Babe of the Week: Princess Peach

Most video game babes love showing off their sexy curves, even if it means stripping down to their bare essentials. But not Princess Peach. The blonde-coiffed leader of the Mushroom Kingdom treats herself like a lady, almost always addressing her loyal subjects in a flowing pink gown, sometimes accompanied by a cute umbrella. It just goes to show that a girl doesn't need to go to Kasumi's lengths to earn respect.

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Harry1903761d ago

why can't you be in the damn castle?

ianp6223760d ago

Impossible to hate? I beg to disagree. I think she is one of the most annoying video game characters.

Breakfast3760d ago

Man...if i have to save her one more time...


is totally gay and i aint even kidding.....look yourself in mirror and whisper ......IM GAY...