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The Last Of Us is Naughty Dog’s newest IP and their first foray into the survival horror genre.

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Wintersun6161975d ago

The 10/10s just keep on coming. The game deserves them all if you ask me.

Utalkin2me1975d ago

Single player is amazing, but multiplayer not so much. To many people exploiting the game already in multiplayer.

Wintersun6161975d ago

I wouldn't know about that since I want to do everything there is to do with the single player first.

ltachiUchiha1975d ago

I disagree because the multiplayer is fresh & requires team work, ofcourse if u are lone wolfing it, even if your a solid player but you are with a bunch of new players then yes your prolly going to have a ruff time. Trust me I was the same way but as soon as I started upgrading my weapons it was fun for me even if i was with a bunch of noobz because im the type that likes the odds against me, it only makes u become a better player. If your not up for the challend then this might not be for u. This multiplayer actually takes skills but what makes it awesome is even against a clan, I can still take 1 or 2 of them out. For me thats a win in my mind even if we lose the round.

Utalkin2me1975d ago


You didn't comment on what i said at a single time.

First off it has nothing to do with lone wolfing it. Which i have no clue where you got that out of my comment. I have run across so many games where people was boosting, like people in COD. Secondly there is very little content to the multiplayer, there is only 6 maps, no assortment of weapons. An actually i totally disagree about skill, it takes more smarts then anything skill.

The multiplayer is truly way to easy, even if you're lonewolfing it. I couldn't tell you how many times i have flanked in behind the enemy while they sit and camp and took everyone out with a bow and smoke bomb. At one point i was up to needing 147 per round to keep my survivors.

Baba19061975d ago

resident evil should have gone this way.

ltachiUchiha1975d ago

Well deserved. Keep em coming.

jorellpogi1975d ago

Revived my profile just to give complement to Naughty Dog. Well deserved indeed.

Tripl3seis1975d ago

This game is too freaking awesome this game deserves all the 10s is getting it is that good!!!

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