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The Last of Us showcases a brutal combat and violence filled with a strongly carried out story. One would really feel the attachment to the characters and to their goals through the journey. As we all know Naughty Dogs are one of the best when it comes to cutscenes and it never failed to amaze me in The Last of Us. The plot of the story was well written and I never expected this for such genre. Definitely in the running for GameHaunt’s Game of the Year 2013.

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Rai1996d ago

the fuck? even scores out of 5 is doing that point bullshit?

Kurt Russell1996d ago

It makes sense to doesn't it?

C_Ali881996d ago

Where did the .1 go? Lol

Tykis1996d ago

lol 4.9 xD They must of REALLY been nit picking to get that score!

buynit1996d ago

Seriously... 4.9 out of 5.

TacticProductionz1996d ago

I guess 4.9 means it's not a 'perfect' game. Don't get me wrong I think it's the game of the generation lol! But a game can't just be judged on story and emotional bonding of two characters..There are some technical glitches and frame drops... But given the vastness of this game I personally would ignore all that.

mt1996d ago

technical glitches yes I have seen it a lot, it hurts my heart to see them in the last of us, but my eyes didn't want to see them. well it is fair score. the game is the most close game to perfectness.

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