Capcom Gamers Day is dead, long live CAPTIVATE08

Capcom have officially killed their Gamers Day event. They've moved instead to a new format, which they're calling CAPTIVATE08, and holding in Las Vegas at the end of May.

Good news: they're actually going to be inviting a few members of the community to attend CAPTIVATE08. Bad news: the guest list (for both community and media) is going to be tight.

But most of you looking at this are not in the media, and don't care. When will you see more about some of the biggest games coming in the next year -- Dark Void, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 -- as well as learn about a pocketful of new games? A smidgen of information will trickle out before the event, but the main explosion of information, announcements, interviews, screen shots, trailers, videos and wide-scale Capcom-themed insanity will begin hitting the web at the very beginning of June. As usual, you'll be able to catch the information about it in just about every magazine, website, blog and TV show that covers games, as well as getting all the goods on Unity through Capcom's blog, YouTube channel, Flickr account, etc.

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