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PS4 Vs Xbox One: 'We Have Superior Graphic Fidelity' - Sony

NowGamer: "The console wars are kicking off all over again as the back and forth between Sony and Microsoft continues. While Nintendo just sits there. Quietly.

But when next-gen does roll around, does it matter which console is more powerful or is it more about the games, the price or even the policies of the consoles?

Sony's senior vice president of the PlayStation brand has revealed that - as a company - Sony believes the PS4 will beat the Xbox One on graphical fidelity." (PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

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PSVita  +   700d ago | Well said
Sony just keep doing what your doing.
NewMonday  +   700d ago
Graphics so superior that MS used screenshots from Killzone to promote the Xbone.
Shikoro  +   700d ago
I think people are taking this comment the wrong way. He's actually saying that they used the KZ screenshot to "show off the Xbox One" because it looks really good.

NewMonday  +   700d ago

yes! also for a second time:

abzdine  +   700d ago
7GB for games.

Enough said! Next...
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   700d ago
Do they plan on proving this with multiplats? Because those were the games they mostly showed at their event.
PiperMCFierceson  +   700d ago
And nvidia chips to showcase " there exclusives"
DARK WITNESS  +   700d ago
Right now I am in no way a MS supporter, but to be fair it's not like sony has not made that mistake before.

Remember when they used pgr3 shots to promote GTHD? it happened more then once as well.

A lot of time these companies outsource work like this and the people they give the work to just don't research enough or care that much.. they just want to get the job done.


Just saying both sides can make mistakes.
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NewMonday  +   700d ago

sure, but they did it twice, that is a testament to the beauty of the game and the PS4's power.

another funny thing about the add is KZ had the only in-game engine image.

IMOO BF4 could be the most "realistic" at launch, but KZ:SF looks to have a good balance between "art" and "real".
justastranger10  +   700d ago
That's what Sony said about the PS3 but 360 was way more powerful and had better multiplats.
Felonycarclub8  +   700d ago
@Justranger10 LMFAO with that comment sorry but the ps3 is more powerful than the 360 it may not be a big difference but Xbox doesn't have a single game that can match ps3 first party games and we all know why multiplatform games look better on 360 but there are some that look better on ps3 because it was the lead platform like FF13. And now with the ps4 all games will look better than Xbone, Sony actually pushes the limit of its console.
thechowderp  +   700d ago
the ps3 was more powerful this gen but due to foreign hardware it was hard to program for and the xbox got better multiplats. have you ever seen a ps3 exclusive?
thechowderp  +   700d ago
the ps3 was more powerful this gen but due to foreign hardware it was hard to program for and the xbox got better multiplats. have you ever seen a ps3 exclusive?
inveni0  +   700d ago
A small modification:

"7GB for USED games, because they love us"
Waller  +   700d ago
Talking about used games still? Where have you been?
timl241  +   700d ago
They might as well just rename this website sonyfanboys.com

Just listen, I for one like the Xbox. I have owned it since it has come out in 2001 and I will always own one. I am not taking anything away from the PS4, chances are I will probably own one down the road. After all, I did have a PS1 and PS2. But in reality, the specs are not that much different. I will say, as an Xbox fan, the PS4 IS more powerful spec wise. I cannot take away from them, it is a fact. But, as shown this generation, it's all about how it is optimized and I think we can all agree that the PS3 wasn't optimized the way it could have been. And nothing has shown me that it won't happen this time either.

In the end, both consoles have very similar specs, both consoles will be fantastic, it just comes down to personal preference.
mxrider2199  +   700d ago
@tim the cell was ridiculously hard to program for and now your saying you havnt seen anything for it to be different? did you look at the specs or wat?
alittleshakey  +   700d ago
Watching the Killzone E3 gameplay video again, I noticed foliage popping in here and there......not impressed *yawn*
starchild  +   700d ago
Nah. Killzone Shadow Fall looks great. I do have to say, though, that Battlefield 4 looks a lot better to me and has better physics and destruction.
inveni0  +   700d ago
I qualified my statement with "because they love us". I know Microsoft allows them now (so they say...there's still time to flip), but they certainly don't allow them because they appreciate the gamer. Gamers are nothing but a vehicle. It's the same thing Sony did by making gamers the vehicle for Bluray. It's always a mistake to use your customer. Especially when they see it coming.
SuperLupe  +   700d ago
Not saying the PS4 isnt more powerful but none of the games they showed looked like they were running on a machine graphically more powerful than the XOne.

Graphically the most impressive game running on consoles at E3 was Ryse.

Feel free to disagree and tell me why.
Kingthrash360  +   700d ago | Well said
maybe because the were using pc's that had chips in them that were far superior than the xb1....where you been thats a week old topic.
Bennibop  +   700d ago
Battlefield 4 looked better!
TheLyonKing  +   700d ago
Xbox1 was not used in the demos.

Ryse looks all qte so they can pump more into graphics but I think the graphics were not that impressive tbh.

BF4 looked glorious and I thought 15's graphics looked smoother than ryse which look jaggier in a way.

However I still think ni no kuni and dark chronicles had better graphics since I am big fan of cell shading.

If you are talking about realism then again bf4 wins then followed by killzone shadow fall.
plaZeHD  +   700d ago
Ryse? Really?
This is an official screenshot from the developers themselves.
SniperControl  +   700d ago

Battlefield 4 was proved to be running on a PC during there presentation, not on a X1 as they stated.

Please note the "backspace" key in upper right corner.

Related image(s)
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Statix  +   700d ago | Well said
The disagree is from you claiming Ryse was the best looking game of the show.

It looked decent for sure, and is a nice bump up in graphical fidelity from 360 games, but it was nowhere near the most graphically intensive or accomplished game shown at E3. It's an extremely linear, on-rails game, with no sophisticated AI, game logic, or physics to process in the background. In terms of pure graphical detail, the Quantic Dream tech demo, Dark Sorcerer absolutely demolishes it. And other games, Infamous: Second Son as an example (Digital Foundry calls it the most CGI-like game they saw at E3), also kills it on a technical level--despite Second Son being an open-world game with much more going on in the game world.

Ryse is a Kinect game that they scrambled at the last minute to make into a regular game for the Xbox One. I'm not even being facetious with this statement--it's actual fact.
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Why o why  +   700d ago
Lol, back to you lube.....

Ill also like to add that ms just don't have the developers of the same ilk as sony nor the nurturing ethos of sony towards development. If they did the contest would be a touch fairer. You cannot ignore these factors.
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seanpitt23  +   700d ago
I think personally infamous second son looked the best graphically.
Bennibop  +   700d ago

Ryse was not even running on an X1 it was running on a higher spec'd PC. So I am right to compare!
imt558  +   700d ago
You must considered that Sony deliver full spec PS4 dev kit to developers after the E3. Even with 4GB GDDR5 dev kits PS4 game look really impresive, especially InFamous or Killzone. The best graphics of the E3 show takes The Dark Sorcerer tech demo. Read article : http://www.dualshockers.com...

Well, expect PS4 games in full force in 2014. I'm sure that developers will take more PS4 raw power under the hood.
nukeitall  +   700d ago
Ryse has been confirmed by Eurogamer to run on Xbox One hardware (like many other games):

"Microsoft/Crytek's game has evolved away from the Kinect-based Xbox 360 game we saw at E3 2011, reappearing this year as a God of War-style hack and slash game. Our hands-on involves a short five minute demo that is once again categorically running on Xbox One hardware."


That said, a few extra pixels or polygons doesn't make a game fun or even a good experience. I had more laughs with my Wii then I ever had with my Xbox 360 (pre-Kinect) and PS3.

It's about delivering an overall quality experience and that involves a lot more than just graphics. Graphics has never won a console war (and hence consumers) over!
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etownone  +   700d ago
Totally agree....

Ryse is Imo the best looking exclusive I saw I E3.

Day One for me for sure.
colt-of-tipton  +   700d ago
I agree , ryse looked best graphically at e3 in my opinion along with killzone
SpinalRemains138  +   700d ago
I disagree because current Gen games on ps3 are comparable to Ryse.


Of all the One games shown I thought Ryse looked the worst.
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Dee_91  +   700d ago
@JamieL below
Decimated ?
They showed 2 more exclusive launch titles...Xbox One will have 15 exclusives in the first year,PS4 30+
What the hell are you going on about ?
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thechowderp  +   700d ago
for everyone who says ryse was the best looking, have any of you seen screenshots or gameplay from infamous SS or KZ SF?
Polysix  +   700d ago
Ryse looked really really boring and it's graphics looked like a cutscene, in the worst way.

Actual games with gameplay (KZ:SF, Infamous SS) and the tech demo sorcerer were much much better looking both in art direction and graphics tech. Ryse looked flat and boring to me.
Ausbo  +   700d ago
Ryse looked awesome, but to me, nothing looked better than the division. Better than both systems exclusives
mav805  +   700d ago
Ryse looked incredibly boring and generic to me gameplay wise, definitely not something that I would get excited about or sell me on a system.

Edit: @ Ausbo: I agree, I think the Division was the best looking and most interesting game shown.
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Polysix  +   700d ago
Agreed on the Division. The game I'm most excited about.
Pintheshadows  +   700d ago
I thought Second Son, The Witcher 3 and The Division were significantly more impressive from a graphical standpoint than Ryse. Although Ryse as a concept is good but the previews have been very very mixed. It does look like it should be a Kinect only game.
LoveSpuds  +   700d ago
Probably because the dev kits running XBOne were using $650 graphics cards.

Lets just wait and see what the XBOne version of the game looks like before we get carried away. I hope it looks as good but will believe it when I see it.
extermin8or  +   700d ago
@Ausbo: Actually I though the division looked great to but about on par with infamous- interestingly it's not being made on pc as far as we know atm and that gameplay they showed was infact the ps4 version-although they did state if there's demand a pc version could be made.
Utalkin2me  +   700d ago
Sorry i thought was mediocre at best. The textures was dull and seemed spotty in the low res department. The animations was not smooth, and it had framerate problems.

While all that stuff can be fixed before the game launches. To say it was the best looking game at E3 is just absurd. Wouldn't even been in my top 10.
starchild  +   700d ago
Extermin8or, are you kidding? The Division looks vastly better than Infamous Second Son. Its not even close. Quit being a fanboy. I know you want an exclusive to be the best looking, but don't deny the obvious reality staring you in the face.
baodeus  +   699d ago

so does that mean that God of War 3/4, and especially Heavy Rain/Beyond 2 souls looks good because they are QTE fest? Others have been saying that for years, but no one on this site agree to it, but now they agrees?

and how shell shading show technical power of a console? Even PS1 or game cube can do shell shading. People really confuse between artistic vs graphic (and yes i prefer prince of persia or journey graphic over any other games out there too) but i think we are talking about technical term here (the hardware?)

I'm getting dizzy reading people comments on this sites because they keep switching back and forth.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   700d ago
Sony must be showing those games behind closed doors because MS owned E3 with their games. MS's games look better gameplay and graphically better at E3.
Angrymorgan  +   700d ago
Only thing m $ showed that impressed me was spark....oh and dr3. The rest not so much
Thomper  +   700d ago
I was surprised by Microsofts line-up at e3, for me they had the more interesting show

Maybe it's just my age (38) but the biggest buzz of the show was Killer Instinct. Just love the over-the-top nature of it. Second up was Titanfall. That looked awesome.

Destiny was a little disappointing, but I think that has been due to all the hype. Who am I kidding?? It will be awesome. I absolutely love the Halo series, so expect Bungie to deliver. What platform do I get it on though??

I have been consistently disappointed with Sony's on-line functionality compared to Microsofts, but hopefully they will ramp this up this gen.

Genuinely excited about this gen, and loving that XB1 has an HDMI in. I'm hoping I can hook up my sports cam, etc to it.
JamieL  +   700d ago
This is a MAJOR thing I don't understand about this E3 backlash. The last decade all these PS fanboys have bashed MS for was their lack of exclusives. Xbox has no games. Then the list, oh those fu(king list of games maybe coming to the PS3 within the next 15 years or so. Now when MS pretty much decimates Sony at E3 game wise, and exclusive wise, (yes I know Game wise is subjective) but it's funny there’s not a peep about all the Sony exclusives, or a single list to be found that shows how many more game Sony has coming. Now it’s just about how 8GB of GDDR5 ram makes the PS4 50% more powerful, and XBones DMR, of course now it’s all about how stupid they are for changing that. I thought it was all about the games, what happen? It’s all about the number of exclusives on the way until the competition has more? I don’t know how it’s even possible, but the community on this site has hit a new low, in every article is not even a Sony circle jerk any more, just a 100% MS lynching. It gets old, ya’ll never get tired of it?
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WeedyOne  +   700d ago

When I think "exclusive" it means that the game will not be available anywhere else... most of the excusive games Microsoft showed are also on the PC.

On top of that, games like Titan fall will most likely go to ps4 within a year due to Microsoft not owning the ip, so no Microsoft didn't have more exclusives they just painted the picture that they did by having more "timed exclusives".
DCplaymaker  +   700d ago
Fully agree with you. KI and Titanfall win for me. Oh and PS4 is not a certainty for Titanfall. Maybe Titanfall 2. Respawn is just being nice by not completely saying no. A one-year exclusive to what may be an annual game is HUGE. Fact is Respawn chose Xbone over PS4.
LoveSpuds  +   700d ago
Hmmm, for me the only XBox game of any real interest was Titan Fall however.......it was running on a dev kit that contains who knows what specs.

The company have been paid by MS to toe the party line regarding comments for other platforms but I would be stake my house that EA will want to make cash from the potentially huge install base of PS4 consumers while there is still a buzz - expect a 3-6 month timed exclusive at the most.

Personally, I think it looks an amazing game but until I see it running on a real XBOX I will assume that what we saw was a gaming PC version of the game.

I am sure it will still look amazing on consoles so there is plenty for both XB1 and PS4 consumers to be excited about.
kenshiro100  +   700d ago
Please...don't make me laugh.
Utalkin2me  +   700d ago
First off Sony showed games at pre launch and MS didn't. At E3 Sony showed a few more titles and including extra footage of games they already showed. Then MS shows all their games and people say they decimated Sony? Lets see what happens in the next 2 events. Sony has showed more exclusives then MS has.

We all know MS blew their wad at E3, that's fine. Sony still stole the show. Thats all that really matters. And people need to get schooled on the word "EXCLUSIVE", it means it is not coming to any other platform.
NextGen24Gamer  +   700d ago
The Xbox ONE uses a heavily customized AMD chip that combines an eight-core CPU, a GPU tailored for DirectX 11.1 graphics and 32MB of high bandwidth embedded ESRAM memory.

The keyword is tailored for DirectX 11.1
There is a reason the xbox one can do Ultra HD 4k gaming and the ps4 can't. Sure Ps4 has faster ram & gpu...but that's only one small part of the puzzle in graphics fidelity. Sony bet on faster ram, MS bet on better software and customized hardware.

So far, MS games look better based on E3. We will need to wait and see how it all pans out when both consoles release. I have a feeling based on what I have read that they will either be very similar or advantage xbox one due to the customized chips & software along with their investment in the Cloud infrastructure for games!
DoesUs  +   699d ago

The PS4 and XB1 share the same "custom" AMD processor. Basically 2 Jaguars duct taped together giving 8 cores in total. The GPU in the PS4 is more powerful. The Move engines in the XBONE are there to move data around the machine but this still falls short of the PS4 due to the superior bandwidth and speed of the PS4. Both machines also have dedicated processors for audio/video needs. You keep clinging on the the whole 4K thing, Sony are not saying they can't do it on a technical level, clearly the PS4 is more capable than the XB1, they are saying that it's not viable "at the moment" given the lack of 4K TV's in the wild. Also, even with these machines, the types of games you'd see @4K would be very simple affairs. Also Sony's tools are reported to be ahead of MS, should be easy for you to find. And lastly the XB1 OS footprint is considerably larger than the PS4 OS. But if you want to keep your head buried in the sand then be my guest. The truth for you is not long away now.
Picnic  +   700d ago
If only it could be that simple in business - or life in general. If a business keeps on doing what it's doing then it still relies on the PS buyers to keep on doing what they're doing as well- or at least to educate their offspring why the PS is the brand to get. But societies can change. Genres go out of style for a bit. It's a constant battle. Even if they appear to be more or less staying the same, they had to battle to be able to stay the same.
RedHawkX  +   700d ago
yep ps4 has the best graphics and its cheaper. its a no brainer for a real gamer. not only that but playstation has the best exclusives just look at the metacritic of little big planet, uncharted 2, the last of us, god of war 3 etc. im sorry but your not a gamer if you skip out on all of this because you want to get some achievements instead of superior trophies. as for your friends that you game with currently on the x360 with they are getting a ps4 because its cheaper comes with a mic and is more poweerful. only a fool would get the xbox one at this point. xbox is dead like myspace.
Rimfro  +   700d ago
I always thought a "real gamer" was someone who loved to play games. I didn't realize that a "real gamer" had to make a choice as to what games NOT to play. Each gen I get every console to ensure that I don't miss out on any exclusives. Maybe not everyone can do that, but to act like there is some moral high-ground by making the choice to limit your choices is silly. Go ahead, limit your gaming scope, I'll be playing everything you will, then I'll still have two consoles worth of exclusives and pc to keep me going non-stop. When you have multiple options, rarely will you be in a position with nothing new to play. To each their own.
irepbtown  +   700d ago
Rimfro, I'd like to get X1 for games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3, however I cannot afford it.

PS4 is cheaper and will have quality games. 7GB of GDDR5 is dedicated to gaming (1GB for OS) compared to the X1 with 5GB of DDR3 (3GB for OS). I don't know much about ram, I'm just going by what the articles around are saying, PS4 is more powerful.

That being said, X1 does have some quality looking games. I was extremely impressed by the two I mentioned above (Ryse & Dead Rising 3).

However where I'm going with this; many many many people cannot afford both. I don't agree with the way RedHawkX worded it, but he's right in many ways. Look at some of the PS3 exclusives, TLoU looks set to be the best game this gen.

If I could afford it, I'd get both consoles; but I just cant. Maybe late 2014 I'll be getting the X1.
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Good_news_every1   700d ago | Spam
Thomper  +   700d ago
You define the label "fan-boy"
It's kind of sweet... Reminds me of myself 20 years ago...

Lol @ Megadrive vs SNES Streetfighter comparisons
Xboxonefan27  +   699d ago
Xbox One has better exclusives.Stop talking about how powerful the PS4 is.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   700d ago
well we have to wait for see that right sony? because today it dosen't look that way
jwatt  +   700d ago
I'm for one am excited about the ps4 controller. As a ps guy I felt that the 360 controller was more comfortable. This time around I think they both will be fine.
ape007  +   699d ago
AngelicIceDiamond  +   700d ago
Its kinda an expected response from Sony. MS has been talking about cloud power and how devs will take advantage of it, and even stating their version of games will be better than Sony's.

Its a argument from both sides.
GameBanger  +   700d ago
Yeah Sony keep talking instead of showing.. It gets us really excited.. We get to think about...
Ju  +   700d ago
What you talking about? KZ:SF, inFamous, DriveClub and Quantic Dreams Tech demo would want a word with you. But instead, MS showed, huh? With two games actually running on real HW, the rest on PCs or aren't even close of matching those above. MS couldn't even create a Master Chief tech demo for the big show? Really? Not a single first party game besides Forza? I really would want to get what you guys are taking. Works phenomenal.
starchild  +   700d ago
Yeah, Ju, but those exclusives weren't even the best looking games at E3. I was far more impressed by multi plats like Battlefield 4, The Division, Assassin's Creed 4, and Watch Dogs.

I'm not a fan of the Xbox One but I think u are being biased against it. Both Forza 4 and Ryse were confirmed to be running on Xbone hardware and they look fantastic.

That Sorcerer tech demo looked amazing, but it's, well, a tech demo. I'm not going to be overly impressed until I see an actual game running and looking that good. Same goes for the infiltrator Unreal Engine 4 demo, which looks better than anything else in my opinion. Unless I see a game running in real time That looks that good I won't be too impressed.

That said, the PS4 is definitely more powerful and i am sure it will show it's superiority with time.
smokelocc  +   700d ago
Dont stop! Believe'n!!....awesome! Cant wait for the beast that is ps4. I heart ps4.
gapecanpie  +   700d ago
LOL.. both systems have low end APU GPU in them.... To me its like Sony is saying my tu*d smell slightly better then your tu*d.
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YNWA96  +   700d ago
Ego tripping?
greenlantern2814  +   700d ago
not only is ps4 more powerful, but people seem to forget that the system is more developer friendly and easier to program for. compared to ps3, because sony went to devs and ask them what they needed or wanted.
mrmarx  +   700d ago
i know.. keep putting foot to ass
MYSTERIO360  +   700d ago
In all honesty i wouldn't be surprised, After MS showing at E3 i was left slightly underwhelmed with their graphical showcasing. Titanfall, Dead rising 3 and COD ghosts didn't really scream next gen for me aesthetically. I know most of these games are still in development so i hold a wait and see approach.
showtimefolks  +   700d ago
sony i can not do anything other than pre ordering which i did what more do you want?

already have psn-plus what else do you want from me lol?


Drive Club
Watch Dogs

at launch
lnvisibleMan  +   700d ago | Well said
Ps4 is the most powerful eight gen console and its 2nd cheapest. Plus is going to heavily supported by 1st and 3rd person developers. You would be a fool to not to get one
#2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(81) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
tigertron  +   700d ago
I think you mean it's the cheapest. :P

EDIT: Oh, ok. I wasn't including the Wii U. To be honest, I actually forgot about it.
#2.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
lnvisibleMan  +   700d ago
Console gen is based on chronological order not graphical capabilities. Agree that Wii U is not near as powerful as Xbox 1 or PS4 but that doesnt mean it isnt a 8 gen console
Kingthrash360  +   700d ago
just slap the wiiu why dont cha'....lol it is this gen too....but yeah I see your s/
Thomper  +   700d ago
It's terribly sad that Nintendo seems to be counting itself out of this gen.

I think they always thought they weren't in competition with Microsoft and Sony, but they are.

Nintendo can turn things around,but they need to do so quickly. If Nintendo were to exit the (non-handheld) console market, it would be a very sad day indeed.

The glory years of Sega Vs Nintendo seem like a distant, but very sweet memory.
greedybear88   700d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
isarai  +   700d ago
Well the specs sure say so, now show the games that prove it
Sanquine90  +   700d ago
Im a real Sony fan but first i want to see for i believe in it. The ps3 supposed to be the superior hardware compared to the xbox 360. But it was so hard to develop for that in the end xbox 360 had the better multiplatform. Good thing is that the PS3 exclusives are the best of the generation for me ( IMO) the last of us is one of the best game i ever played and uncharted 2 droped my jaw ! God of war 3 was superb:D I will never forget climbing on a titan to kill the gods of olympus:D
NewMonday  +   700d ago
KZ:SF and inFAMOUS will make you a believer
#4.1.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(6) | Report
Sanquine90  +   700d ago
@New monday: I never said i didn't believe it. Im hyped for killzone shadowfall ( Killzone is the best shooter franchise ^^)and i prefer infamous above any open world game
hellvaguy  +   700d ago
If were basing it on specs, I couldn't go back to consoles, because even the ps4 that all u n4g are gushinging over, is over 3-5 times slower than my gaming pc. Im playing at 2500x1900 resolutions right now, and this thing doesn't release at 1080p until 6 months from. That's pretty decent downgrade.

But I'm happy for x86 and certain exclusives.
ltachiUchiha  +   700d ago
This is a no brainer. We all knew this already.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   700d ago
It seems Sonys strategy is solid and well planned.
JamieL  +   700d ago
Sony's strategy has been the same since the PSX. Now I'm not saying that’s completely a bad thing, seeing as how they are the best at what they do, but besides prettier graphics what are they bringing new to the table? The share button, and touch pad? I know the popular thing these days is to bash MS, and though I do question some of their tactics, at least they are trying to evolve the industry, where as Sony is content to do the same thing over and over. I like Sony, if it wasn't for them the game industry wouldn't be what it is today, but without change, which N4G is petrified of, the industry will stagnate.
Revolver_X_  +   700d ago
The Wii proved that gimmicks like motion controls are for casuals and dont even keep casuals invested for long. Kinect is a gimmick and will do nothing different. Sony has pushed the move to the back realising this. Make my hardware simple. Add a few features for the hardcores and some social stuff to intice casuals. Let software lead the industry. I buy consoles to play games, not use gimmick.
JamieL  +   700d ago
I wasn't even talking about Kinect. I was talking more about the internet requirement, and the original plan they had for the system. Even though there was a lot I didn't agree with, even more they needed to explain, and yet a lot more PROOVING of the concept, but it was a radical move forward. You saw the resistance it met, I mean good god the people on here made it sound worse than Hitler and the Nazi's. I mean it was taking away our right's and letting the government spy on us, raping our children, and slapping our mothers. I really thought it was a joke how bad it was made to sound on good ol’ N4G. I personally wanted to see where MS took it.

Now me address what I meant about Sony now. All Sony is doing is taking the EXISTING formula we have had this whole gen and perfecting it more. Basically it's been the same thing since the first Playstation. I know that sounds like a dig, but when you do what you do as well as Sony, it's not a bad thing. I do think it's time to move forward. I want whole new ways to play games not just a new disc format with higher fill capacity’s. I've thought of some good ideas for the XBone if it works the way I interpreted it in my head. One example if the “cloud” thing can even work like I think, but for a developer to be able to stream dynamic levels from there servers. Levels they can change and evolve from there end. Levels and missions that can change week to week. I know everyone HATES the mixing of TV and games thing, but a game that has new missions or “episodes” every week. It could be developed in seasons, and released yearly. Not too hard to accomplish and keeps everyone happy. The game get’s new content every season that keeps the players happy, and the developers get a longer revenue stream for games. Plus if there servers could handle streaming the worlds, and that would free the XBones resources for everything else that would be a big plus. Not that that’s how it can work, like I said I don’t know much tech wise, but if that doesn’t sound cool……um…….. you just plain suck.

I do think there is room for both to be honest. Sony is taking what we have and making it better. MS is coming at it from a whole new vision. Be it right or wrong I want to see.
#6.1.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
SymphonicRain  +   699d ago
I cringed at "rape our children"
JamieL  +   699d ago
That's the point. I cringe at the mindless hate on this site.
jorellpogi  +   700d ago
I'm interested as to what Naughty Dog can do for this beast.
moparful99  +   700d ago
Uncharted 4 or TLOU2 would melt my heart!!
_QQ_  +   700d ago
Jak 4 would do more than melt.
r21  +   700d ago
Im hoping its an open world. Check the pattern.
Crash Bandicoot-Linear
J&D-Open world
Uncharted & TLOU-Linear

So maybe next series from them is open world.
GoldenMonkey34   700d ago | Spam
Jazz4108  +   700d ago
Better stay from Ellen Paige
JohnS1313  +   700d ago
This one is for sure. The graphics chips in the two consoles probably aren't that different but that GDDR5 RAM will make a big difference. And no cloud computing can change that for the Xbone.
Kingthrash360  +   700d ago
Sanquine90  +   700d ago
Hopefully sony utilzes gakia to do something similar to the azura cloud! If the consoles want to keep up with the PC capabilities we need something like cloud or streaming on our consoles/
GribbleGrunger  +   700d ago
I hope not. That would mean that games that use it wouldn't be able to be played without an internet connection and as finances are at the moment, it looks like I'm going to have to drop my broadband.
Statix  +   700d ago
The GPU difference is actually going to make as big of a difference as the RAM disparity, if not more. The PS4 GPU is supposed to be capable of 1.84 TFLOPS, while the Xbox One GPU is only 1.2 TFLOPS. That's more than a 50% difference in GPU performance, and that's pretty major.

Combine this GPU superiority with the fact that the Xbox One uses inferior RAM (DDR3) and has a HUGE overhead for its OS and multimedia functions, and you can see how the odds are stacked pretty heavily against Microsoft. Unless Microsoft somehow massively upgrades their hardware specs at the last minute, before manufacturing and launch, we're going to see a pretty big difference in graphics fidelity this upcoming console generation.

Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
joeorc  +   700d ago
100% agreement but here to add to your bullet points is also a very big disparity is one that cannot be ignored. Move engines or cloud will not be able to overcome this rather large Gap in performance. One that no matter how you cut it, the PS4 Without a shadow of a doubt has such a rather large Advantage. Now this is not to say that the XBOXONE IS WEAK or will not have fantastic game's, no What im pointing out is the reality of the situation.

for in and out of each System I/O there is no contest and Sony's machine wins Hands down, I mean this is not even a contest, which i thought would have been alot closer than this, but this is the truth the Number's do not lie. If you are an engineer this cannot be ignored. Some may disagree with me on this but what im pointing out is the blunt and factual truth.


68 GB main memory bandwidth, 102GB bandwidth to an embedded SRAM buffer for the GPU, and 30GB bandwidth between the CPU and GPU. While that does add up to 200GB, there are no two parts of the SoC that can communicate with each other at 200 GB/s. The fastest link is believed to be the GPU read performance, which can aggregate across the main memory and SRAM buffer for 170 GB total.

please note the xboxone's main system Bandwidth is

"68 GB main memory bandwidth"

While the PS4:

Mark Cerny-

The memory isn’t on the same chip but a 256-bit bus lets it access RAM at 176GB/s, eliminating any sort of bottlenecks. He said the strategy was simply to use GDDR5 memory and make sure it had plenty of bandwidth.
this is indeed both the CPU and the GPU can both use that system Bandwidth.

this is the factual truth by the system engineer's themselves by both companies, in Q&A.

these are the fact's. the blunt truth of the fact is while Microsoft's system is Real good on a multi-tasking level on board chip. it is no where near the level of throughput I/O as Sony's system for BANDWIDTH FOR GAMES.

there is ways to work better performance, like using those move engines, and cloud to offset the limitation through out the pipeline, but the blunt truth of the matter its really at a rather large an very big disparity VS what the PS4 has.
#8.2.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(5) | Report
Ju  +   700d ago
There is no "aggregate" bandwidth of 170GB/s. Not even theoretically.

How this is calculated that you'd say you have two sources to read from in parallel, one @ 100GB/s (a), the other at 68 (b) - say you read a byte from (a) + a byte from (b) = 176GB/s.

Now, I give you a task: Do something with those data. So, lets say you read a value from (a) and accumulate it to (b). Now, no matter how fast you read this, (b) has to wait till (a) delivers the data. Even in such a theoretical example the max you could reach is 2x68GB/s = 132GB/s.

Now, this is a mood point. You have to write back those data to somewhere and that drops it even further - even if you'd use this for some filtering the write back to SRAM it will drop this to a max of 100GB/s - you will hardly write back to SRAM and DDR at the same time.

I don't even know if there is any real world use case for something like that. ESRAM is just to small to do anything fancy with it. If anything it will probably be used for some GPU cache to do fancy compute with it (not a whole lot of memory - but could do texture filtering and such).

The One has no VRAM and will use most of the ESRAM for texture and vertex data on a per frame basis not as storage - the MoveEngines are a requirement to page in texture fragments when needed - which will be quite often, actually. 32MB won't store a whole level, but probably a 2 or 3 backbuffers (at most). So, it will most likely be refilled dynamically. That's what the Move engines will do - a GPU-MMU if you will (they are note even fairly fast at that).

There is just nothing the XBone can do to compete with the PS4. Not even remotely. You simple read @ 176GB/s and write it back with the very same rate and this with the full amount of the 8GB (well, minus what's allocated by the system).

Don't make me laugh and add the cloud. The "cloud" can offload AI (mostly - physics most like runs per frame and requires low latency) for online games. But this applies for ANY online game on ANY platform. Even if that would be true, what keeps Sony's online games to do the same? Nothing. You can simple rent compute from any data center. What I don't get is, who's paying for that? Live fees? No matter if the "cloud" is owned my MS or not, who buys into the cloud will need to pay to allocate resources. That actually how dedicated servers work today. Only now MS makes a big fuss about it's own cloud which it tries to sell to game developers (and locks them into the Xbox ecosystem?).

Why not just build a faster machine? It's not like it's a dirt cheap dump client or anything. The XBone is still the most expensive of them all.
#8.2.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report
imt558  +   700d ago
And the PS4 GPU. Don't forget that. Like i said, expect the graphics difference between PS4 and XO in 2014.
Statix  +   700d ago
Buh, but, but... what about the Infinite Power of the Cloud™?
#9 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(36) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
edonus  +   700d ago
Run and hide from it.
The in physical specs are barely different from the ONE the architectures are the same. We dont even know if the Ps4 is actually stronger in just that respect and if it is it will be extremely small. 50% more speed in the GPU doesnt equate to 50% more graphic fidelity or 50% more anything really. that one piece of a an entire machine.

Now since you asked the cloud add an extra 6 teraflops to the potential power of the ONE. They might not be able to get all the power right now but they will have another teraflops or 2 soon enough. You know that Eurogamer blog you guys love so much it still ends by saying we have to wait and see if they can really do what they say.
DEVS are already using it for AI and creating seemless worlds and populating them and the ONE hasnt even launched yet. All games will run on dedicated servers and here is a video that shows you can enhance graphics through cloud computing. This is to a small laptop that uses 3-4 servers to process a portion of the graphics. The Azure network can easily do this and the ONE is optimized for it.
this proves the theory is sound. we just have to wait for a dev to use it.

The cloud was what MS was building and creating to stay 1 step ahead of Sony. Time will tell so until then Run and hide spin all you want the cloud covers everything.
SCW1982  +   700d ago
Your gonna be very sad when you realize the truth of "da cloud"
kingPoS  +   700d ago
You can have all the sever support in the world. But if your internet can't handle the bandwidth & latentcy, It'll be all for naught.

400mbs/400mbs Throughtput is still far far from common much less google fiber.
ShwankyShpanky  +   700d ago
"All games will run on dedicated servers"

You got a source for that? Odd, because Respawn recently said that using the cloud for dedicated servers was an "option" for devs.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   700d ago

Mike Cerny..
familyguy83   700d ago | Spam
Ju  +   700d ago
Ha ha ha. That video is hilarious. This actually streams a "video" from the server, if you'd care to listen what the commentary says. You know, like that HW in form of Gaikai has build into the PS4? Would greatly benefit from something like that.

You cannot do this with data running on the console. You can either render everything on the server and stream the whole frame or run it on the client. No matter what, the PS4 has HW for that, the XBone does not.

And that is not what MS is talking about anyway when they talk about "the cloud".
#9.1.6 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
edonus  +   700d ago

No it doesnt, say stream a video any where, he clearly says the servers calculate the image then it is streamed (meaning the calculated data) to the machine and it renders it in real time.

Gaikia basically does everything on their servers and then streams the video of what happening to your machine. The internet basically become a long cord for your controller. there is no special HW needed to stream video quiet as kept Azure could do that with it eyes closed.

What are you talking about this clearly states the servers calculate the data that makes up the image streams that data and the client renders it.

The truth is both the Ps4 and the ONE could technically do either technique, either Azure or Gaikai style, I would think the advantage would go to the ONE because of the move engines but thats just theory. the big thing is setting up the servers and the software. MS already has theirs set. Sony; if they stay on schedule will just be getting their system up and running in the US alone between the mid and late 2014.

I dont even know what you are talking about in that last sentence. The cloud is a network of servers. Servers are very versatile and can be used for tons of different functions.
clearelite  +   700d ago
Mostly marketing nonsense and buzzwords? :]
#9.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
drsfinest72  +   700d ago
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Video Games (See Top 100 in Video Games)
#1 in Electronics > Home Audio & Theater > Multiroom Digital Music Systems > Streaming Media Players
#1 in Electronics > Computers & Add-Ons > Networking Products > Digital Media Devices
#1 in Video Games > Xbox One > Consoles

well looks like xbox one is winning the living room.
Lazarus69  +   700d ago
Do you have proof to back up your claim,or are you just making stuff up
B-radical  +   700d ago

He ment that i was surprised to be honest
onyoursistersback  +   700d ago
Lol...!!!!! It's all place in a List of tv tuners!!!!!

"Hahahahahahajjahhahaha. ...hahaha...hahaha...."
ShwankyShpanky  +   700d ago
It shouldn't be all that surprising.

Streaming Media Players? The PS4 isn't even listed in that category, yet it is a streaming media player.
Digital Media Devices? The PS4 isn't even listed in that category, yet it is a digital media device.

Congratulations, Xbone... winning in categories with no competition.

And anyone with the slightest shred of intellectual honesty knows that it's not so impressive to have the Xbone in the #1 slot in video games once you consider that the PS4 numbers are divided between what... five different bundles? Four of those in the top ten last time I checked? With the "launch" PS4 already sold out.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   700d ago
Microsoft list's it under all these categories, like tag words on youtube.
People also know the algorithms Amazon uses.
SniperControl  +   700d ago
LOL shame it's not winning pre-orders right.
Before you come out with "Duh, pre-orders don't equate to sales"
Pre-orders have always been used as sales indicators by the retail industry. It allows them to forecast buying patterns for the future.

According to the biggest retailer in the world (Amazon),the PS4 is way way ahead of the X1 all over the world.
#10.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   700d ago
Your looking at daily sales overall the ps4 is at 2 and Xbox one is at 6 for sales for http://www.amazon.com/gp/be...
#10.3 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SniperControl  +   700d ago
To add to your comment and clarification, the X1 is only ahead in the yearly best sellers list due to it only having one SKU code compared to the PS4's 6 SKU's.

All PS4 pre-orders have been spread out over the 6 SKU's.
LoveSpuds  +   700d ago
There is a whole world out there, and a whole bunch of outlets other that the tax dodging mofo's at Amazon!
No_Limit  +   700d ago
Meanwhile I am still waiting for Toy story graphics from the PS2 Era. J/K

"PlayStation 2, though, is claiming to be able to handle 50 times more 3-D image data than the Dreamcast, allowing it to create characters similar in appearance to those in the Walt Disney film "Toy Story."

"Nintendo representatives at the Eurogamer Exhibition has told Total Revue that the Wii U is 19x more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 3 console."

"It’s also been stated that the Xbox One is ten times more powerful than the Xbox 360, so we’re effectively 40 times greater than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing capabilities using the cloud"

PR talks on all front. Talk is cheap, seeing is believing.

Dude Dutch  +   700d ago
And see you will.....
Pro_TactX  +   700d ago
To be fair, I don't remember Sony actually claiming Toy Story graphics in the PS2 era. I remember the gaming press making that claim, but not Sony itself.
Pro_TactX  +   700d ago
@ the disagreers
Sony used the words "comparable to movie-quality 3D graphics in realtime". They never actually said "Toy Story graphics. The only company to go on record with claims of "Toy Story graphics" was Microsoft back in 2001, in reference to the original Xbox.
MysticStrummer  +   700d ago
Yes, you're correct about the Toy Story myth.

Sony never said it.

The quote No_Limit referenced above was not from Sony.
#11.2.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
MadManKiller   700d ago | Spam
MadManKiller   700d ago | Spam
SniperControl  +   700d ago
haha, i would pay good money to see you on stage, funny f#*ker. hahaha
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   700d ago
The Division killed everything at E3 this year besides "The Dark Sorcerer",but for now that's only a tech demo so I really shouldn't count it.Titanfall and Second Son are tieing for second IMO.On second thought,Infamous gets second place.
#15 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Soldierone  +   700d ago
And Microsoft will come back tomorrow and say they have an edge somewhere and that the "cloud" makes the Xbox One a better console.

Its a never ending circle with these two, and it will remain that way until they both launch and we get to decide once and for all.
B-radical  +   700d ago
Ok ill be waiting for tomorrow for them to say that :)
dredgewalker  +   700d ago
Agreed, though I'm confident that the PS4 has the superior hardware based on the specs. I'm still not convinced with Xbox One's cloud gaming capabilities and even if it turned out to be true only a few people will be able utilize it properly considering they'll need a stable and fast internet connection.
CC-Tron  +   700d ago
Sony can get back to me when they actually prove it. I doubt there will be any graphical improvement over X1. Prove me wrong Sony.
#17 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
B-radical  +   700d ago
Honestly at e3 there was not much a difference in graphics. And yet people are saying that because xbox one games were on pc yet it wouldnt matter if it was on pc because xbox one games im assuming doesnt have qaulity settings and what not so it will look the same on xbox one regardless
vlonjati77vlonjati  +   700d ago
Sony will prove you wrong like they did with PS3.
ape007  +   699d ago
like 90% of multiplats are better on 360??
PSVita  +   700d ago
MS didn't even use the Xbox One at E3 so don't you mean they have something to prove to you? The fact that the PS4 has 3GB more of RAM and its GDDR5 sayes it all. Every PS3 game like The Last of Us ran on a lot less than 1 GB.
#17.3 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CC-Tron  +   700d ago
Get it right. First party games were running on X1 hardware. Ryse, KI, Forza were all running on X1 hardware. PS4's on paper specs have little value just like PS3's cell processor specs meant squat in actual game performance. They have to exceed and not match X1 in graphics performance in games.

Gddr5 means as little to me as the Cell processor did. Get back to me when they prove it.
#17.3.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report
PSVita  +   700d ago
If you consider the GDDR5 the same as the CELL then they've already proved it.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   700d ago
i don't even like xbone
but i don't believe people saying that ryse wasn't impressive graphically...



lol at blind fanboys.
B-radical  +   700d ago
I thought the catapulted fire ball looked so good


Looks better in the vid
#18.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
NarooN  +   700d ago
Those screens are not impressive because Ryse is not a game that is visually and technically impressive.

I can still see some jaggies on the armor in the first shot, and the textures aren't anything special. It looks like a 10~15% increase in visual fidelity over the X360.

Look at this shit: http://image.gamespotcdn.ne...

That's lame. Those textures are so low-res and undetailed. It's just not an impressive game by any means. I've seen PC games from years ago do better than this.

For anyone to suggest that Ryse was the best-looking game, they clearly have no idea what they're looking at on a technical level. Even aesthetically it's a mundane-looking title. There were tons of games that looked better than this one, and I don't even need to list any.
SpinalRemains138  +   700d ago

Those who are touting that game as a technical powerhouse are a joke.

Current ps3 exclusives look just as good if not better than that Ryse game!
#18.2.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report
Xboxonefan27  +   699d ago
RYSE was the best looking game.Everything in the game was detailed.You just have to open your eyes more.
ape007  +   699d ago
@fanboys above

LOOOL, Ryse is a graphical masterpiece, easily one of the best looking games if u disagree then i gotta tell u your eyes are technically not able to admire it, get that sony poison off
#18.2.3 (Edited 699d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Monkeysmoke  +   700d ago
Titan fall is just being over hyped i saw the HD video on youtube, the game concept is cool but graphically its not that impressive. The foliage in the game looks static they don't move or react to wind, the texture is ok but there is a lot pop up in the background (especially aircrafts popping up in the skyy)
Overall Killzone : Shadow fall and Infamouse : second son are more impressive graphically.
B-radical  +   700d ago
I reckon second son looks brillant but to me killzone looks mediocre graphically although can tell it is next gen
NarooN  +   700d ago
PS4 is stronger than the Xbone, it's not an opinion, it's an outright fact.

PS4 has much faster memory (GDDR5 unified RAM vs slower DDR3 RAM) and a more powerful GPU. The PS4's graphics solution is just under 2 Tflops @ 1.84 Tflops, whereas the X1 is around 1.2Tflops, and was rumored to have been downclocked on the CPU front as well.


Haha, that cloud stuff is pure nonsense. You won't be able to magically enhance the performance via the cloud and have it be drastic. What happens if your connection is laggy, or if you get disconnected? Even if it would give a slight performance boost, it wouldn't be worth the network bandwidth.

I remember back around 2003 or so, Ken Kutaragi was talking about the future, and how Cell would allow various PS3's to link together over the network to process data faster. I suspect the reason this didn't happen was because it wasn't feasible then, and it's not really feasible now.

It's the same reason why that OnLive thing didn't work out so well. You were streaming the games, but even then there was lag, and there was mediocre image quality as well. All you were doing was playing a game that was being run on a rig at a server somewhere, and it was just sending your button inputs to them, and sending you the resulting action via the images. So if something like that was a bust, how the hell do they expect to do cloud computing with millions of users on the network at the same time?
imt558  +   700d ago
Quote :

...PS4 has much faster memory (GDDR5 unified RAM vs slower DDR3 RAM) and a more powerful GPU. The PS4's graphics solution is just under 2 Tflops @ 1.84 Tflops, whereas the X1 is around 1.2Tflops, and was rumored to have been downclocked on the CPU front as well...

Not a rumor anymore :

NarooN  +   700d ago
Thanks for that link, some really mind-blowing stuff in there. And one of those guys was right, MS is selling their box for $100 more, when it'll have roughly half the performance, yet people will still buy the X1 in droves. It's silly, really.
Tctczach  +   700d ago
How is the cloud pure nonsense when the developer of titan fall put most of the AI on the cloud and they also have dedicated servers? Sounds a little more developed than most people are giving it credit. I am still waiting for 1st party exclusives though. I have not been impressed by anything yet so I am still up in the air.
NarooN  +   700d ago
That's because A.I. isn't something that's incredibly difficult to implement over the network. The Forza devs are doing something similar with the ghost racers you'll be able to race, and that's a single-player game. Things like light-physics calculations, weather effects, AI, these aren't that CPU-intensive and they have been tasks that were traditionally offloaded to the CPU for ages now.

The problem with people hyping up the cloud is that they think it'll enhance the graphics, which simply is not feasible, especially with North America's infrastructure. Our internet gets absolutely pwned by places like South Korea and Japan, for example.

It would be impossible for current-day cloud computing over the network to assist in GPU calculations and provide any noticeable benefit. CPU's do serial processing, GPU's do hugely parallel processing with tons of small cores for specialized things (graphics). Having to synch all that up across the network, constantly back and forth, would be a nightmare.

This is what devs are mostly talking about. The Respawn guys were talking about using the Azure Cloud for enhanced stability in multiplayer for a more lag-free experience, for example, as they wouldn't have to spend time fiddling with dedicated server and netcode, where they could spend more time working on the game itself.

So in essence, the cloud will provide benefits, sure, but not the type of benefits that everyone is thinking about.
MysticStrummer  +   700d ago

"When we hear rhetoric like "an experience only possible on the Xbox One," Microsoft wants us to think that without them, TitanFall wouldn't be TitanFall. Sure, Respawn elected to offload TitanFall's artificial intelligence to Xbox One's cloud computing, but c'mon, are we to believe that AI couldn't have been implemented any other way?

It's even easier to see spot the holes in Microsoft's flowery language when Respawn Entertainment goes on record to say they haven't ruled out the idea of bringing TitanFall to the PlayStation 4 some point down the line. Respawn wouldn't be open to the idea if they couldn't successfully port TitanFall over to Sony's more powerful hardware. So, Microsoft needs to sit all the way down with that 'build from the ground up for Xbox One' dribble."
dredgewalker  +   700d ago
I would have believed these developers had they not said that Titanfall on the Xbox would look better than the pc version of it. It looks to me like the same smoke and mirrors MS played out when they introduced Kinect using another developer like Peter Molyneux. If they can use cloud computing to enhance consoles then why isn't anyone implementing this for the pc since the majority of gaming pc's are low and medium ranged specs.
HurtfulTimez  +   700d ago
What AI though? Titanfall is an only only multiplayer game, theres no single player the so theres minimal AI calcs to be done anyway.

just a curious question thats all...

the only time i have heard cloud be mentioned in games in a realistic way is Forza 5. for those thinking its going to boost the gpu 10 fold - wow just wow for even being so stupid
Jazz4108  +   700d ago
You do know thats how Gaiki works. Same as onlive.
urwifeminder  +   700d ago
Neither can touch my pc at all but as a forza fan xboxone will be fine for me.
XtreemGamer  +   700d ago
You complain the lack of power in the next gen consoles yet you are about to buy the inferior console with a 100$ higher price tag.. yeah your comment makes sense.
Tctczach  +   700d ago
He also claims Forza Fan so his comment is valid...
SpinalRemains138  +   700d ago
It is.

Many Xbox users buy the machine for one game.

Its quite astonishing.
#21.2.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report
FITgamer  +   700d ago
@Spinal That's because they aren't use to having a big selection of games. Shooters or Forza, makes decision making easy.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   700d ago
All i got to say is Digital Foundry and Kojima san.
#22 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Sarobi  +   700d ago
Give it a year or two and we'll see who truly has more graphical power than the other.
illtownNJONE  +   700d ago
digital foundry ....most ps4 games run at or below 30 fps
iistuii  +   700d ago
Yeah I read that. They were so impressed with Forza 5 running on the actual X1 in 1080p 60 FPS, yet everything PS4 was 30fps. Now that may change on the PS4, but people should keep quiet until they see the evidence of this so called superior PS4.
iamtheMitch  +   700d ago
The evidence is that the hardware is superior, as are the tools.

Also, it's of not that most studios build slices in full and build outwards.

Sony's First Party Studios, particularly Evolution tend to work very differently, creating the whole game and layering it up with considerable optimisations made towards the last stage of development.

These games are not finished.

Also, Forza 5 has baked lighting and lacks all kinds of technology which has been put purely towards making what they have look nice. Drive Club has dynamic lighting and various other dynamic systems which means you can play at any point of the day in any condition. The devs don't have to recreate every texture for every time of day and every lighting condition, it all reacts dynamically.

These following specs are fact..

CPU: 8-Core x86-64 @ ??GHz
GPU: 18-CU / 1152-GCN / 32-ROP / 8x8-ACE @ 800MHz
RAM: 8GB GDDR5-5500 hUMA
Dedicated: Video Encode/Decode, Background/Low-Power ARM Chip.

Xbox One:
CPU: 8-Core x86-64 @ ??GHz
GPU: 12-CU / 768-GCN / 16-ROP / 2x2-ACE @ ???MHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3-2166 UMA + 32MB T6-ESRAM
Dedicated: Data Move Engines, SHAPE Audio DSP.

50% Increase in GPU Power.
100% Increase in GPU Fillrate.
700% Increase in GPGPU (Compute) Granularity.
RAM is simpler & faster.


Clock-rates for both consoles' CPU's are unconfirmed but both are likely to be 1.6GHz.

The clock-rate for Xbox One's GPU is yet to be confirmed.

PS4's RAM acts as a unified address space but the same is yet to be confirmed of the Xbox One; though it is likely to be the same in that respect.

Xbox One reserves 2 CPU Cores, 10% Of GPU Resources & 3GB Of RAM for non-gaming functionality and leaves 6 CPU Cores, 90% Of GPU Resources & 5GB Of RAM for gaming functionality.

PS4 reserves are not yet confirmed, but it is widely expected that more RAM will be available to games on the PS4.

MS have stated the Xbox One has 5 Billion Transistors which means they'll certainly have a bigger, hotter chip than that of Sony's PS4 which I speculate will have under 3.2-3.8 Billion Transistors due to a simpler yet ironically more powerful system design.

Full details on both system's fixed-functionality dedicated hardware have not been divulged.

Sony's tools are reportedly more mature and utilise PSLS which has features beyond that of DirectX11.1 & OpenGL4.0.

The PS4 despite being more powerful will have a smaller chip die due to their simpler design, so the chip itself will be cooler and less expensive to produce.

IT IS FACT that the PS4 is a notably more powerful box and this time there are no excuses about it being 'overly-exotic'.

The reality with third-party/multi-platformn titles however is that the majority are done to the lowest common denominator, so the PS4 will likely hold little more than a more solid performance and tighter image quality.

First-party and second-party/exclusives however will pull away considerably by the time their second wave of games hit and they've familiarised themselves.

Most devs are playing the diplomacy game and saying their pretty much the same, that they're comparable or that they're 'not sure yet'. The reality is that the PS4 holds a considerable advantage from a technical standpoint.
assdan  +   700d ago
The hardware of the PS4 is vastly superior in every way, as Iamthemitch pointed out. It is also a well known fact now the MS wasn't even using dev kits at E3. Their "dev kits" were using Hard ware 3 or more times stronger than the X1's current specs (the card in the kits cost more than the entire xbox one), and it wasn't running on the same OS. So we have no clue how an actual xbox one will perform. All that we know is that it's ram is slower, it's CPU is slower, and it GPU is slower.
Oh yeah, and most developers would agree with me.
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illtownNJONE  +   700d ago
ps4 launch titles are inferior to xbox one launch titles nothing match forza 5 graphically
iamtheMitch  +   700d ago
How do you know, it's not "launch' yet..?

Most studios build slices in full and build outwards.

Sony's First Party Studios, particularly Evolution tend to work very differently, creating the whole game and layering it up with considerable optimisations made towards the last stage of development.

These games are not finished.

Also, Forza 5 has baked lighting and lacks all kinds of technology which has been put purely towards making what they have look nice. Drive Club has dynamic lighting and various other dynamic systems which means you can play at any point of the day in any condition. The devs don't have to recreate every texture for every time of day and every lighting condition, it all reacts dynamically.
iistuii  +   700d ago
Digital Foundry, who were actually there & played the consoles

Sony's press shots for DriveClub look pretty cool, but despite some neat features such as proper vehicle deformation and some beautiful lighting, the low quality, blurry textures looked a world apart from what Forza 5 was achieving running at twice the frame-rate.
Tctczach  +   700d ago
Yeah. Because lighting is what is important in racing/driving games. Ha.
iamtheMitch  +   700d ago
PS4 has 50% more raw shader performance, double the fillrate, 8x the gpgpu/compute queue granularity and operates with a faster, simpler ram pool.

Sony's tools are reportedly more mature and utilise PSLS which has features beyond that of DirectX11.1 & OpenGL4.0.

The PS4 despite being more powerful will have a smaller chip die due to their simpler design, so the chip itself will be cooler and less expensive to produce.

IT IS FACT that the PS4 is a notably more powerful box and this time there are no excuses about it being 'overly-exotic'.

The reality with third-party/multi-platformn titles however is that the majority are done to the lowest common denominator, so the PS4 will likely hold little more than a more solid performance and tighter image quality.

First-party and second-party/exclusives however will pull away considerably by the time their second wave of games hit and they've familiarised themselves.

Most devs are playing the diplomacy game and saying their pretty much the same, that they're comparable or that they're 'not sure yet'. The reality is that the PS4 holds a considerable advantage from a technical standpoint.
DCplaymaker  +   700d ago
Graphically perhaps if it's utilized to its max extent possible. And it will need to be with that inferior SONY online infrastructure.

Business wise I don't understand SONY's decision to price so low. That division will once again be severely in the red. Poor shareholders. Oh that doesn't matter because $ony is only a non-profit company.
illtownNJONE  +   700d ago
people keep talking about gpu this and ram that when ms havent released details of their specs if so"officially confirmed from ms" then post here
joeorc  +   700d ago
after the 21st reveal there was a Q&A roundtable with microsoft's engineer's , yes they have pointed out spec's. it is a fact that the PS4 is and has the more higher level hardware based machine. in the bandwidth system I/O for example : the PS4 HAS OVER X2 THE AMMOUNT OF BANDWIDTH! over the xboxone. this is not speculation this is a fact. even though the PS4 is the higher spec machine that still will not mean the xboxone will be anyless enjoyable for games.

but it is true which platform has the higher performance and that is the PS4. not being a fanboy just telling it like it is from and Engineering standpoint.
#27.1 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
iamtheMitch  +   700d ago
MS have revealed various details about their hardware and while it isn't fully comprehensive, much of it can be used to reverse-calculate other parts of the specification.

These following specs are fact..

CPU: 8-Core x86-64 @ ??GHz
GPU: 18-CU / 1152-GCN / 32-ROP / 8x8-ACE @ 800MHz
RAM: 8GB GDDR5-5500 hUMA
Dedicated: Video Encode/Decode, Background/Low-Power ARM Chip.

Xbox One:
CPU: 8-Core x86-64 @ ??GHz
GPU: 12-CU / 768-GCN / 16-ROP / 2x2-ACE @ ???MHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3-2166 UMA + 32MB T6-ESRAM
Dedicated: Data Move Engines, SHAPE Audio DSP.

50% Increase in GPU Power.
100% Increase in GPU Fillrate.
700% Increase in GPGPU (Compute) Granularity.
RAM is simpler & faster.


Clock-rates for both consoles' CPU's are unconfirmed but both are likely to be 1.6GHz.

The clock-rate for Xbox One's GPU is yet to be confirmed.

PS4's RAM acts as a unified address space but the same is yet to be confirmed of the Xbox One; though it is likely to be the same in that respect.

Xbox One reserves 2 CPU Cores, 10% Of GPU Resources & 3GB Of RAM for non-gaming functionality and leaves 6 CPU Cores, 90% Of GPU Resources & 5GB Of RAM for gaming functionality.

PS4 reserves are not yet confirmed, but it is widely expected that more RAM will be available to games on the PS4.

MS have stated the Xbox One has 5 Billion Transistors which means they'll certainly have a bigger, hotter chip than that of Sony's PS4 which I speculate will have under 3.2-3.8 Billion Transistors due to a simpler yet ironically more powerful system design.

Full details on both system's fixed-functionality dedicated hardware have not been divulged.
cabbitwithscissors  +   700d ago
Just out of curiosity, what does the Data Move Engines do ?
edonus  +   700d ago
where did you get the figures for the Ps4s transistor count? If what you say is true we are missing something some where. A transistor is just a device that switches electric signals to electronic signals and vice versa. If what you say is true the Ps4 cant be more powerful the ONE would have 1 billion plus more signals at its disposal.
And the Ram of the ONE. They never said it had 3 GBs for non gaming functions. They said they have 5GB reserved for games the other 3gbs can be tapped in to if the resources are available.

Move Engines compress and decompress data really fast and helps move it around the system. some theories have stated this how the ONE can upscale games to 4k resolution and also the move engines are suppose to be how the cloud can outperform the so called limitations of the internet bandwidth.

By being able to compress file send them then receive files and decompress them rapidly it move more data. There hasnt been a full hardware performance breakdown so we arent 100% yet on how they will be used but there are 4 of them in the ONE and they do compress and decompress data.
deepio  +   700d ago
The difference in graphical power between these two consoles is the one thing that the mainstream gaming sites seem the fail to mention. Its all DRM, Price etc.

I for one and going to sit this war out for a year and see what happens. The games push me towards the Xbox One, but the power (and price) pushes me towards PS4.
horndog  +   700d ago
Yes the ps4 seems to be what sony promised this gen with the ps3 but for games I thought sonys best showing was a third party game called The Division which will also come to x1. Not much I want to play on there at rhe moment
Sadist3  +   700d ago
Killzone looked crappy. And all he did was run around with a gun. Pretty sure I haven't played a game like that before where the character just runs and shoots. Wow. Besides killzone, there were no other interesting PS games.
Polysix  +   700d ago
And Ryse? Pretty sure I've pressed A/B/X/Y in a game before. At least Killzone actually HAD gameplay.

BTW it looked amazing, far better than anything MS actually showed as a game. Infamous SS was also amazing. MS's stuff looked like current gen polished up.
Sadist3  +   700d ago
Also specs don't mean a thing. Or did we all forgot how the powerful cell in the PS3 made the games look amazing. Oh wait, they looked the same as the 360. Guess those who forget history really are condemned to repeat it
iamtheMitch  +   700d ago
PS3 had an exotic architecture, this time there are no excuses. The PS4 holds roughly the same architecture as the Xbox One, just with more power and in fact, a little bit simpler.
svoulis  +   700d ago
Look, normally I'd stay out of this but you are outside of your skull if you even think for a second any Xbox 360 game looks anything like Uncharted 2&3, Killzone 3, and the newest exclusive to Sony The Last of Us. Please do me a favor and name an exclusive game from Microsoft that looks anything like them.
#30.2 (Edited 700d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   700d ago
Please do tell one xbox 360 game that looks just like uncharted 2 in the graphics department?Oh that's right you can't cuz UC2 murders anything on that box.And that's a game from 2009.You might want to get your eyes checked.
baodeus  +   699d ago
read this verdict from digital foundry (they are respectable aren't they since you guys love to read their article about cloud, but somehow gloss over many of the possibilities cloud is capable of directly from digital foundry themselves) about God of War: Ascension


1. People said that UC3 is better looking than UC2 correct?
2. God of War: Ascension is better looking than GoW3 (and many claims that GoW3 looks even better than UC2)

These words are directly from n4g members (and obviously from ps fan), not mine. So at the end, digital foundry said this about GoW ascension:

"For anyone looking to see what the PS3 hardware is truly capable of when pushed to its limits, this ranks as one of the most exceptional technical achievements of the current-gen era, convincingly up to the standards set by the likes of Uncharted 3 or Halo 4""

If ps3 hardware is push to its limits and only up to the standards set by UC3 and Halo 4, so does that mean Halo 4 is up there as well for setting standard in graphic (technical term or hardware power). MS can do it too, but they rather focus on coop, multiplayer (practically all of their games come with those mode in mind) , and rely more on 3rd party graphic engines (Unreal, Cryteck, etc..).

With that said, I don't think anything looks as good graphically (technical) as Crysis 3 or Crysis 2 running on CONSOLES. The funny thing is, whenever a multiplatform game looks this good, people just ditch both consoles and said PC is better than both, why? to avoid the fact that what x360 is as capable and in someways better than ps3 for graphic?


From the SCALE, lighting, details, things rendering on screens, physics, particles, environmental effects, those grasses, underwater swimming, facial polygons and textures, etc...are impressive (and they are running in actual gameplay, not just in engine cut scenes). Look at Vids #2, show me anything from Beyond 2 soul,GoW Ascension or UC3 or any ps3 exclusives and seriously tell me if they have more details than RASCH faces running in gameplay onf x360 (even engine cutscenes from TLOU, UC3, GoW3, Beyond 2 soul, Heavy Rain, etc...doesn't look any better than this). Heck, I even encourage you to show up close facial images of KZ shadow fall or dark sorcerer tech deomo against this vids of Crysis 3 and see if it looks better. If you seriously say ps3 exclusive descimated all x360 games in graphic (on TECHNICAL TERM) after seeing this vids (running on crappy youtube video no less that doesn't do the game justice of how good its actual looks on consoles)), then you seriously need to get a new HD TV and stop playing HD games on your SDTV (i got one dude PM me arguing about how UC2 looks better than anything on x360 using SDTV as preference is rediculous and just hilariously sad).

People don't need their eye check, they need new HD TV.
#30.3.1 (Edited 699d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
HurtfulTimez  +   700d ago
wow just wow... these xb1 fanboys have really grown a set after E3 havent they! Anyways... i would like a 360 game better looking than god of war 3 AND god of war ascension since 360 games are so amazing show us the evidence
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