The 10 greatest disasters in video games history – from Xbone to E.T.

GameCentral names the video game scandals that brought companies to their knees, destroyed reputations, and almost crashed the entire industry…

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kirbyu1937d ago

6 of these are really recent. That's not a good sign.

But you notice what it says near the end of the last one. The thing about the NES. Yeah, no gamer has the right to say Nintendo sucks ever again!

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pompombrum1937d ago

Xbone only number 5? Hmm I'd rank that number one in terms of significance. Was the 1983 thing really that bad? I wasn't even born then so this is the first I've even heard of it.

andibandit1937d ago

I've heard of it, and yes I would rate that 1983 at number 1.

R00bot1937d ago

Video gaming itself nearly died out. Yes, the 1983 gaming crash was bad.

ZBlacktt1937d ago

No the 1983 thing was NOT bad at all. Im still scratching my head about that one.... I was doing PC gaming on the Apple II, IIc and IIe as well as the Intellisvion console, Atari and Collecovision. You had SO much content you couldn't even play it all.

R00bot1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

There was a lot of content, but it was all really bad and was sold at a high price. This caused people to lose faith in the videogame industry and stop buying as many games and consoles. In turn, videogaming nearly died out.

All those games you were playing were probably a lot worse than you remember them being. There were very little good games coming out during that period.

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Scrumptious1937d ago

I owned a 3DO. That was a disaster.

gamertk4211937d ago

Should have known Maria would throw up an article with the word "xbone" in the title.

2pacalypsenow1937d ago

That is the correct Abbreviation tho Xb(xbox) one(1) Xbone

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