AusGamers Previews Mad Max, Reveals Reasons for Petition

AusGamers started a petition to have Avalanche change the "generic" American voice of Max in their Mad Max game, to an Australian voice to remain consistent with the landmark Australian franchise.

They've also recently posted a preview of the game, outlining why they were so keen to have an Aussie voice for Max. It appears the game is shaping up very well, in their opinion.

From the preview:

Also, rather than mess with Max’s iconic ride (ahem), the team has opted to use it as your carrot. For reasons unknown the Interceptor has been taken by nefarious wastelanders leaving you to build a monstrous machine with other vehicles and parts discovered in the game-world to reclaim the famous XB Ford Falcon (replete with right-hand drive... ahem). Why the Interceptor is more important than the beast of a car you’ll eventually build, beyond Max’s love affair with it, remains a mystery, but if it were me, I’d want to save my Interceptor too..."

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