Sony: Devs now seeing key to PSP success

The PSP has been out since 2005, but developers are only now beginning to realise what makes a good game for PSP, admits the PSP marketing boss.

Talking of the recent good fortunes for PSP, Sony's John Koller said: "developers and publishers are now just starting to see what the keys to success are on the PSP.

"It's not like the console world at all, and it's something we've been preaching for a while," he added, pointing to key franchises such as God of War and Daxter appearing on the handheld in unique, handheld-specific incarnations.

The key is "making a unique game under that umbrella and making it creative and have it be something that you can't play on console," explained Koller.

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Rattles3616d ago

like sony said years ago "its a ps2 in your pocket"

mikeslemonade3616d ago

Further proof that Sony always makes successful systems and they're always bang for your buck.

Harry1903616d ago

the better it gets.
we can expect some pretty exciting stuff coming
in the next three years.

Breakfast3616d ago

" we can expect some pretty exciting stuff coming in the next three years."

The psp was ahead of its time, but in a good way. Considering it came out 3 years ago and still has 3 years left. I remember saying WOW when it first came out. Theres the biggest difference when you look at the ds compared to this

gambare3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

fighting games (I really liked tekken, sfa, darkstalkers)
Ridge racers
Final fantasy VIIcc
wew... my list is long so I'll just put a few but it include the coming kingdom hearts, SO, etc...

RecSpec3616d ago

I recently bought mine, and now I am going to be broke. Too many good games for it.

Harry1903616d ago

because it's both good and bad at the same time.

rbanke3616d ago

I've had a psp since launch, recently sold it for a psp slim. I love it but I have to say I wish there were more games that i liked for it. I find myself playing mostly ps1 games instead of psp games on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.