Street Fighter 2 machine robs 34 year old blind. Celebrating 22 years of lost productivity. writes:
My celebration of Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors 20th anniversary should have had candles. I should have blown up a huge Ryu jumping balloon. There should have been drunken live action Street Fighter role-playing in my room. Most importantly, I realized that 20 years were gone. What did I have to show for all that passing time? Two things spring to mind. First, I have mastered the art of nuanced joystick button input. Secondly, I have thrown 20 years of my life in the garbage honing said useless skill. My friends have PhDs, and all I can do is play pretend! I should get a life, and a girlfriend. Bad news though, breaking up with Street Fighter means a long legal battle. Who keeps the cds? Do we get unsupervised visits? No, no I am simply not ready for that conversation.

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