HaloRadar: 37 reasons to hate Halo 3

GameRadar writes: "First of all, we don't really hate Halo. We're just pretending. That said, we're not going to hop on the fanboy wagon and pretend that there aren't any parts of the game that we don't like. To be exact, there are 37 of them. Maybe you agree with them, and maybe you don't. Either way, you should give them a read, and maybe you'll discover that you hate Halo 3 just a little bit, too."

1. The Story:
After years of waiting and hours of gameplay, what have we learned? The Covenant is bad, Master Chief is awesome and Bungie needs to write better scripts. Here's our vastly improved version: Sarge says, "Those aliens are assholes! Go kill them, Chief," and then nobody says anything else for the next six hours.

2. In online matches, you can't choose which maps to play:
You can pick your gametype, armor color and species, but the maps are always random. This is simply unpatriotic.

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crazy250003764d ago

Its the same or mostly similar to the first two. We played it the day it came out and returned it later on.

Breakfast3764d ago

Were you expecting a racing game out of the third part in the series?

iAmPS33764d ago

What's with all this hating season?
Is it August already???? to many crazy dogs around.

Breakfast3764d ago ones gonna hate on my halo... :)

TheSadTruth3764d ago

Couldn't agree with this article more, glad some site had the balls to say the truth. Bungie definitely fell short with Halo 3, but at least we are getting a lockout remake and a MLG playlist. I'm still angry at them..

gaffyh3764d ago

It's a good game, but is way too overhyped. Plus the story is kinda crap, cos I played through the whole game and completed it and all I could tell from the story was that the weird guy was trying to take over the universe with the halo rings or something.

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Alcaponeyou3764d ago


Reason is over Rated

Breakfast3764d ago

You over-rate its over-rated-ness. It was hyped by MS to sell the game. Why wouldnt you want sell your game and make money. Id understand if you didnt like the game because its not the gameplay for you, but to hate it because it's "over Rated" is crazy.

O by the a halo fanboy. Thats why im defensive.

bigman73873764d ago

At least you're not yelling. I feel like a lot of Halo fans yell when defensive. I'd give you props, but i have none to give. But i do have bubbles.

Breakfast3764d ago

Nothings worse then the ranking system...its got a really good idea, but just lacks. Me getting 20 kills and losing by one makes me drop a rank :(

EastCoastSB3764d ago

Easily the most annoying thing.(for me at least)

iamtehpwn3764d ago

Halo 3 is a great game but overrated game by some, though I feel bad for the developers who worked SO hard on this game to have everyone rip it to shreds. There was nothing they could've done to that game to make it live up to its own Hype. Don't blame, blame hype whores.

Bluejet3764d ago

I have never been a huge halo fan and could never understand why some go crazy over it. IMO halo is way over hyped, it's a good game but i have played a lot of better fps. I guess it's because at the time the first one came out there really wasn't any big games to get behind on the original xbox.

TheSadTruth3764d ago

It could never live up to it's own hype? Are you joking? Have you played Halo 2? The game was rushed and came out a year earlier and look how amazing it was for an xbox game. Halo 3 wasn't even 1/4 as good as it could have been. The graphics were worse than GoW which came out a year earlier, the story was written by someone who doesn't know how to write a plot, they removed the most important multiplayer feature before launch (custom game browser) and it was riddled with glitches. I don't think Bungie knows how to make good games anymore.. I hope they can prove me wrong with heir next game.

Jinxstar3764d ago

We'll see how true that statement is when GTA arrives in a month.

thehitman3764d ago

Halo 3 was incredibly I mean incredibly over hyped/rated. I give credit when credit is due(gears) halo 3 just doesnt cut it. In all honesty the game truly does suck if it was not named halo it would have got a 7. something and no1 wouldve looked at it.

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