct buttons, it just does not do it for fighting games. I'm not the only one to tell this,
i own a 360, so no fanboyism here
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fardan85  +   680d ago
Let me give a credit first to the D-pad improvement, I didn't try the controllers yet but It looks way better than the crappy d-pad on 360 controllers.

somehow this d-pad doesn't look like it will help in making insane combos in games like KOF, SF, Tekken..etc If you're a fighting games fan who likes to make bloody combos then you will likely suffer with XB1 controller.
DS4 d-pad looks good, might be better than the one on DS3. I hope it's improved or at least on par with DS3 d-pad.
#6.2 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   680d ago
ive actually heard a few negative things about the xbones dpad pretty early on. supposedly the dpad has awkward clickiness to it.

i for one have never been down for clicky buttons on controllers..aside from maybe the home button on controllers.
fardan85  +   680d ago
The best thing we can do now is wait until we can check the d-pad thoroughly.
Zhipp  +   680d ago
The DS D-pad isn't 4 seperate buttons, though. It's one mold with the center underneath the face of the controller. When I first saw it I thought it'd be brilliant, but now that I've used it I don't much care for that system, it makes diagonals too difficult.

I much prefer Nintendo's D-pads, to be honest. The One's looks a bit like Nintendo's, but M$ isn't the most reliable company when it comes to designing good D-pads, so I'll wait till it's in my hands before i get my hopes up.
imahustla19  +   680d ago
Glad the hand grips on bottom are bigger, after 2 or 3 hrs of COD I start to squeeze the control and makes my hands hurt.(the FPS ELIET thumb things r great but don't help the hand situation much either)
esemce  +   680d ago
I have no problems using the DS3 or the 360 controller and I'm sure it will be the same with these updates. They both look very well designed and built.
r21  +   680d ago
Woah, i expected it to be bigger but not that big 0_0
geekspodcast  +   680d ago
Somehow the Xbox controller looks more refined. I'm sure the PS4 will be plenty comfy though!
boing1  +   680d ago
It is. Much more comfortable than DS3.
B-radical  +   680d ago
Xbox one controller is so pretty :D
True_Samurai  +   680d ago
disagrees for your opinion that's sad
B-radical  +   680d ago
I'll live lol
GiggMan  +   680d ago
And he didn't even say anything bad about the PS4 one lol.
Pro_TactX  +   680d ago
I will never understand why people get so hung up on disagrees. You act like it is an affront or something. A disagree vote doesn't mean B-radical is necessarily wrong. It means that people have a different opinion. Some people don't think the controller is pretty.

The disagree votes are no more or no less valid than the agree votes, and you seem ok with those.
rezzah  +   680d ago
Anyone can agree or disagree with an opinion.
Salooh  +   680d ago
i have to agree with them , it's ok to disagree with opinions. hell, you even can disagree with facts in this website. The system doesn't work since it doesn't have a rule on how you should see it. That's why i think they should remove it since people here think of the system the way they want.
Jayjayff  +   680d ago
"wut the thought of someone not agreeing with me is asinine. FANBOYS! FANBOYS EHBWHERE"
darren_poolies  +   680d ago
Are people not allowed to disagree with his opinion?
True_Samurai  +   680d ago
Aw get over it people next time I'll put a /s for ya at the end
XRAVE  +   680d ago
I hope you are kidding that thing is ugly both are really.
pimpschitz  +   680d ago
Meh, I like the way that they did the textures of it, but I don't like what they did with the bumpers. The DS4 is way cooler looking in my opinion.
ZBlacktt  +   680d ago
Looks like a normal controller with nothing special about it. This is next gen...
tarbis  +   680d ago
Well, that's good. That's a big welcome for me. (no pun intended).
SDS Gamerfiend  +   680d ago
I've always preferred the Xbox 360 controller for fps and the DS3 for fighting games. This time around, BOTH companies have made improvements in the right direction with their controllers! What's all the fuss about?!
Sarobi  +   680d ago
I got hands on with the controller at Day 1 of E3. It did feel a little bigger compared to the previous dualshocks, but nothing too drastic really.
weirdo  +   680d ago
DS4 all day.
Geezus  +   680d ago
i think that picture makes the dS4 look bigger than it actually is.... look good tho i actually like that its bigger than the ds3 and that they made the triggers concave (not shown in the pic)

the one is relatively the same size as the 360 so thats good (continuity and what not) but i need to test out the Ones new dpad i hope its better than the 360 dpad cuz that one sucked big time ima need to put it through its paces on Killer Instinct and see its up to par.
ooquis  +   680d ago
No No your wrong....the Xone dpad is smaller than DS4. Does that mean Xbox owners has small hands?? I don't know that but....there is one advantage having small hands,when taking a piss your penis might look "deceptively" larger than it really is.
#16.1 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CRASHBASHUK  +   680d ago
now we need a other pic comparing DualShock 3 & 4
#17 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sAVAge_bEaST  +   680d ago
side by side/s

:edit-after scrolling down, I noticed others have posted pics..
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TH3KARMACHARGER  +   680d ago
The DS4 looks SUPER comfy!
Number-Nine  +   680d ago
ps4 controller looks more like a prototype still
Sm00thNinja   680d ago | Bad language | show
Thomaticus  +   680d ago
I don't care how they improve the Dualshock controller.. just don't EVER move the D-pad to where the left analog stick is right now. I know people like the xbox controller, but I prefer the DS3 / 4 controller because of the placement of the d-pad. I like being able to use the controller with fighting games, the DS3 and 4 is better for fighting games. A lot of people use sticks, but I prefer the D-pad. If you move the d-pad to where the left analog stick is, you make the d-pad unusable, and then it because just a menu select button.

To each his own...
ybadr  +   680d ago
Think exactly the same bro.
BattleTorn  +   680d ago
I'll respectfully disagree, cause i don't ever play fighting games. So the position of the d-pad, being where I prefer the left-analog, serves me no benefit.
ybadr  +   680d ago
I'm just imagining the possibilities offered by the touch pad on the DS4! that's huge ! and it also have motion sensors like DS3. And i don't understand why the Xbox one controllers costs 60$ when they lack those features ....
SpinalRemains138  +   680d ago
Photo I think is a little misleading.

I love the new look, but I have seen other photos which clearly show the ds4 is not bigger or wider than the Xbox stick.
310dodo  +   680d ago
Both look gorgeous.

I cannot wait too get my paws on my DualShock 4

mushroomwig  +   680d ago
Comparing it with a PS3 controller now;

Angeljuice  +   680d ago
Bubble up for being helpful!
a_squirrel  +   680d ago
Here's the Xbox One with the Xbox 360 controller

But the funny thing is, the Xbox One controller looks quite a lot like like the Xbox One controller.
KrisButtar  +   680d ago
very helpful indeed +

you got a showing XB1's and the 360s controller side by side to?
#25.3 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
G20WLY  +   680d ago
Thanks! Well in that case either this image (in the article) is fake, or the new Xbox controller is tiny! :O

I hope it's the former, as nobody wants a smaller controller compared to last gen.
XRAVE  +   680d ago
Thx very nice to see that pic, DS4 looks perfect then.
Thomper  +   680d ago

Can't you guys find something better to argue about??.

The xbox controller has been universally applauded. It's a great piece of kit.

If Sony can fix the problems with the ds3, then more power to them. The controller issue and the lacklustre on-line functionality drove me to xbox this gen. Lets hope the playing field is more equal this gen...then I can have double the fun ;0)
Angeljuice  +   680d ago
If it were *universally applauded* there wouldn't be this debate. The Xbox d-pad however was universally maligned even by Xbox lovers, so it's good to see that both have improved. Still comes down to subjective preference though.
Thomper  +   680d ago
Of course it is subjective. I agree.

The above was just my personal view. I have big hands and the DS3 didn't cut it for me. If the DS4 is bigger, then ...awesome!
omi25p  +   680d ago
You can go out and buy a copy of the 360 controller for the PS3, The Wii U controller is a copy of the 360 controller.

Everyone wants to copy the best.
Petro  +   680d ago
@omi25p You don't even want to know how many copies there are of the PlayStation controller.
a_squirrel  +   680d ago
It's like they mashed a Xbox controller with the Xbox 360 controller; not that it's necessarily bad. I loved the feel of the original Xbox controller, but even so, it seems to me like it's just moving backwards.
Thomper  +   680d ago
Lol... 17 disagrees for my preference... Wow!
Sony fan-boy central
ooquis  +   680d ago
Nah....i Got huge hands,hopefully a perfect fit!
HexxedAvenger  +   680d ago
I always been a fan of the Xbox controller since the Xbox controller s. Still am. But I can't deny that the ds3/4 have the best dpad ever! Lol
Both controllers look awesome this gen. Can't wait to get my hands on them hehehehe
-Gespenst-  +   680d ago
The xbox controller looks so cheaply made. The DS4 looks really robust and firm. You can really tell a lot more consideration and thought went into the DS4.
DCplaymaker  +   680d ago
lol look at the condom bottom of DS4. Dude at least admit the analog positions of the Xbone are way better. They were better on 360 also.

Xbone controller looks legit. http://www.wired.com/gadget...
orakle44  +   680d ago
Oh first world problems, so funny, everyone bitching over what controller "looks" nicer.
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