New Super Luigi U Review – Mario Is Missing I TheKoalition

Carl Daniel of TheKoalition writes:
New Super Luigi U is Nintendo’s first real stab at DLC and is a sign that the Big N has finally joined this millennium! Those of us who already own New Super Mario Bros U can download this Luigified update right now for a rather steep $20. Meanwhile, those who don't own the original game will soon have the opportunity to purchase a standalone, disc-based version for an almost extortionate $30!

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ElectroJade1970d ago

Golly! 65/100 doesn't seem that great! Better tell Sonic and the rest of the gang!

rbailey1970d ago

Perhaps Nintendo should stick to making more Luigi mansion games rather then thinking Luigi capable of handling a game of this magnitude on his own. I'm sure hardcore fans will appreciate their attempt at downloadable content but this is just simply disappointing.

iplay1up21969d ago

I really liked Luigi's Mansion. :) If you look at other reviews they are not this bad. 4/5 and 8/10 to each his own.

htownplaya1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

A great review of downloadable content on the Wii U home entertainment system.