Saints Row IV banned from sale in Australia

Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who thought the new R18+ rating for video games meant no more games would be Refused Classification in Australia, think again. The Classification Board has today announced that - even with the new rating - there is one game that is simply inappropriate for local audiences.

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kaozgamer1972d ago

why do we even have a 18+ rating if games are still going to be banned...unbelieveable

B-radical1972d ago

i can buy porn alcohol pay for sex (legit brothels)if i want to but i cant buy a game ffs

EazyC1972d ago

I hope this doesn't signal refusal of GTA V classification for the Aussies D:

Rhythmattic1972d ago

Pricks.... Who decides what I can and cant enjoy as an Adult. Why the F have a R18+ rating..

Definitely Importing just because I can..

andron1972d ago

They are probably not missing much. jk