USGamer- Muramasa Rebirth Review

USG:The world of Muramasa is a stunning achievement in gaming aesthetics, a fact Vanillaware wants to rub in the players' face at every opportunity. That must be why the game's sprawling world, a vast collection of tiny levels that can each be run across in under 10 seconds, is often so empty. Each scene is alive with animation, but not necessarily with enemies or interaction. As I sprinted through empty field after empty field, I had nothing else to do but examine the game's animations in great detail. That may have been an entirely intentional design decision as Vanillaware no doubt wanted to highlight its strength, but ultimately I thought the game suffered from what was essentially enforced art appreciation.

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Xer0_SiN1972d ago

im gonna purchase this game in support of the upcoming goodness that is dragons crown >=).